Friday 31 July 2020

I Did It Again!!!

Yesterday morning I popped onto Blogger to add some thing to my blog post - overnight it had flipped to New Blogger so I thought rather stupidly that a quick adjustment wouldn't take that wrong could I be? A whole hour later I was done, but not before a lot of muttering under my breath - hubby came to see what the problem was....!!!!
Overnight, part of my post had disappeared, including a link to AJJ, although when I checked the link there it still went back to my blog, even though any mention of it had disappeared in my draft.
So, before I could even begin what I went on for I had to correct that.
I then looked through my post and more had disappeared - corrected that. By that time I was really stressed and 40 minutes had passed by as I had to keep waiting for it to catch up. At that moment a message popped up saying that my computer would work better if I closed down my blog...what??? I hadn't even begun to do what I meant to do!!! 
I carried on regardless, but very slowly and finally closed my blog and tried to find where to lodge my views. I still haven't found how because where I thought I could, it gave a message saying that they couldn't answer that query - there is clearly a code to be used that they understand ....!!!
Anyhow, I am here now, reverted to old blogger and still debating what I will do - I have years of posts on here and I am reluctant to give them up but if that's what it takes...

I have a final page for Erika's 'When it's Hot' theme at Art Journal Journey. I wish I had more time but I have really enjoyed making  pages for this theme. Thanks for all the fun Erika and to those who left such lovely comments on my blog! I have tried to visit other folk but not as often as I would like (however I did send lots of samples off for the Crafty Individuals Hochanda shows next week!)
  It is an A6 page, the smallest permissible at AJJ and I just used some scraps(part of Elizabeth's napkin is here too) and stamped images on a stencilled background to create a 'Hot' page.

There, done - in 26 minutes!

Today we heard that there are more restrictions in place for our area. This was after we had been out for the morning so I will relate the happy moments we had at TSFT next Tuesday! 

Thanks for looking, Chris.

Wednesday 29 July 2020

I scream ice-cream!

Hello all, we have had some sunshine today and the weather forecast says it's going to be hot on Friday!

My journal pages about hot days in Paris. When we went last year at the end of our France trip the heatwave was over but it was still hot!

Whenever we go to Paris we head to Ile St Louis to the Berthillon ice cream shop they sell lots of different flavours and it is sometimes difficult to choose.( we usually end up with combination of different ones.)
Most of the year I don't eat ice-cream as it puts my sugar levels up but we walk so much in Paris that I kind of justify it!
My page features some of my new Janet Klein figures.
The background was made by applying paint with my fingers and blending it in.
I added some stencilling with a dotty stencil by Aall and Create and also used  number/text stamp and added some washi tape.
I cut some cones and the ice lolly from a magazine and stamped some Simon says Stamp cones too.
The magazine pics had people on the cones which I replaced with the JK figures. I added some white paint to the lolly(I think it's called a popsicle in the US)and then added the little dog enjoying the cold ice. The Eiffel Tower was cut from some Jane Davenport washi along wth some cloud shapes I made with the waste.
Finally I added some stamped flowers and 'I Scream' quote from the SSS ice-cream set and found some TH words which tells you why and when we eat the Berthillon ice creams.
We walk down to the Seine and enjoy the views.

I am entering at 

Country View Challenges - 'Do What makes You Happy' - as well as the reasons for this page I also love art journaling. 

This page is also for

Thanks for looking, Chris  

Tuesday 28 July 2020

T Stands For...Three

Hi everyone!

What a whizz of a week. I have been quite busy and my samples are now in the post - time for some play with some cute new stamps - you may have seen them here. 

We have been out and about too.
We're going on a bit of a trek so settle down and get comfortable - we'll do all the walking!
This was last Tuesday

I'm sure some of you know where we were...

 The long view from the high path over to Quarrybank Mill at Styall (just in case you hadn't guessed)

 We sat to rest and let some speedier folk to go past - it was a lovely view down to the Bollin River
We were fascinated by these roots.....
 ...and this tree

We managed to find our favourite bench free so sat for while here.
We were joined by a little friend.

He stayed around the area until we moved off
 Behind the bench..
 ...and the view in front as some visitors went out of sight.

 This looks a lot nicer this visit
 The foxglove is definitely going to seed!!

 My treat at the end was to make a donation and choose some flowers - the last ones from the bunch are just about finished now!

It was certainly a day of contrasting weather!

On the following Thursday we set off with a picnic to....can you guess this one too?

 Sorry, those last few photos were bit unfair of me, I'm sure you know now though that we were at Dunham Massey!

 Quite a buzz around the hives

 We decided to go around the back way...
 ..and look across towards the stream pathway
 It was good to see the mansion from this aspect

Here is my 'note to self' I must remember to take a photo of the narrow bridge we walk across next time.

 We gave the Orangery a miss

 A lovely show of one of my favourite flowers - Agapanthus.

 Sorry - is this Agapanthus overload?

 I think you should be able to read this better of you click on it
 There were a lot of folk on the path so we took another route back to the carpark

...and it's here I will join Bleubeard and Elizabeth for T Stands for Tuesday. 
We deliberately chose a spot away from the main carpark - a further walk but we wanted a quiet area for our picnic.
We took chairs but it was a little bit chilly!
 Water to drink and tuna and lettuce bagels, some naughty pork and pickle pies and tomatoes!
 We were enjoying a long view through the carpark on the other side of the exit road when a woman came to park right in front of us... wasn't as though there were no spaces!! Hey Ho!!

Now, my title says Three doesn't it...

On Sunday we went off to Tatton Park to look for a suitable picnic place for our family to meet up next Sunday. We remembered somewhere  on the estate from way back - it looked perfect - we deliberately went for the Sunday crowds - but there weren't any here, especially as we had to queue to get in the park.
 There's lots of space to park..

 A lake to walk by..
 ..and this is the most folk we saw together in one shot!

We saw this family picnic from our car when we had the coffee we took with us.

The only thing I can see maybe upsetting this scene is if the weather turns really hot and brings more people out on Sunday.
I'll let you know at TFST next week!

I had better let you get on with what you were doing!

Thanks for looking, Chris