Tuesday 31 December 2019

T Stands for....the last visit to Kew and more...

Although December has seemed like quite a long month for me the year has really flown by!
First another journal page - for Art Journal Journey and Yvonne's Words and Numbers theme

Lots of layers of stencilling, spattering and stamping, but wasn't sure where to go next - a Jane Davenport girl and a Dina Wakley quote to the rescue!

 It doesn't seem so long since we visited Kew at the end of October

As I am joining Bleubeard and Elizabeth for T Stands for Tuesday I am going back just a few weeks when we visited Kendal - we love  Brew Brothers both for food and their coffee!
I chose a veggie burger but then only ate half of the bun, hubby helped me out there and also with most of the chips(fries)
We visited Sandside too, it was rather a dismal afternoon but we spotted some birds flying in - they gave a great display of flying around in a group with more adding to the group but we thought they were too big for starlings!

They landed on the sand and hubby's zoom lens picked up that they were my favourite Lapwings!! We had no idea that they flew in this way!
Just had to add a shot of our caravan in October.

Thanks for looking and I wish everyone here at TSFT a Happy New Year! Chris

Sunday 29 December 2019

That's more like it!!

Hi everyone, everything slowly finding a place now! There is a long way to go, but I have managed to clear enough space on my craft desk to finish a journal page that I have been adding to in short bursts for over a week now!
I'm not so happy with it as my Mojo is playing hide and seek but I did want to join Yvonne again at Art Journal Journey with her 'Words and Numbers' theme!
I used some stencil mop ups before I started adding some stamping with paper Artsy stamps and Aall and Create stencils.

The quote made me smile as it is about making a beginning - exactly what I did!

Thanks for looking, Chris

Tuesday 24 December 2019

T Stands For....the night before Christmas....

Hi everyone, you didn't think I would let Christmas Eve go by without wishing you all a Very Happy Christmas did you?

I have been a bit down lately, our move out of our caravan did not go smoothly and we are walking around boxes and cartons of stuff still to find homes! 
We are both very tired having been up and down the motorway and have only spent 10 days at home since the beginning of the month!

The tree went up this last, and I have a few lights around but nothing else this year!

Here's hubby saying Happy Christmas from us both after we had left our caravan for the last time on Saturday! We stopped off at the Midland Hotel Rotunda in Morecambe for a sea view lunch of Fish Finger sandwiches - the best we have tasted! We both had Mochas to drink.
I am joining Bleubeard and Elizabeth for T Stands for Tuesday (if she will have me after failing to visit most of you last week)

Some bright new chairs have been placed outside!

Over the last few weeks we have taken a few breaks from clearing things out - here are a few pics of some of favourite places.

Leighton Moss RSPB reserve

 Sizergh Castle...

...and of course - our favourite view...
...on the morning we had a sprinkle of snow!
Some more shots of around the caravan site.

Arriving...this was our our first view of our caravan..
..then round the road and down to park!
 Of course the birds were always around
The view looked so different in early morning light
On our final morning we were reminded of our very first view we ever had of the field over the road where the farmer was training sheepdogs! It was what convinced me that we had made a good choice and over the years we have seen many sheep dogs being put through their paces!
Yes, we will miss it ...but we have lots of adventures to take elsewhere now!

Thanks for looking, Chris

Tuesday 17 December 2019

T Stands for....the park

Hello everybody!
I haven't been very well for a few days but I am getting better now - had a walk to the doctors this morning but I was already feeling brighter!

The end of our holiday in France ended the same way as our April trips to Paris...with a walk to our favourite park - Parc Montsouris - it is one of the four parks that Napoleon III had built in each compass point in Paris and is based on an English Country garden!

We stay at a hotel in the Buttes aux Cailles area and the walk takes about 20 minutes - this time we took slight detour and saw these lovely doors

 This road is one that is familiar to us though!
It was a hot day so our first stop was at the cafe, this has only been reopened recently and has lovely views of the lake.
I am joining Bleubeard and Elizabeth for T Stands For Tuesday with our Cola and Tonic water.

One of the local schools was out for a trip too!

The grass around the community beds was quite dry after the hot weather
 The tree surgeons were at work in the play park - making it safe for the upcoming school holidays!

This chap was quite high up!
The bandstand was being used by another school.
 The park was quite busy
This is 'The Bathers' statue

 Construction work being done on the pathways
This statue is called 'Lions Death' - rather sad...
This one has the racy title - 'First Thrill'...

A railway runs through the park - we don't often have time to walk as far as the bridge but we had booked a later Eurostar train.

Can you spot the black swan?

A very brightly coloured dragonfly

It was soon time to walk back to the hotel - we were pleased to see that one of our favourite bakeries only had a short queue - last time it was so long we went elsewhere!
We took our lunch back to eat in the relative quiet of the hotel - just behind me in this photo there were some new guests waiting to get into their rooms
I may find a few more unusual photos from our trip but for now this is the end of the journey!
I hope you have enjoyed seeing our photos - I do seem to have shown quite a few...

I'm sorry not to have visited everyone last week - I had such poor connection at the caravan - something we won't miss....and then I felt too poorly to do anything much!

Thanks for looking, Chris