Sunday 26 February 2012

Missing my mojo!

In my rush to clear the decks before my house was photographed I cleared all surfaces, unfortunately that included some rather important papers(this was nearly three weeks ago)that have still yet to make an appearance! Most importantly though, I think my mojo may be with them, either that or he has been packed up and taken to the flat!!
Not to worry I thought - they'll turn up.....won't they?
So, I've tidied, sorted and ditched more STUFF!!! Then sat down to read my latest copy of Cloth, Paper, Scissors and read through some ideas for art prompts....still nothing...then, onto good old blog hopping, starting with my favourites and "Whoopee!!", thanks to Gwen at Foxglove Hill I was inspired, and linked to one of those art prompts I grabbed my 'car journal', (kept in the glove box for those moments when I'm either waiting to pick up hubby or I'm being driven by hubby)and started to stick!! The little journal was from Paperchase last year and has repeated pages throughout so a little bit uninspiring - I have(had lol!)loads of scraps, (don't we all?) so how better to sort through and get rid than to use some up and at the same time make more decisions about what to keep/not keep etc. 

This is the original page, the three above are covered with scraps(some already stamped out
 and I did allow  a little bit of extra stamping)
The next original page.... and what I did with the others
this was one I started while waiting one day

I know it's only sticking but I spent a whole day just doing that and ok, mojo is still missing but I enjoyed myself and I've lots more to show you another time AND I don't have mountains of scraps anymore!
Off to watch Dancing on Ice in a while - just watching the penalties, Liverpool v Cardiff, then to ring my grandson(a Liverpool supporter - so come on Liverpool!)
Thanks for looking, Chris

Saturday 11 February 2012


Not what you're thinking - I haven't caught up with that particular technology - yet! 
These are my version of some little birdies that I loved in the Jan/Feb issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors made by Ann Ellis.
I made seven altogether, they are supposed to go onto coffee stirrers or skewers but my downsizing/tidying has resulted in my not being able to find them LOL!Hopefully I will find them soon and I can pick a stick each day to inspire me (or not) 
Here are the five good little birdies
They are going to help me in my toils to clear the clutter!
Here are the naughty birds
 I like these best because if I choose them I get time off to play, he! he!

Hope you like them, Chris

ps if you want to see more colourful birds go to Kate's blog here and Ann has work in an exhibition at Manchester Royal Exchange

Monday 6 February 2012


I've doodled and doodled and this is what it looks like now.
As I mentioned in my last post I have been taking part in Traci Bautista's online workshops. Okay, so I should still be sorting etc. but a girl needs to express herself and I have found this to be so relaxing!
Here are some shots of parts of the whole piece.

I decided to paint the back, which I did with Dylusions paints and Twinkling H2os
and some little shots

Now I suppose I really must get back to doing something really usefulLOL!
Thanks for looking, Chris

Friday 3 February 2012


At last time to play without feeling that I'm stealing time!
Yesterday I spent time catching up with the Strathmore online workshops by Traci Bautista. I signed up for these way back but have had little time to play until now.
After catching up I felt inspired and got my paints and inks out and started to play. Traci's new book "Doodles Unleashed" is due out and is definitely on my wish list.
This is as far as I got yesterday, it is an A3 piece of paper so I'm right out of my comfort zone, but I really enjoyed building up layers. Then as Traci does I took small shots of selected areas.

   I will use these either for some digital art journaling or print off to doodle onto.

I am still doodling into the large piece and will show you how I get on. The aim then is to cut it up and use as backgrounds - I may even paint the back and use to make some little books(back to my comfort area)

Thanks for looking, Chris

Thursday 2 February 2012

Time to play!

Phew! What a month...clearing, sorting, meeting workmen and estate agents, finishing leftover jobs on this house and little time to play. I've made up for it today but for now I will show my January and February pages for Kate's 366/12 journal challenge(if you want to know more click here) This is definitely helping me keep track of things.
 I finished this off when my Craft Stamper was delivered as I knew the cute little Octopode Factory stamp was going to be on the cover
I must confess that this was a little hurried(I know - it shows -I will make sure it says February next time you see it!!!)but I really didn't want to leave it any longer - as it happens I have only just got to post it anyway and hadn't noticed my faux pas! 

Here's hoping that things start to go more smoothly now(and that we can sell our house)

Off now to try and see a few of your pages, I didn't do so well last month....

Thanks for looking, Chrisx