Tuesday, 24 May 2022

T Stands for....taking a different route

Hi everyone, it's been a busy but interesting week. A shopping trip, a garden walk, a local makers market and quite a few coffees out! In between all that, journal pages, getting samples ready for sending off and the dreaded HW! 


After our lunch we walked back to Place de la Bastille up one of the old roads. 


It is quite busy area and the new Opera house is here too. We have never been in it but can't imagine it is anywhere as lovely as the older one. 
From here we headed to Place de Vosges - this used to be one of my favourite places until we became more adventurous. It is still lovely, being surrounded by beautiful old buildings.
A few of these next photos are hubby's, I was too interested in the galleries. 

I have just finished reading 'Les Parisiennes' so I had read many of the accounts of the treatment of Jews in Paris. There are also many uplifting stories too! 

 We walked into the gardens of Hotel de Sully

There was a lot of noise coming from nearby bushes

They must have been finding something interesting on the walls!

There are lots of little passages to explore.

We stood on Pont de Sully leading to l'îsle St Louis watching boats coming down the river - thinking we may go on one sometime!

Another reminder of what happened in the 4th Arrondissement
Filming of a French cop series Balthazar was taking place here

By the time we had reached the next part of the bridge we saw this billowing smoke that was drifting towards us and was  clearly in the direction we were walking back to our hotel. We walked on quickly to avoid breathing in the smoke

We would have walked along the road you see at the end of this walk but we found that an electric bus had caught fire! (apparently the second within weeks of each other) We saw it on the news the next morning.
We stopped off at SECCO Mabillon (as we usually try to get here at least once while in Paris) for coffee and cake - Strawberry tart for me and lemon meringue for hubby along with two Americanos. I am of course joining Elizabeth and her buddy Bleubeard for T Stands For Tuesday! 

Happy T Day everyone, I am still having battles with blogger over making comments so I do hope to read your posts even if I don't comment!

Thanks for looking, Chris

Friday, 20 May 2022

Hello, I see flowers?

Hi everyone, my journal page is something that reminds me of a visit to London Zoo when I was about eight.

I had been with my Mum when I heard a voice say 'Hello, hello' I looked around and knew that my Mum had gone inside a wooden building but thought she was playing a trick on me. After I had looked around I couldn't see her so followed her into the building. When we came out I heard the voice again and so did my Mum - I was a parrot in a cage by the entrance - it gave us both a laugh.

The stamps are Aall and Create ones by Bipasha I stamped onto my page and also onto card then coloured and cut out the main image to stick over the image stamped on the page. 

The background began as the pink page you can see here - I added some yellow and turquoise paint.Not as easy at it sounds as the image didn't want to stamp on the paint. After two more attempts and some more paint added I resorted to stamping onto tissue paper!

I added some white spatters, outlined the images in white and added some wooden letters painted white.

This page is of course for Art Journal Journey and Matilde's 'Birds' theme!

We saw lots of lovely flowers yesterday at Quarry Bank Mill along with some lovely sunshine!

Thanks for looking, Chris

Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Food Wednesday - Food Fair

 Hi everyone we had a day out on Sunday - on Thursday we had spotted a poster advertising a Food Fair at Capesthorne Hall in Cheshire. It is somewhere we have often thought of visiting and as the entry price included the grounds and gardens we decided to go.

There were stands inside too but I couldn't take photos as there were too many folk around. 
We came back home with cheese, sundried tomatoes, olives and sausage rolls.
I wish I had remembered to take photos of our lunch, we bought food from three different stands!
We definitely needed a walk afterwards...

I'm joining in at Food Wednesdays at Kathy's Humming Bird Studio blog.

Thanks for looking, Chris