Thursday 28 June 2012

Wet and Woolly

Had an amazing weekend at Woolfest with Sarah and Sarah,despite the pouring rain that we drove through to get there! There was so much to see, ranging from animals, through to items made from wool and all the processes in between!
There was this

and this, which was part of the most amazing stand with the work of Jan Bee Brown.
One of the cleverest bit of felting I've ever seen was on this stand run by Jennymade
                 Aren't they cute?
We watched a demonstration by Ruth Packham, who made this little owl,
 I'm definitely going to have a go myself(when I've moved!)

There really was a wealth of talent, the owner of these
 -Eta Ingham-Lawrie won a knitted cup for the best stand, her work is amazing.
I also had a reminder of something I(and I suspect many others) used to make when I was little!
May have to make some of these with my grandchildren!
I also saw these
in an auction ring - two of my granchildren made their own versions of these on a wet day at the Rhegged Centre at Easter(they kept theirs) They have been part of a project involving schoolchildren all over Cumbria.
Both Sarahs enjoyed themselves, we all spent far too much money, but of course only on really useful things!!
Finally just to show how much rain there was.......

This is a view of the farmers field that usually has cows or  sheep roaming!!
Time to go and do some more packing, thanks for looking, Chris  

Friday 22 June 2012

Time out!

As well as packing things up for our move I have found time to play with my journals(and a few other things!)in fact if I hadn't I might have even greyer hair than I have!!
First this....

I have been promised another trip to Paris once hubby retires and we've settled in.I love Paris and haven't been for ages... The background I did ages ago in my little journal that I started waaay back on Kate Crane's workshop. The lady image is Crafty Individuals, the others are from Astrid's Artistic Efforts here

This one is just reflecting how I am feeling at the moment! 
Found the tree scrap in my box of scraps and the image is from a magazine, once again the background was done a while ago.
Would you like to see the view from one of my bedroom windows in our flat?
Trees, garden and birds instead of houses, brilliant!!!
The kitchen is coming on too...
One of my lovely sons is doing it
and a lot happens in just a few days!
Oh! and this will be my view from the kitchen sink...more trees, YAY!!! Can't show you the contrast of what I see here as it is bucketing down!
Which reminds me, I do hope the weather improves as I'm off this afternoon for road trip with friends, Sarah A and Sarah S. We're off to Woolfest in the Lakes, sleeping over in our caravan!
Better go and pack, thanks for looking, Chris

Friday 1 June 2012

Me - on the 1st??????

Good Heavens, I've made it - actually posting this on the first of the month! Those who know me won't believe it's me, but it sure is!! What? - well, it's time for showing my June pages at The Kathryn Wheel 366/12 journal challenge, hosted by the brilliant Kate Crane
Not quite finished, but for once this is intentional and you will have to wait and see what I do with it. No apologies for going red, white and blue- four days of celebrating our Queen's Diamond Jubilee! I am really enjoying all of the nostalgia programmes that have been on over the last few weeks - there was a lovely one this evening with Prince Charles showing old cine films!
Here are my finished May pages. As you may see - we've sold our house! Definitely going to be busy over the next few weeks, but hope to keep up - it will be a great record of our stages of moving!!
Must go, have a lovely weekend and if you're having a party I hope the sun shines for you!
Thanks for looking, Chris


Not my words, but Hels' own words for my contribution to the Sunday Stamper Challenge! I finished off the piece we started at Hels' workshop last Sunday. I had such a great time with some lovely people and learnt so much - you can stamp with gesso(did you know)! OK! I'll stop there before you tune in to the fact that I know so little!!!'s the 'Words' side..
and the backside (so to speak)
I do hope I got this right- the concept Hels wanted to teach us was 'balance' and we had a basic little selection of goodies to use in our own way but to balance where we placed them. As you can see the 'basic ingredients' were beautiful and Hels showed us some great ways with inks, stains, gesso and stamps.
The morning was spent making this

Now, you think this looks nice, but look.....
it's got 4 sides - and you'd never guess how it started out!!!
As you can see it's no wonder I had such a good day - as did everyone else, Hels is soooo talented and I really would recommend you attend one of her workshops if you get a chance and I would definitely, definitely take a look at her blog.
Thanks for looking, Chris