Tuesday 31 January 2023

T Stands For - Taking in the sights of Angers

 Hi everyone, after our lovely lunch that I showed you last week we had a long drive. Fortunately it was fairly straightforward and we arrived in Angers just as it got dark.

We left our car at the B and B and went to catch the nearby tram.
We were very impressed with the playground by the stop.

The Cathedral of St Maurice was huge and had some beautiful windows

From here we walked to find the castle and stopped for lunch on the way
The food was delicious - here we are eating desserts, as you can see we had water to drink and it is here I am joining Bleubeard and Elizabeth for T stands for Tuesday

The castle gardens looked fabulous

This is the oldest part of the castle and would have been familiar to Eleanor Of Aquitaine.

We continued our visit and then on into the old town...more next week.

Thanks for looking, Chris

Tuesday 24 January 2023

T Stands for Tasty

Hi everyone, I had a little set back last week with a bout of Vertigo, fortunately it didn't last long as I did the exercises that the GP had shown me. It was quite upsetting though as hubby had to help me walk around and do anything that helped me avoid bending over!

Since then I have been fine and this morning went looking for Snowdrops at the Parsonage in Didsbury. It is where the RSPB was first formed by Emily Williamson. There's more info here.

This Edgeworthia is one of the most unusual plants I have seen.

We have been lucky enough to have had some treats this week. One was a full meal that, because we had a discount voucher and used our loyalty points, cost us nothing, but I totally forgot to take photos! We also had a free coffee with a voucher and also coffee and cake for us both at John Lewis as we had been regular customers.

This is what we had this morning..

...flat whites, mine with a scone, which came with jam(I brought that home to have on toast one day) and hubby had coffee and walnut cake - which I love, but it is far too sugary for me these days. I did get a mouthful though. 

I am joining Bleubeard and Elizabeth at The Altered Book Lover blog for T Stands For Tuesday.

It is often mentioned how hubby is always smiling....sometimes he just won't play ball... generally I wait and smile, sometimes try to coax him but sometimes I get this.

I still have some France photos to show but will keep this post short today with just a few. The above photo was taken at Brantôme on our way back from Tourtoirac.
We had a really delicious risotto with a huge carafe of water.
We would like to go back and explore the town and maybe have another meal here.

There is a large Abbey here
From here we headed North to our next destination, via some interesting sights

I'll have more next week of where we stayed for a couple of nights.

I hope I have more success in making comments on some blogs - it may have been due to brain fog but I just couldn't leave comments on some.

Thanks for looking, Chris