Friday 24 December 2010


No, I don't mean the North pole or Siberia but Manchester! My hubby took this photo with his phone camera at the Christmas Market on Tuesday!
 We have both been a little under the weather lately but treated ourselves to an afternoon at the market, unfortunately I have suffered since and had to visit the docs again - keep having balance problems, seems I have an 'itis' :) 

Just wanted to say "MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR" to everyone and hope that 'normal service will be resumed as soon as possible'
I have used these two images a lot on my card this year so if I haven't sent you a card count one of these as yours!!
This from an Artemio set that I bought on my birthday at Dawn Bibby's and I absolutely love the sketchy tree!

This is a LOV image which to me brings back the old school nativity memories.

Hope you enjoy them and I'll be back after the holidays.
Thanks for looking, 

Sunday 12 December 2010

Fell at 4th

OK, so I didn't make it, following my little argument with the actimel pot(see previous post) I lost heart, my days 3 and 4 tags, which I was quite pleased with, ruined, I didn't have the heart to carry on and spent 2 days giving my wardrobe a thorough clearout(very theraputic)before even looking at my ruined tags. Anyhow, decided I could salvage some of day 4's took off some bits, got a new paper and made this
 Nothing like the first one as I had to use a much bigger image. Couldn't salvage day 3's tag and decide to call it a day.There's always next year!!
I have looked at Tim's blog each day and been amazed at  everyones interpretations on the artyjen link, and hope to try some of the brilliant techniques but sadly not on the 12 tags:( 
Partly this is because I have some new tablets that are making me slightly lightheaded at times(the practice nurse says I will get used to them) and partly because the beginning of December is quite difficult as it reminds me that my mum and dad aren't around for Christmas, they both died on the same date four years apart.

However, today was my birthday, and thanks to my lovely hubby I've had a lovely day. We should have been waking up to the lovely view from our caravan, but when we went up on Friday afternoon we arrived to find we had a flood as soon as we turned on the water - so it was a case of mop up and leave, as there was no way we could get it fixed so late. We did stop at a lovely pub for a meal on the way home and hubby suggested that we go to Dawn Bibby's today as he had seen the e-mail announcing a make and take day. So today I woke up and opened my present from him - A melt pot!!! and Johnny Depp's Alice in Wonderland WHOOOO!!- and off we went to Dawn's studio where she showed me how to make this.
 The holly is on a lovely Artemio stamp collection, which I just had to buy, along with the beautiful Graphic 45 paper!

We then went for  a lovely lunch and then off to see my future DIL do a reverse bungee jump. I'm so proud of her, as she and her friend raised £307 pounds for Christies  Hospital.

Got home and my youngest son arrived with roses and Nigel Slater's "Tender" with some fantastic recipes and info.

I'm  back on track again!!:)

If you've got to the end of this rant then thanks for sticking with me! Thanks for looking in the first place


Tuesday 7 December 2010

Totally, utterly!

Yesterday I had one of those days(: - in my totally, utterly pearshaped fashion I threw Actimel over the two "12 tags" I had made. I had left them on my table along with some cards ready to photograph today in daylight. In my haste to clear the table for tea last night I put down my half drunk pot and then just caught the rim - boy that stuff can run and it headed straight for the tags! They ended up being a sticky soggy mess. Managed to salvage the cards today (trimmed off the edges)but haven't the heart to attempt today's tag:( Maybe tomorrow....
This is something I bought a few weeks ago - for £2!!, the intention was to alter it, but I don't think I can bring myself to spoil that lovely grain. Maybe just some ribbon and a flower?
Thanks for looking,

Thursday 2 December 2010

Can I first say "Thank You" for all the kind (and helpful) comments you've been making, I hope I'm getting the hang of this now:)

Having had a total blank on Day 1 of Tim's tags I began to think that maybe today would be the same but no!
I looked, I saw, and I had a go. Still didn't have any of the Tim stuff, but Crafty Individuals music stamp,Creative Expressions   swirl, Stampendous pine leaves and part of a  Greeting stamp in my Christmas box and here it is...
as you can see no bird but a snowflake dabbed with silver..... so, definitely pearshaped!!

Yesterday in my  blank mode I got to thinking about Paris, having looked at Sue Roddis's  pictures of my favourite place in Paris. We sometimes used to go around the end of the Autumn term if we broke up early enough. I really do love Paris at any time of the year but Christmas  shops in Paris are  spectacular. We haven't been for ages now, despite hints to hubby:(
Anyhow, here are the atc's I came up with. 

I cut the Eifel Tower image from a Paper Artsy stamp and used papers that I've had for a while just waiting to be used,(on reflection I wish I'd torn some of the papers, but I don't think they look too bad)
I hope to take them to swap on Sunday, when I go to Dawn Bibby's for Lindsay's altered decoration workshop.

Thanks for looking, 

Tuesday 30 November 2010

Busy doing....

At last, a day in, nowhere to go and nothing to do but create buuut... why couldn't I get going? Well, after my busy week I had left so much to put away that I had to have a bit of a sort out first! Fortunately yesterday I bought 2 more storage boxes so I have transferred some of the things I use most into those and they can now sit on a shelf close by to where I work. I don't have a craft room so the dining table is the only flat surface that I can use but that needs clearing every night-I get indigestion if I don't sit a table:( Hopefully I can just scoop everything into my boxes now.

Yesterday I met my youngest son in Manchester to go for a look at the Christmas market. It was his birthday but he treated me to lunch, and as we wanted to be quick we went to Katsouris, a deli which serves delicious hot food and fast, though it was a bit of a scrum for a table.
The stalls have spread even further this year but my favourites are the French stalls in King Street. I'm definitely going back, probably later in the day next time so that the lights look better and I can take some photos.

I'm out for lunch again tomorrow with my over 60's gym group(yes it is as much fun as it sounds!)so I need to make today count LOL 

This morning I have made some more Christmas cards and started some atcs and tags, looking at the photos it looks as though the glue shows although this is not the case in reality.

 As you can see Crafty Individuals to the rescue again!

So, lunch now, and then get on with completing some things.... and I suppose I should get something ready for tonight too!!

Thanks for looking. 

Keep safe and warm, 

Saturday 27 November 2010


Just for my eldest grandson. The other week we visited Leighton Moss Nature Reserve, where not only did he see a real live woodpecker but when we left he spotted the bird feeder in the car park. By being really still and edging  nearer and nearer he got this close!!!! There were lots more birds on the feeder till gran got her camera out!
Back later ,

Friday 26 November 2010

Izzy Wizzy

Hi! My horoscope in the Sunday paper said it was going to be a busy week but didn't say how busy! I seem to have so much coming up-one week only sort of stuff and I know that next week will be back in the old routine so I mustn't complain!
Now to see if I can show you some piccies
Hmmm.......1 day later:( 
 OK soooo! this is the umpteenth attempt to put anything at all here and look at the size!!! If I change it everything goes fuzzy so here I have a dilemma - to leave or not to leave? OK, leave.
 On Tuesday night I was at a celebration event for Manchester in Bloom at Manchester Town Hall, in the great hall no less!! That building, which I think is one of the most beautiful in the north west, is even better inside. I didn't really need the loo but went just so that I could nosy and then was even more delighted when we had to leave by a different door from the one we came in at. I have decided that I must book in for a guided tour in the new year!!
 Jo(a brilliant oraganiser who gets us all motivated) and Everard.(and just look behind them!!)
  Wednesday night was a meal out at a carvery to celebrate my youngest's 28th, the whole family were there and guess what.... I forgot my camera! Managed to take a few on my phone but I hate doing that:( 
Blood test yesterday then drove to Warrington to pick my youngest grandson from school.
 Fortunately, in between all the to and froing I have managed to complete my atcs for Heather's Movers and shakers swap.
  Can you see the moving part?(clue on middle one) Distress inks,Crafty individuals images and stamp,charms that aren't quite angels and 'Lindsay ribbon'
My tryptich for Heather's Christmas swap
                 The front...Tim and Crafty Individuals stamps,holly stamp(loose in my Christmas box?)rock candy distress crackle paint, lace,tape
                 ...and the back.
I've also made a LOAD of Christmas cards!, but enough for today, shopping next and, as Scarlett said "Tomorrow is another day"!!
Thanks for looking,have a good weekend, Chrisx


Friday 19 November 2010

Still playing!

I'm still playing with  this and Hurray! I've found how to change post colour although not sure about this one yet.
I've had a busy week out and about this week so not much completed. Did have a bit of a production line going with some Christmas cards though, in between taking my coat off and putting it back on again LOL!

Ho hum! This seems to be the only piccy that I'm allowed to show you, believe me, I've done some lovely vintage style cards AND some cutsie ones but I obviously still haven't quite got the hang of this blog lark yet.
This is a photo I took on the day of the 'big snow' in January in our local park, along with quite a few others, and I've used silver mirror card(I know it looks gold!)to mount it onto some card that covered with Weathered wood, sprayed and allowed to run.
Thank you for looking, have a good weekend, I'll keep trying with the photos - promise!!

Monday 15 November 2010

Rolling along

What a lovely sunny day we had today, pity I've been inside all day. I had my nephew's birthday card to do for the weekend and that led me to make a few more cards - mainly Christmas and this one which I'm quite pleased with.
 Jane at Dawn Bibby Studios has been very patient with me, as the first time she showed me this paper rolling technique I didn't go away and practice doing it, and totally forgot how to do it. She very kindly showed me again and since then I have used it quite a lot. The flowers of course, Tim's tattered, stamped all over with a Paper Artsy swirly stamp and using another technique of Janes, highlighting some of the Graphic45 motifs with Glossy Accents,and I know it's lazy, but I do love colouring Craftwork sentiments.
Thank you for looking,

Friday 12 November 2010

Still trying-very!

Hi, after yesterday's attempt I've come back for another go.   Thanks for your help Joanne and  Gez.It didn't quite work, as I'd done what you suggested the other day, but by going over your instructions realised that I had  saved the photo a different way - but.. Weyhey it's here! Don't know why it jumped to top of post but I'll work on that after the weekend. Oooh! managed to move it!....but not where I meant it to:(                                                                                                          
I love Elusive Images stamps but this is a particular            favourite,stamped onto grey card,smudged milled lavender distress inked around the edge.                                                                                                             
I am busy working on Christmas books for my grandchildren at the  moment and don't want to spoil the surprise so won't be posting   photos until after Christmas, but I'm quite pleased with the way  they are looking.                                               
When I met my grandson from school yesterday his first comment was "Have you brought some crafting for us Gran?" I don't always, but as it happened he was able to make his mummy a cupcake card (with chocolate chips on it!)                                                                                                           
I hope the wind hasn't caused any damage where you are. I took some photos the other week while I was away and thought with all this wind around some tranquil pictures might be nice to look at.
 Hope these remind you of calmer times while the wind whistles around your house.
(reminder to self - must write down how on earth I managed this!)
Thanks for looking, have a  great weekend, 

Thursday 11 November 2010

Keeping going!

My Dad always used to say -If you find something difficult -try, try and try again- So I thought I'd better keep on trying to get the hang of this 'bloggie thing'!
Just in case anyone wondered about my pear picture at the top(someone might!), it's taken from my journal. I was browsing through an old Sainsbury's mag when I saw the plate of pears and I just saw a place to draw the face! The same mag also had the lettering so it was out with the paint and away I went. It just seemed to sum up what I am!!

Now comes the difficult bit -can I show you a picture of a card I made to send a note to a friend?
So thats a 'no' for now then?..... and a NO,NO,NO,NO,NO!!

1 day later and 'server rejected' keeps coming up, and I have tried with a few different photos now ...sorry Dad!

Can anyone one tell me what on earth am I doing wrong?

Thanks for looking and for you comments. Off for a stint of child minding now!! 

Tuesday 9 November 2010

I'm here!

Well here I am in blogland at last. It's taken a day or two(eight actually!), having taken time out to play with grandchildren and take a poorly car to the garage. 
I must say I've admired a lot of blogs and the goodies you've done for some time but now I am totally in awe - this has been a real challenge for me!
I must thank Gez, Lindsay,Joanne and Sheila for encouraging me and hope I don't let you down.
Made a couple of cards for Autumn birthdays and will attempt to show you! Oops! Didn't intend it going there! 
I promise I will eventually get the hang of this.
Meanwhile, thanks for looking and I really would welcome your comments