Sunday 15 January 2012

Alternative title

This is such a mixture of stuff that I thought that if you like you could choose a title lol! 
First is my list book, that I keep in my bag, its a cheapy from Muji(in Selfridges, Trafford Centre)- 60p and quite slim. It's perfect for customising and as I had quite a few scraps a great way to use them up!

There is also this, which I made before Christmas, it has been packed away with the Christmas things and taken to the flat.

 I was quite pleased with this photo of my grandson on Christmas Day with his light sabre in front of the Christmas tree.

The last thing to show you are some photos of things we saw on our  New Years Day walk in Dunham Winter Garden - daffodils(!!!!!) and a lovely view through an installation by Manchester Architects.

I have been kept quite busy with clearing clutter of late and still LOADS to go - our local OXFAM staff are almost on first name terms with us!!! It is however getting easier and I'm in less of a  dither about what to get rid of and am more likely to chuck than keep! Fortunately the flat is quite close to the tip too so when we go we can drop off the real rubbish there!
Thanks for looking, Chris  
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Wednesday 4 January 2012

The start of a New Year

Happy New Year! OK so it's a bit late and I'm not going to make up any excuses! I had every intention of having this ready but it just didn't happen!
What is it? My January pages for Kate Crane's 2012/366 Journal challenge (see details here)
I'm thinking we may get snow and ice this month so I've used ice creamy colours and a snowflake stamp - I may add more by the end of the month!
I love this challenge as I hope it will be something to look back on for me and mine!! 
Here are my pages for December if you would like to see them.

We are still trying to get hold of workmen so that we can get started on alterations at the flat - they are still on holiday!
I've also begun to realise just how big the task of downsizing is!!! We are both finding it hard to make decisions about some things but I'm sure we'll get there eventually!

Thanks for looking, I'm off to look at Kate's blog now to see how others see January, Chris