Tuesday 30 November 2021

T Stands for the walk, the walk and the walk

Hi everyone, yes, three walks.

First my final journal page for my 'All Kinds Of Weather' at Art Journal Journey. Thanks so much to everyone who added their fabulous journal pages for my theme.

It's not a very clear photo it has been dark here all day, although there was a brief brighter moment while we were in the car coming home with our shopping.This was taken with help from a daylight lamp.

The girl and her father are taking a walk in the woods to find a tree for Christmas.

I painted some fir trees and then added a wash of blue around them.

I spattered some white paint around then added some on the trees and ground. The TH paper dolls had some blue distress crayon added to them as they were bit too brown for my liking.

The other day we had planned on staying in but the sunshine was too hard to resist and we went off to Styall for a walk(I showed some pics here

The hot house walls look pretty.

Some of the trees have been decorated too.....
...and the plants joined in with the Christmassy colours.

Now to Paris
This was the only time we used the Metro to see somewhere in Paris.(We had used the Metro to get to our hotel but decided we would try to walk everywhere)
I really wanted to see the Arc de Triomphe wrapped by Christo and Jeanne-Claude 

The installation was only there for two weeks and it would have been rude not to! It just so happened that it was the only grey morning we had and although it was warm the grey was not a good backdrop.

We also wanted to visit Parc Monceau. On our way we stopped for a drink - yes, I am joining Bleubeard and Elizabeth for T Stands For Tuesday at The Altered Book Lover

We sat and waited for our drinks to arrive...
...but drank them at a different table...
As the waitress arrived she stumbled and spilt our drinks, fortunately mainly missed me and only got a few more drops on hubby - she was so apologetic and rushed to get something to clean ourselves down and get fresh drinks. Nothing was broken but it spread quite long way

We reached the park gate and had a little look into a courtyard of a nearby building.

We decided to go and eat first (I'm sure I'll be able to show you where another time!)
We walked by this statue of Chopin - the woman represents Pain!
Chopin move to Paris when he was 21.

The pond area is beautifully landscaped

We went into part of this park a few years ago but by a different gate and knew nothing about this until saw some photos in a magazine.

We were amused by this next part of the park

A Smurf garden! Lots of lovely little details to look at.
We left by a different gate.

More lovely old buildings just outside the gates and then more to see on our way to our next destination 

Very tempting but I didn't give in!

Thanks for looking, more next week if you wish...Chris

Monday 29 November 2021

A Spider's Tale

 Oh My it's cold!!! It still looks so beautiful though, after yesterday's snow in the UK. I hope you are not one of those folk without electricity.

I have something new for Art journal Journey and my 'All Kinds of weather' theme. 

You may know that our rules at AJJ (please take a look here)have had an overhaul and we now accept smaller pages and mini is my mini journal.

I am hoping that my friend's Granddaughter will like it.

I made some gelli prints and cut them to size.
I used stamps by Paper Artsy, Tracy Easson and my old favourite sun by Rubber Stampede.
The rest was my own doodling and spidery writing.

I will be back tomorrow with my final page for my theme.

Thanks for looking, Chris