Wednesday 30 July 2014


Is it really Wednesday again? Oh! OK, so it is time to show my desk, some weeks certainly do go faster than others and I see from quite a few folk around Christmas is on it's way!!! Here we all are - I was going to say Julia's extended family, but I don't want to scare her off - she's been ill you know! Julia, the guide to the desk around the world, how else would we get to meet up? Details are on her blog here.
What's on mine? A few things that need doing - 
Some stamps that I can finally mount now I've bought the mounting sheet, some paper and card to go through the process of die cutting and an experiment with different glues following a fab idea I saw from Darcy on the Paper Artsy blog.
If you have time take a look - it's fascinating!
Now, if you are of a nervous disposition look away now….
to the left
I really have no idea how everything got in this state… next job I think! I really can't cram anymore in there!! 
Oh! and that is a Christmas card you see bottom right - shop bought but has an interesting middle so I'm going to take it apart and see if I can make my own bigger version…..

Off to see 'Hercules' with hubby and grandson so I'll probably get around later!

Thanks for looking, Chris

Tuesday 29 July 2014

A little bit of journal play

Hi there! I hope everyone is enjoying this slightly cooler weather - I know I am!!

I don't seem to have done much in my A5 journal lately so yesterday while my grandson and hubby watched a film on TV I took myself off to my craft room for a play. The background was already partly done so not a lot to add!

I rummaged around in one of my bags for scraps and found some Crafty Individuals Alice Palace crowned bunnies images I had stamped onto a piece of (I think) Christmas paper.
A little more rummaging came up with a crumpled piece of tattered lace music paper - perfect to sit them on. 
I tore some little scraps of paper and stuck them on top left but they looked a bit bright so I added some crackle paste through a stencil topped with a dragonfly postmark that was also in the scraps.
At this point instead of going with the flow (or winging it if you prefer) I knew what the bunnies were looking at - of course - an Artistic Stamper dragonfly! 
This then needed words - so another rummage - this time in my words box of stamps - this Oprah Winfrey quote(Can't remember which set this is separated from!!), torn to put the first part of the quote by the bunnies, fitted the bill nicely - why shouldn't bunnies dream about flying?
I edged the quote with black soot distress ink then used a blending nib to go around the bunnies to make them stand out a bit.

The dragonfly's wing were coloured with Cosmic shimmer paints and then I rubbed on a little stickles with my finger.

I finished this before the end of the film so I carried on and did another page which I'll show you soon.

The rest of the day included lunch at the new cafe at Dunham Massey followed by a lovely walk under the shade of the big trees there.
Unfortunately when we got back my grandson played a mind numbing game on the computer with THE most annoying music!!! Peaceful moments shattered LOL!

I would like this page to be entered into the following challenges:-

Thanks for looking, Chris

Monday 28 July 2014

What did I choose for 'H'?

The challenge this time at Dragons Dream is the letter H and brown. For me there was an 'H' that came to mind straight away - Hydrangea - you know how the Hydrangea flowers turn papery and brown and stay there all winter - you are only supposed to cut them off in the Spring. I thought I had a Hydrangea stamp but when I looked it was this one - stamped here in my journal -waiting for me to finish the page now.
I don't know what this plant is but it definitely is not a Hydrangea….but….here are my hydrangeas in our caravan garden.

Here is my tag, using masks made with post-it notes…..
….Hydrangea bushes stamped with Adirondak Caramel, the background and the H stamped with Potting soil archival. I added little Hydrangea flowers with sparkle of stickles at their centres - I know the little flowers don't fall off so I hope you like this little diversion!

I am entering this in the Dragons Dream Tag it on challenge 171.

Thanks for looking, Chris

Sunday 27 July 2014

Tag - inspired by Kate Yetter

You must know by now that I love Lynne Perrella stamps and I loved seeing so many ways of using them this week on the Paper Artsy blog. Kate Yetter made a wonderful grey board tag. Here is my version! 
A little brighter than Kates! This is going onto a card for a friend who I think will quite like this lady!!
Off now to check how my gluey things are faring - Did you see what Darcy did here - I'll show you mine soon!!

Thanks for looking, Chris

Saturday 26 July 2014

Journal page - Kate Yetter inspired

Oh! So much inspiration on the Paper Artsy blog this week with Lynne Perrella stamps being used on many of the projects! Some will have to go on hold, but couldn't wait to get back home and try this one. I didn't get much chance for crafting with our pre-teen grandson around! Not that I'm complaining - I really enjoy our conversations (except when they are football related!)

I already had some paints in spray bottles so grabbed those first - then made one up using my new favourite - Autumn Fire.
I pretty much followed Kate's method (see hers here)
and came up with this.The stamp is different, I grabbed a stencil instead of sequin waste. I couldn't resist doodling around some of the drips too though! 
Hoping for a cooler night and more sleep so this is it for now.

Thanks for looking, Chris

Linking to Paper Artsy

Wednesday 23 July 2014


Another lovely day - just right for visiting desks! I do not like this heat and will sit by a fan quite happily! Which desks you ask? The ones on WOYWW hosted by Julia of course! Last week I had no connection at all - couldn't even speak to my grandchildren!!
So, what is on my desk?
The evidence of something happening, I'm not going to show you yet though, sorry! I have been using my hydrangea punch and a stamp resembling a hydrangea flower.
What I will show you is my Fiona flower! (Remember being shown how to if you were at the crop)I made my versions and they sat at the back of my desk for a while.

If you want to see what I did please click here.

Off to the cinema with grandson now then a couple of nights away. If I can't get to some desks today it will have to be the weekend - have fun in the sun (if that's what you like to do!)

Thanks for looking, Chris

Tuesday 22 July 2014

Colourful? Yes!

Warning - I may will ramble!! For starters my granddaughter is going to get a new bedroom - some  time soon! Last year she gave me a favourite dress that she had grown out of so I could try to copy it! Ha! Ha! My sewing skills were so rusty that the dress I made was, well, frankly, awful!!! I kept her little dress thinking I might make her something (what, I still don't know!!!- ideas gratefully received as long as it's got straight lines!!)
Now, here's the thing - I came across the dress while looking for something else - of course!! I had just seen a challenge that I quite fancied, so thought I'd make a tag using the colours but then - moving some more things around on the ongoing attempt to be more organised (stop sniggering at the back!) I came across a K and Co frame that had been tucked in behind something else, so that's what I've done!

It's a fairly simple affair. I used PA Fresco paints, Sky, Orchid and Autumn Fire along with Tim's doily stencil. To add a bit of texture I used crackle glaze on part of the frame and mixed some Sky fresco with Decoart media crackle paste to add some more doily stencilling. I stamped with Snowflake on a PA Squiggle Ink -Swirls and curls, around the edge of the aperture. The aperture itself was backed with some washi tape that I found in Sainsbury's. The little flowers stamped here and there were from an Artemio set and the centres finished with some distress stickles. The flower is using a technique that was shown to me at the WOYWW crop by Fiona - see her beauty here - except that I stamped a Stampendous flower onto some smooshy paper I had done using the chosen colours
THE dress!! She used to look so sweet in it!
All I had to do then was colour my own ribbon and add some little butterflies - used a punch into some scrap paper.

The flower was sprayed with Goosebumps and the centre had some sparkly stickles added. This version is two flowers stacked together 
If you would like  to see how I made this take a look here

I do hope my GD likes it - especially if I can come up with something to go along with it!

I'm going to enter in 
the Country View Challenge - 'Stencil it'
Our Creative Corner's Challenge which is 'include a flower and Hand Dyed ribbon' 

Thanks for looking, Chris

My version of Fiona's flower

This is the flower for the post after this one. Lovely Fiona from Staring at the Sea showed a group of us at The WOYWW crop back in May. Her fab version is here!
My bright version is here.
I started with stamping the Stampendous flower onto some cheap watercolour paper that had been smooshed through some paint.
I cut them out then spritzed with a fine spray and crumpled them

The next stage is to pick the layers of paper apart - be patient or the paper may rip
Next I Spritzed and dabbed the inside edges in watered down paint

 I cut out some circles with a punch from some of the smooshed paper...

 I then pressed the circles onto the stamen part of the stamp
Finally I stamped some text on the middle layer and stuck on the stamens.

The version here is two stacked flowers.

I hope you like this!
Thanks for looking, Chris

Sunday 20 July 2014

Kraft and Black…..and White!

Oh! I can't tell you how good it feels to be back at somewhere with an internet connection (even if at times it dips in and out temporarily). The comment at the bottom of my previous post was never truer! I did manage to get some access on my phone while in the car but even then, last Sunday - nothing!! My phone is on contract with a firm with a certain bearded man at its head - I will not be renewing my contract when it ends next month!!!

One thing I did see was Joanne Wardle's Kraft and black cards on the  Paper Artsy blog - stunning!!
So yesterday in between visits to different family members I made this…
I didn't get around to posting last night and I'm glad I didn't!
I had a few waking moments last hot….and remembered something my good friend Sarah did with Kraft and White the other week (worth taking a look here!) After a walk along the river bank to fetch the papers this morning I came back and did this.
The stamps are some Claudine Helmuth ones I've had for ages! The paint PA Fresco - Little Black Dress and Snowflake.
It was good to try something new - stamping using paints - and I think I'll be doing it again!
Thing is though - black….or white?

Linking to Paper Artsy 

Thanks for looking, Chris

Sunday 13 July 2014

Reverse Canvas

I've always loved looking at what Alison of Words and Pictures creates and will always aspire to make something half as good (believe me  - half as good would make me happy!) When I saw Alison's reverse canvas this week for Paper Artsy I just loved the colour combination she used. 
Now, I didn't have the Fresco colours she had so went for the next best thing (so I thought!) Cobalt Blue and Guacomole. I used a small canvas I'd had sitting on top of my shelf for a while and tried as far as I could to follow Alison's method. One thing I couldn't resist was trying my new crackle paste mixed with a little guacamole. I decide to use LPCO13 (the Hot Picks one has gone on to my never-ending list of "needs")stamped in grey but - alas and alack - the paint combo doesn't show through (another two colours for my list ha! ha!)So, ploughing on, don't have many metal embellishments (they are already on list!)so did the best I could with flowers and brads.

The flowers are just from my huge collection! Must use them more - there are loads - something with GD maybe?

Thanks so much for the inspiration Alison - I would never have thought of reversing the canvas by myself!!

I am linking this to Paper Artsy

Thanks for looking, off to the land of little or no connections so apologies now - comments on blogs may be very brief this week!


Friday 11 July 2014

Dreaming with the Dragons 170

The challenge this time was an easy choice for me! Silvia picked "K" and "heart" for Dragons Dream Tag It On 170. My immediate thought was "Knight", but which Knight - Sir Lancelot of course! His love affair with Guinevere was their undoing, thanks to Arthur's nasty cousin Agravain!(I know it was adultery but it was true love too!)
I always mean to take photos along the way but on reflection perhaps it's just as well I didn't!

Briefly - Distress ink, PA Fresco paints on part of tag, Doily stencil on part of tag, Pearl glaze too! Then the stamping - my knight stamp, bought from a bargain box - stamped with clear embossing ink then brushed over with Mica powder - now you see him - now you don't! "Guinevere" (okay a Lynne Perrella maiden) stamped in grey, hiding behind the screen waiting for Lancelot. The words are straight from my Arthur book. Finishing touches - a distress edge stamp, tattered lace across the top with tied ribbon. The K stamped onto a piece of card. I have used the very top of a small Christmas tree punch to give a lacy edge. The heart on Lancelot's shield cut freehand from a piece of scrap.
Just to show you how it looks different when you move it here is another photo.

Linking to the Dragons Dream Tag it on challenge 170 - K and a heart

Thanks for looking, Chris

Wednesday 9 July 2014


That was the week that was…. Trips out, time for crafting and I won some blog candy( I will show you when it arrives - never fear!)
Here we are again at our desks - off to show the world! Go here to Julia's blog if you want details of how to join in - everyone will get a warm welcome!
My desk shows just how I left it last night after completing covering a journal cover(it's in the post before this if you want to see)

This is still there too as we are off to the cinema now.
The flowers are coming along but not used yet

Just in case you are interested pictures of my trip to see part of the Tour de France are here.

Must dash now - I'll be round later! Chris

Tuesday 8 July 2014

A journal cover for A Vintage Journey

Challenge 9 set by Nikki at A Vintage Journey is 'Use every stamp in a set'. No prizes for guessing which set I chose to make a cover for my journal!
Tim's Classics 1 set! 
I have been using this journal for a while but this was the cover -
I used a piece of paper from the mambi papers I bought at bargain price from TKMaxx some time ago. One of my favourite stencils - Latticework, diagonally across the page - various shades of brown and green distress inks, then stamped the words from the set randomly.
Next - my new favourite technique from Tim's June tag - blended water colour using stencils. For this I used the dot fade stencil and did three different backgrounds.
Once dry I stamped with Archival inks and tore around the edges and used Old Paper distress around the edges that I rolled up a bit. 
The dragonfly was also stamped onto a piece I had leftover from Tim's Tag, I painted the wings with a blue mica but it doesn't seem to show it here.
Finally I added chit chat words to echo the stamped words, stamped the pear colours onto a circle cut from leftovers, used a 'P' from Crowded Attic salvage sticker and some Remnant Rubs from the Elements set.

 I am linking to A vintage Journey.

Thanks for looking, Chris

Le Tour!

Le Tour de France started this year in Yorkshire. The first stage passed close by to a place we visit often from our caravan - Hawes - even though our caravan is in Lancashire it is very close to the Yorkshire border as well as Cumbria. Of course we weren't up there this weekend - but never mind - although we are in Manchester we are very close to borders with Cheshire and Derbyshire so as the tour was also passing through this area on Sunday we made the short journey to the Woodhead Pass in Derbyshire. We know this road well as we used it to visit my Mum in Lincoln while she was alive. It is a well know busy route across the Pennines, we were often stuck behind long queues of lorries until we got to the top as the roads are steep and have lots of bends! On Sunday however, it was great to walk along it...
 …I say great, we were misled by the information that told us it was only a short walk from the official car park to the shuttle bus and then another short walk from the bus to the tour route - it turned out to be two miles for each, which was fine really but with two young ones(GD and GS), a recovering from surgery son and one old croc(me)it took us quite some time to get there!
It was quite exciting to be walking on this road though and lots of cyclists were taking advantage of there being no traffic to cycle without breathing in exhaust fumes!
First came the advertising ….lots of it!
I don't know whether you can see but we had a good view of everything coming down the hill in the distance before it came past us.

Unfortunately no views of the actual T de F, hubby videoed it and I just watched - the leaders were past in no time. As there had been a fall earlier the Peleton was split so came past in smaller numbers - much better for spectators!
Then it was over, we set off for the long walk back - we had walked even further than the busy corner to be on a slope upwards! What did we come across but a bike jam!
Some cyclists had been to the top of the hill to view and as the ones from our direction met at the junction the police were having to direct them!
Son, GD and GS heading up the hill to the bus (which as you can see is nowhere in sight - it wasn't even around the next corner!)
Our final view from the 'car park' - as you can see - on top of a hill, but what a view!
Once home I didn't know what I wanted first - a decent loo or a drink! GD went off to the loo so I made drinks.
This was mine - I reckoned I'd earned it - a special treat - Gingerbread Latte!

I was going to join Elizabeth and Bleubeard but they are having a retrospective day today.

Thanks for looking, Chris