Sunday 31 July 2016

My calendar journal pages..

I have just got back from our caravan but wanted to post my pages as the next couple of days could be busy!!
First my August pages - all ready to fill in…Oh!What's that on the first of August…..hmmm!…wait and see! It's big surprise, well, it was for me!! 
I have still to put in the month! Maybe I will add a few things too!

Here, If you feel inclined to enlarge this you can see what I have been up to in July!

I will be able to visit a few more blogs this week too I hope! We are home for a while but have to get myself prepared for a Pokemon hunt! We have had a request!! We'll see!!

Please do come along on Monday and share my excitement!

Thanks for looking, Chris

A very last one...

…for Art Journal Journey where Yvonne's theme 'In My Garden There Is' is almost over. I just had to make one more entry
I am on my phone and struggling for a connection so it's fingers crossed and no details of how I did this- but I'm sure you can see!

Yes, we did get some gardening done!!

Thanks for looking, Chris

Thursday 28 July 2016

My Garden….in my journal and photos!

I have made what will probably be my last entry for Yvonne's fabulous theme of 'In My Garden There Is' at Art Journal Journey .
I had so hoped to join in more with this - you know how I love gardens, but sadly I have been rather busy lately!

I used some Inktense pencils and a water brush down one side of the page in my A6 Pink Pig journal/sketchbook 

I then stamped randomly with parts of some Carabelle Studio stamps.
I stamped, coloured and cut out the Carabelle Studio leaves (I had been using them for something else too)using some smooth card.

We are hoping for gardening weather over the next few days - we didn't get much done last week!

Luckily there had been enough rain to keep things looking fresh!
 Unfortunately too much rain for this Hydrangea - I think it will need pruning in the Autumn

 I can never remember the name of this yellow flower - but once we had rescued it from being strangled by ivy and hawthorn it has bloomed beautifully.

The decking is looking good this year too.
 The Fuchsia in the little border by the wall is overshadowing the little Lacecap Hydrangea...
…and right at the back has gone a bit wild - but my tree stump is still rotting away for the insects and the bees love this area

Thank you for your kind comments of late - I really will try to catch up with everyone next week - in between medical appointments - and other exciting stuff -it's going to be one of those weeks!!

Thanks for looking, Chris

Tuesday 26 July 2016

T stands for taking photos!

It's time to join Bluebeard and Elizabeth for T stands for Tuesday.

I must first apologise to the folk I didn't get around to visiting last week. I had intended using Wednesday morning to catch up but Wendy(our House Keeping Assistant) wasn't well, we were allocated someone else but that involved being around and we had planned on being away by lunchtime! Of course, once up at the caravan the signal is so bad at times I have trouble even speaking to my sons!

I promised more photos of the nostalgia trip we took last week. From Nottingham we took a familiar road(to me)to Southwell near Newark.

This is where Richard 1st had his last night of freedom before surrendering to the Scots at Newark.
Southwell has changed greatly since I was there last - quite a few 'posh' shops and lots of eating places! 

I have never seen so many hanging baskets in one small area - very pretty indeed

We had our lunch in the Minster cafe but I forgot to take a photo!(again!)
A wedding had just taken place while we were eating so we were able to go inside! There was a notice saying permission had to be given for taking photos, luckily someone was there to do just that!

The seats all had names on them.
I remember that as a child the carvings here always fascinated me(and still do)

Hubby took this photo during a short shower while we walked round to  the Bishop's garden. 

 I do love a blue and white garden!

 There were lovely cool green areas too - and bees!!
 This is the very end of the ruined palace- the door leads to the private part of the garden
 We both loved this place and we will be back!

As I am here for 
at The Altered Booklover blog where Elizabeth, Bleubeard and Squiggles are sharing a drink related post I had better show you where we had a coffee later in the afternoon.
My Dad used to work for this company, although not at the site where this Garden Centre is. I remember the two men at the bottom right, they were the owners and such lovely bosses! 
This is the bottom end of the cafe and was sectioned off but I just had to go in….
…that's my Dad's name there - Ken Donson - he had a clematis named after him years ago - it is not readily available here but apparently grows well in the US and Canada. I confess to getting tearful seeing this!
We enjoyed our coffee..

..and had a little look around. 
there were lots of old photos on the walls and this one is certainly a view I recognise!
This one too - again at the nursery where I grew up, walked my dogs, played with my cats and rabbits, climbed trees, drove a tractor, saw a baby cuckoo in a nest, learned to ride my bike and of course got my love for gardens! 

Oh! What is it with me? Blurry eyed again

Thanks for looking, Chris

ps I am sitting on some good news - please come and see me next Monday!! 

Saturday 23 July 2016

Playing with Infusions

This page was just part of a play session I was having.
I spritzed the page and then sprinkled Sunset Beach and Violet Storms over the page.
I then spritzed the page again and let it run.
I did a little random stamping with PA minis, then stamped a flower stamp I bought in France a few years ago. 
I stamped it again onto white paper and cut out the middle.
I am entering in Yvonne's choice 'In My Garden There Is' at Art Journal Journey

Thanks for looking, Chris

Thursday 21 July 2016

In my garden... where I hope to be, weather permitting, at the caravan of course. We missed last weekend so looking forward to seeing what is blooming now!
Have a page for Art Journal Journey - Yvonne's great theme of 'In My Garden There Is)
A lot of random stencilling and stamping and the black Visible Image flowers with a touch of Glossy accents! I finished it by rubbing over some white Twistable crayon.
Bloom was handwritten and I used a Sharpie Fine point water based paint pen to fill it in.
Just as a teaser - these are some of the photos we took at Southwell last week

The bottom one is hubby's shot of the Minster over a wall

Thanks for looking, Chris