Saturday 27 February 2021

Metal Magic

Hi everyone, I have one final page for Valerie's 'Heavy Metal' theme at Art Journal Journey.

I used some Aall and Create stencils to make a background and my favourite background stamp by Crafty Individuals was added and heat embossed in gold.

I heat embossed the Visual Images Unicorn - funny how they both look black in the top pic!

You can see the shimmer here and also on the words from the unicorn set that I embossed with white and added Stickles before outlining with a fine liner in turquoise.

Valerie chose a 'brilliant' theme and I have really enjoyed making bright and shiny pages this month! Thank you Valerie for all the lovely comments.

Thanks for looking, Chris  

Thursday 25 February 2021

Wandering into the gold...

 Hi everyone,I'm still loving gold!

We (that's hubby and I) made our week 8 Wanderlust pages.

We used some things that were special to us and slightly veered away from the original lesson, which I will probably go back and have another go!

One of the items was a gold wrapper from some chocolate we had in Italy a few years ago so unknowingly gave me a ticket to Art Journal Journey and Valerie's 'Heavy Metal' theme.

I cut up a flyer from a concert that my SIL and hubby took us to back in 2013 where there was a French choir singing English songs from 5 different centuries, the map shows a reminder of a lovely holiday in Scotland and of course, there has to be Paris.

Hubby's is totally different from mine

His map extract is of the Salisbury area - another holiday with happy memories. He has a special tag from a Lyme Park celebration(we're both looking forward to going back there soon!)He used one of my new Crafty Individuals stamps to show his love of wild animals.

One thing we shared were the flowers from special bouquet - there was a plastic/cellophane wrapper printed with flowers that I cut the flowers from a long time ago!

I can't believe how quickly this month has gone, they do say time flies when you're having fun and these shared sessions are certainly fun!

Thanks for looking, Chris

Tuesday 23 February 2021

T Stands for....Tunes and a treat...

Hi everyone. Elizabeth starts her T post with a question this week and I have a page with a little quiz!

If any of you have seen some of my Travel Journals, this is a style I like to use.

I used metallic paint and pens to colour in the little vignettes that all have something to do with songs with Golden or Gold in the title.

I have provided some word clues for you - I hope you can have some fun with it!

I'll provide the answers next week at T Time!

It is of course for Valerie's 'Heavy Metal' theme at Art Journal Journey.

There's still not much going on around here and I'm in danger of beginning to put back that weight I lost..especially if we keep treating ourselves....

I am joining Bleubeard and Elizabeth at The Altered Book Lover blog for T Stands For Tuesday.

I still haven't found how to link this image to Elizabeth's post - it was so was easy with 'old' blogger

It did look rather more attractive before I dipped in my spoon then remembered that I should take a photo! this isn't the only treat either...I had Almond Croissants delivered today for a treat when hubby gets back from taking the car to be serviced early tomorrow!

We have promises for restrictions to be lifted and things to begin to open up - the Government is being cautious and I hope that this time folk won't be as silly as the last time and try to stretch rules as this will only put us back to the start again!! (please notice my restrain here in describing these people)

Next week T Day will coincide with Second Look on the 2nd again but I'm thinking...why wait for some more sunny pics!!

These are a few gardens we visited in France in 2015

By a lake in Azay le Rideau chateau grounds

A cool park in Tours

Walk near the  Gallo Romaines site Poitiers
Another cool spot in Troyes - watching a game of boules

Floral Market, Paris
Jardin Des Artes, Paris

There, that's lifted my spirits - happy memories - I hope you enjoyed them too!

Thanks for looking, Chris

Thursday 18 February 2021

It's Paris again!

 I have another page for Valerie's 'Heavy Metal' theme at Art Journal Journey and I'm not going to apologise for making another Paris page...there may be more....

I decided to use some metallic powders for the background and as they look so good on black it is in my large black journal.

I used some distress Oxide inks through an Aallandcreate stencil by Autour de Mwa. I used some ephemera to make a little collage - the metal represented here by the Eiffel Tower, the tram and the Wallace fountain and I merged two Dina Wakley stencils - fussy cut using some gold foil paper.

I have had this sentiment for a while, not sure where from!

Here are some close ups of the shimmer!

Aah! When will I be able to visit Paris again?

Thanks for looking, Chris

Tuesday 16 February 2021

T Stands For......train, treats and a Wanderlust playtime..

Hi everyone! It's been a slow week and I'm not sure how much closer we are to getting back to 'normal'. 

I did make another journal page for Art Journal Journey - Valerie's theme is 'Heavy Metal' and my thoughts turned to an old locomotive engine - this one reminds me of 'Back To the Future' (we really should watch those again - they were fun)

The shimmer doesn't show on the top pic - I used Seth Apter's Texture powders to emboss the image and then added some Treasure Gold.
I don't know what led me to using these colours but they definitely aren't my usual choices - I am quite pleased with them though.
The stencils and stamps are by Aall and Create and I used Distress inks and a Dina Wakley gloss spray for the colours.

As for the treats...some I am still waiting for, hubby ordered some goodies but there has been a delay in the post - with the EU having a problem letting things go!!!
I'll show you when they get here!

The other treat was a Polish meal cooke by Kasia, one of our duty managers.
She is an accomplished cook and the meals were delivered, to those who ordered them, piping hot!
This was a first course but is a dish normally sold as Street food - Mushrooms and bread roll - delicious!
Next came Pork Schnitzel - there was a lot, but so beautiful tender.
We were quite full after this and there was also a huge slice of baked cheesecake which we saved for later and then forgot to take a photo - but since baked cheesecake is one of my favourite desserts I hope you will forgive me!
The Wanderlust class this week(7) was by Kate Crane (we put Week 6 on hold  - not really feeling it yet!)
Kate's class was brilliant and although I can't give you details it did involve looking through old family photos - which we really enjoyed one evening.
Here is mine
The photos are of my Gran holding my mum and of my Mum fetching in the washing with help from me and my brother.
Here is hubby's
He chose some pics of his cousins.
Once again we really enjoyed ourselves - we may do one of the bonus classes this week.

Now for some sunshine....
...from Summer 2019...Sur le Pont d'Avignon. 
Happy Memories!

Thanks for looking, Chris

We're 'Oh So Cute' at TIOT

Oh yes we are! Our new theme at Try it On Tuesday is 'Oh So Cute!' and we have all done our very best to be as cute as we can! Please do take a look here at the Design Team's examples of just how cute we can be!

I wanted to use one of my favourite cute images (it's one of a few from The Artistic Stamper)a Mabel Lucie Attwell image that reminds me of the books my Mum used to read to me.

I coloured it in with Distress inks. The background is using one of the first sets of stamps by Aall and Create designed by Abs(Autour de Mwa)and is one of the few sets that remain close by my desk as it's still a favourite for filling in gaps!

The TIOT theme runs for the usual two weeks and we do hope you will join us!

Thanks for looking, Chris

Saturday 13 February 2021

Not so heavy metal

 Hi everyone. I have finally found time to finish a journal page - I still have several in a half-ish finished states.

This one uses several Aall and Create Stencils as a background.

I used some of my gorgeous Stamperia papers - it's no use just stroking them is it? I partially cut out the butterfly so it overlapped onto the  dummy.

The background stamp of a dress pattern are by Tracy Evans

The sewing related stamps are by Bipasha for Aall and Create and I heat embossed them with some Wow powders.

When I spotted the word on the papers it made me think that maybe the young lady ( a TH photo booth pic) had gone from sewing clothes for herself to having her own successful design business so I added some of my Tim Holtz words from a new stamp set - Tiny Text.

I'm joining in at Art Journal Journey and Valerie's 'Heavy Metal' theme. 

I hope to be back fairly soon!

Thanks for looking, Chris

Tuesday 9 February 2021

T stands for the tag, vaccinations..and more

Hi everyone! I wrote half of my post yesterday but the internet failed and I couldn't save it so here I go again!

At least it gave me time to make a tag for Tag Tuesday - Black, White and one other colour - Valerie' choice..and I've got in early this time.

I used some packaging from some breadsticks we have just finished and an Aall and Create die cut and image by Janet Klein.

We have both had our Covid jabs. Mine was last Thursday and then on Friday hubby received his invitation so he has been this morning. If only we had known that they would be so close together I wouldn't have made my appointment...but we did get out both days!!

The centre was well organised, two blocks of waiting areas and recovery areas and there were little booths to sit in while the jab was administered.

As for after effects, I had pain in my arm at the site of the jab and above and below it for about 24 hours. I took a couple of paracetomol before bedtime and slept quite well! Hubby seems to have got a cold from somewhere but they said it was OK to have the jab, at the moment he is sneezing more than he is concerned about his arm, which he says is not very painful.

On Thursday we took a flask and some biscuits with us and went to find a pleasant view...which was in a little carpark near a walk we would like to take some time.

I am joining Bleubeard and Elizabeth for T Stands For Tuesday over at The Altered Book Lover blog

We didn't get out of the car as there were quite a few folk around.

We also took little walk in the afternoon as I needed to send off my Crafty Individual samples. We walked back through the back roads to the river.

It was sunny and quite warm and the birds were singing everywhere.

Is someone ready for Valentines day?
It was lovely to see this crocus in bloom by a wall

We were quite shocked to see that the river had risen this far - the trees on the island had debris from the river almost up the the tips of the branches
It was still quite high
The play park was very busy!
Today after hubby had his jab we went back to the little car park - it was much earlier..and we had a little wander up the path and back. It has turned really cold (although I sure some of you would disagree)1 degree centigrade!

I spotted these decaying branches - aren't they beautiful?

This was next to where we parked last time.

We definitely want to walk here when it's safe to do so.

So after all this excitement it's coffee time!
Stay safe! 
Thanks for looking, Chris

Saturday 6 February 2021

Gold(ish) page and calendar journal

Hi everyone! I've been busy getting my Crafty Individuals samples sent off and ...having my Covid Vaccination.

I've also been doing another Wanderlust spread with hubby, we finished it this afternoon, too late to photograph!

I made this journal page in two stages to allow paint to dry. I bought some new Dina Wakley stencils the other week so could hardly wait to give them a try when they finally arrived!

I put Distress ink on the page and spritzed it, then used gold paint through the 'Gusts' stencil. One it was dry I added piece of Media collage paper and then used the 'Funky Silhouettes' stencil and mask to make the other two figures.

I added some gold paint marks, and some graphite pencil marks  and a DW tissue quote. 

I'm joining in with Valerie's theme 'Heavy Metal' theme at Art Journal Journey

My calendar journal this month is bright and cheerful.

I added distress ink over the page and gave it a sunny centre.

I coloured and cut quite a lot of Aall and Create Janet Klein figures! I wanted a bird feeder so stamped and cut down the bird cage and drew in some nuts!

Here's January's pages all filled in if you would like to see them.

On Thursday I had my vaccination and the very next day hubby received his invitation so he is booked in for next Tuesday. I'll tell you more on Tuesday for TSFT day

Thanks for looking, Chris   

Tuesday 2 February 2021

T Stands for.....The Treats and a second look!

Hi everyone!  I had every intention of writing this post this morning...and then....there was a familiar little knock at the door just as we were going to get our lunch!

It was my youngest son and on the doorstep were some flowers and a bag of treats from Marks and Spencers (for those not in the UK  - M and S is a big chain of stores that sell most things from food to clothes to furnishings) I now have two tins of my favourite mixed salted nuts, my favourite cheeses (Cornish Cruncher and Blacksticks Blue) some Marmite based treats (Marmite is a savoury spread) of cheese, pastry twists and buns and some lovely Sourdough bread.

Of course my first reaction was to burst into tears...but not for long! It was so good to see him and have a distanced and cold chat. I forgot to take photos but did remember to take one of the flowers before I put them in a vase! I'll show those when I can take a daylight pic - the day has been very grey and dark by 3.30 today having had daylight until about 4.45 yesterday!

I have stayed in Florence for my Second Look on the 2nd where I am joining Bleubeard and Elizabeth.  My other Florence post for TIOT is before this one.

This post is from March 2015

A few photos

Ah yes! Just a few!!!! We had the most fantastic time - flew to Rome, caught a train to Florence, stayed in a lovely little hotel quite close to the station, saw some fantastic art, great buildings, ate some delicious food and packed quite a lot into the three days we had there! 
This was our view from the bedroom window

I think this view while we were eating at the Uffizi made the food taste better!
We were told this church -S Miniato al Monte was the best in Florence - I have to agree - it was near to Piazalle Michaelangelo across the river with a lot of steps to climb.
We also had this great view......
although this is the one that most people enjoy too
We ate out in some unusual settings - the pizza was great but the decor was amazing


You can see our bottle of water on it's side - hubby had gone back to the service counter to fetch glasses. 
Thanks for looking, Chris