Tuesday 5 December 2023

T Stands for....Terrasonne-Lavilledieu

Hi everyone, last week came news that Version Scrap in Paris will be no more! You know how I love this show and will miss it! We made the decision not to go to see the Christmas lights in Paris (a combination of knowing about the bedbug infestation on the Metro and the fact that we have been given the chance to extend our leasehold agreement!)

I'm sure we will go back to Paris next year but now we can choose the time it may be later in the year!

Now, back to our stay near Hautefort.

Last year we went to visit Brive and on the way back had a drink stop at Terrasonne - there wasn't time to visit the church or the Jardins Imaginaire so this year we went there for a day out on our own.

It is a beautiful little town with several water features around the town. On the day we went eating places were few and far between. The one we settled on didn't have a great choice and I made a bad one but hey ho!!! 

Hubby's Goats cheese salad was far more appetising than my Guinea Fowl and potatoes.  As you can see we drank water and this I hope will be our entry to T Stands For Tuesday at Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog The Altered Book Lover. 

One of the houses looks as though it fell into the river!

There were steep steps to the top of the hill but we stopped occasionally to take in the view

Saint Sour abbey church has a beautiful fountain outside

....hmmmm, I became a bit obsessed with the way the water looked in the sunlight!
Inside the church was a delight....

I became fascinated by the light on the chandeliers too!

From here we tried to follow signs to the Gardens of Imagination but they weren't consistent and it took us a while to find them

It was a great opportunity to see more of the town though

The gardens were fascinating - lots of water features

There was an exhibition  of dyed fabrics in the Greenhouse

We enjoyed our visit but when I got back to our car I found I had an insect bite on my leg.........

......two days later - don't look if you are squeamish...

Both legs had been bitten in many places!!! So painful too! Hubby? NONE!

Thanks for looking, Chris