Monday, 29 November 2021

A Spider's Tale

 Oh My it's cold!!! It still looks so beautiful though, after yesterday's snow in the UK. I hope you are not one of those folk without electricity.

I have something new for Art journal Journey and my 'All Kinds of weather' theme. 

You may know that our rules at AJJ (please take a look here)have had an overhaul and we now accept smaller pages and mini is my mini journal.

I am hoping that my friend's Granddaughter will like it.

I made some gelli prints and cut them to size.
I used stamps by Paper Artsy, Tracy Easson and my old favourite sun by Rubber Stampede.
The rest was my own doodling and spidery writing.

I will be back tomorrow with my final page for my theme.

Thanks for looking, Chris

Saturday, 27 November 2021


 Hi everyone, it's just a little bit cold today and we are giving our usual walk to the butcher a miss.

I have to confess to feeling envious when I see my lovely blog friend Valerie's photos of the sunrises she sees from her balcony.

Some so I created one of my own on today's page for my 'All Kinds Of Weather' theme at Art Journal Journey.

I rubbed lots of shades of yellow onto my page then added some doodling with a watercolour pencil.

I tore some gelli printed paper and some book paper to cover the bottom of my stamped sun. It didn't look quite right but some random stamping lifted it.

I coloured the sun with yellow and gold woodies and painted some watery streaks too. 

I added some wonky lettering - the first line of a Beatles song, and outlined the sun and features.

This has been another week of being out every day this week (not all day every day) some pleasant activities, some chores, but it does mean that I am on catch up for visiting blogs.....I'm on my way!!!!

Oh and there are some that blogger is not letting me access..yet!

Thanks for looking, Chris

Thursday, 25 November 2021

Wind and Sun and a walk

Hi everyone, I have a journal page for my 'All Kinds Of Weather' theme at Art Journal Journey. 

The latest Wanderlust lesson was by Kate Crane - the theme is Fables so naturally with my theme in mind I chose 'The North Wind and the Sun'.

If you don't know the story it is here

The wind blew hard but all the traveller did was pull his cloak around him.
The Sun shone, gently at first but as it got hotter the traveller took his cloak off - proving that gentle persuasion is better than force.

Lots of layers here, paint, crayon, pen and scraps.
I drew my traveller and then added a sun and a dark windy cloud.

Hubby chose 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf'
The story is here

We went for a walk at Styal Mill today.
No wind, lots of sun but quite cold. The colours of Autumn are still strong here.

We are off for a French Evening here at our Retirement Complex.
Thanks for looking, Chris

Tuesday, 23 November 2021

T Stands For - The big treat in Paris!

 Hi everyone, before I do anything else I must congratulate Chris and Neet for recognising New Brighton on my poster page.

I am going to continue with my travels in Paris.

On Sunday afternoon we headed for the Hotel de Ville(Town Hall) and called into a Polish church

Proof that cats can sleep anywhere
We passed the queue for ice cream... just around the corner were my new favourites - Amorino

This time we had cups of their delicious icecream (well, I had my favourite sorbet)

Which meant we could walk and eat our ices

We walked by the new(ish) play areas by the Seine
When we arrived at the Hotel de Ville the queues were around the building - it was too hot to queue for something we may not get into.
Around the other side they are promoting the Olympics.

We walked on and sat for a while in gardens at Le tour St Jacques 
The tower is all that is left of a church demolished during the French Revolution - it is now a World Heritage site marking it as one of the places on the Chemins de Compostelle - the pilgrimage site in Spain
It was lovely to just sit and relax.
The next place we headed to was the recently refurbished Samaritaine store

The last time we came here it was a 'sell everything' store.
With it's restored grandeur it has become a place for luxury goods.
The decor is art deco style and absolutely wonderful

The building and the adjacent one (seen in the first pic)also has a hotel, swimming pool, offices....and...a restaurant, which is where we are going now.
We were give a choice of tables by the lovely manager - we chose a windows seat but we could have sat by the big screens with views of Paris  
I don't think I have ever been made such a fuss of anywhere, during our time there three separate servers came and asked us what we thought of the cafe and asked us where we were from etc..

A huge choice of drinks!

Here are the drinks that provide my ticket to Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog for T Stands for Tuesday

Cappucinos and a carafe of water....and then dessert
It's not often hubby takes food photos... here's one of me, with a closer look at hubby's dessert.

I chose waffles with fruit, cream and chocolate sauce. Hubby's choice was Panacotta with Matcha tea and caramelised pistachios.
It wasn't cheap - but so worth the money! Hubby is already talking about going there on our next trip.
 On our way out we went into one of the modern areas selling gifts - but not for us!!!

Oh and this is where we could have sat - in front of the big screen - no, I don't think so!
It was such a lovely day and we still had a long walk back to the hotel.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what our Sunday in Paris was like

Thanks for looking, Chris