Wednesday 31 July 2013


After a busy week I was finally home to mess up that tidy desk you saw two weeks ago! Well, actually not that untidy - not that I've turned over a new leaf just that I've been using alcohol inks to make a few more frames (using those plastic frames I got from NOZ on my French holiday) and I like to have space.
If you want to know why I should want to show this, well, I'm encouraged by Julia and her band of merry followers to actually show the lot whatever state it's in - want to find out more then click here.
So here it is...
..the one I finished before bed time last night centre, two more to the right coloured and two awaiting attention at the top of the mat, the finished one you may have already seen in a previous post is at the back propped up. On the left an open journal page just waiting for a spark of where to go next, on the right my mini disc(remember those?) container that is now used for my alcohol inks, on the far right a mucky stamp that I had to use for a couple of sympathy cards. We are finding that being in a retirement complex occasionally has it's down side, even though there are so many inspiring neighbours we are all getting older!!!! However the funeral tea was a jolly affair, our friend was 99 when she died and her husband and sister made sure she had a good send off!!
Sorry to end on a morbid note - I know, I'll show you the coloured ones in close-up!
Ok, that's it, off to see Hugh Jackman again today -'Wolverine', probably in 3D!
Hope to get to visit later, Chris  

Monday 29 July 2013

and r-e-l-a-x!!!

Last week was bit frantic - for bit read lot!!! We survived the heat and a fly infestation( which seemed to be over most of Morcambe Bay)- my grandson counted 36 houseflies in our caravan one night. Thank goodness the weather cooled down when it rained and less got in each day until it was only one or two! We also had more visitors than we've ever had in one week - all welcome of course but we had been becoming used to the solitude up there!! Two of our visitors were my grandsons(cousins) who set each other off with giggles on a regular basis!
So….we were quite tired by the time we came home on Friday! Saturday morning we sat and watched a whole Saturday Kitchen - never done this before as we have always been going somewhere - very relaxing - as was the chance to play in my journal! While we were away I did manage to doodle in my 'Art Doodle Love' but that is still up there waiting for me!
Here's what I came up with
 Background already started-magazine cut out placed and painted around, some more stencilling using silver paint, a combination of stamps(Artemio and Artistic Stamper)and a little bit of journalling around the head.
In complete contrast
Background again already started - a mop up page, lots of scraps and a Lost Coast dictionary stamp.
I also made a quick card while away...
.for one of our visitors to take away with them!
I'd like to enter the Artistic Stamper Challenge - Ladies Day
Hoping now to catch up with some of my favourite blogs, sorry if I don't get to you this time - I have tried to leave comments on some blogs using my phone but they seem to disappear!
Thanks for looking, Chris

Monday 22 July 2013

France travel journal - the last few pages

I been having fun with two of my grandchildren but I've also finally completed my journal, give or take a few things being tucked into pockets!

I was talking about this today and I really love having a little journal I can pick up and look at - when pictures are on the computer I rarely look at them. It also means I can write down my thoughts about things I've seen!
If you would like to see the rest of my pages they are here and here
Thanks for looking, Chris

Wednesday 17 July 2013


OK! I know I'm late and I'm even showing you a work desk that's not in use!If you visited last week prepare to be amazed! If you didn't I hope you enjoy this rare shot of a tidy desk 'chez moi'!
As you can see I've even put a clean piece of mop up paper under my mats(must sort that little problem out - two mats that is, not the clean paper)Not a lot of crafting going on, we are enjoying a few days away on our own before our grandchildren break up.
I have finished my France travel journal - one page here and I will post the others later if you would like to come back.
The sunsets were taken returning from a concert of the History of British music. 
The  other photos are of patterns made by stained glass windows in some of the churches we visited.
I'm late today with this link to Julia's Stamping Ground as I've been to see the Queen again! We had planned a visit to Kendal yesterday but when we found that the Queen was visiting with Princess Anne we decided to go today instead! Of course it was crowded and as we drove through the pavements were full and we feared we might not get a parking space but there was one waiting for us and in the shade too! The only trouble is, with me being on the short side I really had to strain to see them until their car drove past not far from where I was standing.
Of course the visit included a visit to The Kitten and the Goat to get some lovely supplies from Pandy - amongst them another Tando Creative set - should be fun to use with my granddaughter!
Hope to sit and visit some of you later!
Thanks for looking, Chris 
 Link failed first time - bloomin' connection!

Monday 15 July 2013

Just journaling!

I've abandoned my little travel journal for a while - wanted to work on something bigger. Both of these pages started out as mop up pages and sat around for some time - some of the stamping also came about because I had stamps out and just added them randomly - not such a good idea! 
This one has some of the tape I bought in France along with the 'NOZ' bargain almanac page stamp(it's December so hopefully will appear on a few Christmas cards too) I used a Paper Artsy quote and added my own thoughts underneath. 
This page was one I'd doodled on to the corner of then hated it so I stencilled over it so it doesn't show up so much. My other 'NOZ' bargain stamp - a steampunk style map forms part of the background and then some Creative Expressions stamps on the paper "circles" and label. The travelling guy at the bottom is (I think) a Paper Bag Studio one. 
Time now for finishing off my travel journal - it is nearly finished - just as well as there won't be much time for anything once my grandchildren break up!! We're looking forward to spending time with them!

Thanks for looking, Chris

Saturday 13 July 2013

Vive la difference!

When I was in France my lovely friend and ex sister in law and her hubby took me to 'NOZ', an amazing mixture of the good, the bad and the obscure!
I found these little trays…..
…..3" x 3" and in a pack of six. Yes there are only five here!
I thought, (hoped) that I could do something with them, so this week, having cleared my desk at last I set to with alcohol inks, book paper, twinkling H20s, a butterfly stamp and some paper flowers to make this
  Sorry, I'll show you another - it's a bit shinier!
Not sure about the bit of doily but it looked a bit plain without it, I added a bit of brushed pewter distress stain on the wings and the flowers to make the shine a bit!
Oh! how I wish I'd bought more, they were only one euro!

I am entering this in Sunday Stampers- Show some depth
                      Ali-craft - Butterflies
                      Simon Says Stamp and Show - A little      
Thanks for looking, Chris

Wednesday 10 July 2013


I've lost it, in fact I've lost quite a few things! I suppose I should really say mislaid as I know they are in there somewhere! This is the result of travelling back and to and getting back on Monday night and dumping everything out of my bag on top of what was already there! 
I had intended tidying but yesterday was open day here so there was a lot to be doing - you know, sitting in the sun chatting, having a strawberry tea and when all the visitors had gone Brian kindly kept the barbie going so we could bring our own along and have our own private party!
We then had to up and attend a meeting concerning a proposed building development at the back of our block - as it turns out we need not have worried as it is planned to be exactly as we hoped it would and won't spoil our view - it will be nice to that derelict bit of land used and they are keeping the lovely front of the pub and building on to it.
So, to my desk, be warned it's not pretty, although I'm sure it will give some of you chance to poke around, tidy it if you like!!!
I know!! I have to make a card tomorrow (last possible date) so I will have to knuckle down! I am only here because of Julia, I do wish she wouldn't encourage this attitude of just show your desk no matter what state it's in! I am hoping to see some messy desks today so I don't feel so bad! 
Thanks for visiting, Chris

Sunday 7 July 2013

A few more journal pages

Wow! What a match that one was - at last we have a Wimbledon champion! That last game was a real edge of the seat one! Hurray for Andy Murray!
I've been playing with my little travel journal, not many more pages now - I've mainly been adding photos!

We've been sticking to our tasks of gardening and painting this week, helped by the lovely weather. Both garden and decking are looking a lot better! Unfortunately the weather has also produced a casualty - hubby was painting the other day and I was inside when a sudden crashing noise alerted us to a tree across the road that suddenly - no breeze - fell over!
 As you can see it very nearly hit a car that was parked in it's shade - fortunately the driver wasn't in the car but another car that was passing was given a fright! The tree was wrapped pretty well with ivy and I guess that's what caused it's demise!

Thanks for looking, Chris

Thursday 4 July 2013

365/12 calendar journal

Oh yes! Late again!
Just didn't notice the dates, the weeks at the moment are pretty much rolling on into the next at a fair old pace!!
My June completed...
and July already started..
Do you like the July letters? A bargain stamp set from my trip to France!! The seat, bird table and flowers are from a set by Lindsay Mason. I have plans to sit a while once the garden is tidied!!!
I had to improvise a bit with the background and the journaling squares - three distress colours for the background, rubbed on with cut and dry in stripes with a white gap between then spritzed heavily with water and encouraged to 'find' each other.
Then realising that I hadn't brought stencils with me I cut a few strips of paper and some circles with a punch and layered strips, circles and holes on my paper and sprayed with Dylusions turquoise and lime. I then added distress inks to my stamp block, spritzed and dabbed on to fill in the gaps.
If you would like to see more calendar journals look at the amazing Kate's blog, The Kathryn Wheel.
Thanks for looking, Chris

Wednesday 3 July 2013


It's time again (July already!!) to join Julia's gang at The Stamping Ground on a whizz around the world snooping, admiring and being amazed at the array of desks on show. Not that I expect any admiration or amazement at mine! There's a mishmash of stuff here - my little travel journal still being added to, some paper that I used as a makeshift mask (having forgotten to bring any away with me)and a journal page top right that again is wip. 
You will also spot the two Dylusions sprays and a growing pile of distress inks - I have decided that I need to leave some up here so my trip to Craft Range saw me buying duplicates - just a few of my favourite colours and of course I won't buy any more!!!
The biscuit tin sadly doesn't contain biccies but houses my little collection of distress markers(decided ages ago that these were essentials to have here)and I will - one day - get around to altering the tin!Baby wipes and copper acrylic paint just about complete the picture. 
My phone is on charge in this pic so that I can tether and do this post.

A little bit of excitement this week - I've got onto Tim Holtz's workshop in August - I started ringing at 9.05 on Monday morning and finally got through at 15.45 - phone reception was up and down then my phone needed charging and I thought I'd lost my chance but YAY!, when I got through I was told there were only six places left!

So that's it, I'm on my way to have a look at some desks! 
Thanks for looking, Chris 

Monday 1 July 2013

Pages from my travel journal

I've been putting finishing touches to my little journal - there are still a few pages to finish but here are just a few more!
We really enjoyed our visit here, time for lots of lovely long chats
We just loved the great idea of following the routes around the city,
 especially visiting such lovely places 
The poppies really were beautiful to see - sometimes what seemed like full fields of just poppies!
Not quite the highlight of the visit but I really was looking forward to seeing the hoopoe!

We had quite a busy weekend, on our way to the caravan we took a detour to see my lovely friend Gez doing her first ever demo! Needless to say she was doing such wonderful things with her Gelli Plate that even though she said she was nervous it certainly didn't show in her examples! I came away with some great ideas and wishing I'd brought my plate away with me!!
It was also great to see another lovely friend Joanne, although I only saw her as I was about to leave so only time for a very quick chat - hope we get more time soon!

I bought a few 'essentials' too!!

My son and grandchildren arrived in time for tea and on Sunday morning we set off around the Silverdale Art Trail - lots of open studios and houses, venues where there were workshops and demonstrations as well as lots of work for sale!

I signed up for a mixed media workshop for next Saturday and hubby and I both signed up to attend an encaustic art taster later in the week!

Now all I have to do is get some gardening done! I dug up some buttercups this afternoon, I know they are pretty but they were choking some of my plants, the ivy is going to get the same treatment if the weather lets me!

Thanks for looking, Chris