Monday 31 January 2011


again! This time with my eldest. He had expressed a desire to go to the John Rylands Library in Manchester for some time so when he rang and suggested today I jumped at the chance housework again:) We got in early-ish to find that they didn't open
until 12 on a Monday so we walked around Spinningfields for a while, went back, had a coffee and then went to explore. I have been several times before and had hoped that the small book display was still there .. alas it finished last week. There was however a fantastic display on bookbinding. After he had walked around marvelling at the fantastic architecture we had time for lunch. I knew exactly what to order - Northen platter which comes on two huge platters with separate plates - its like your own mini buffet all for £14.95(for 2) and includes either a hot drink or wine. There was so much we had to ask for a 'doggie tray' to bring home cheese(2 kinds), chicken and pork pie!

I have been meaning to show you my mini book made with the multi-talented Sarah ( at the Sale Craft class.
I finished it at home last week but forgot to take piccies. Hope you like it

I used a selection of stamps ranging from Wendy Vechi and Elusive images to Unity, Hero Arts and The Stamp Man, stencilling masks and lace punch were courtesy of Sarah. I didn't like what I had done with the purple so toned it down with a white gel pen

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Saturday 29 January 2011


would be great, but I don't seem to be able, this week has just been a whirlwind of activity - some bad, some good and some just absolutely brilliant!!
On Monday I went to a workshop at Paddy's Place, well...I was amazed, the fantastic Sylvia Woods showed us the most fantastic techniques involving felt, lace and a heatgun and I made the most gorgeous book covers - haven't done much with them yet but here are two of the pieces.

Tuesday was craft at Sale followed by picking up my grandson, Wednesday trying to catch up on housework and washing and another craft club. On Thursday I tried and failed to get to grips with the mountain of craft stuff. Then...on Friday my fabulous youngest son took me to lunch, we started by going to a new place in Manchester - Jack Spratts on a side street near the Town Hall, for coffee and I would recommend it to anyone visiting that area.
In between times I ahve done some work in my journals, including a new one which will be garden based as a tribute to my late Dad

And finally an example of my pearshaped crafting - made a tag and then realised the script stamp was upside down!!!!......

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Saturday 22 January 2011

Don't know what's happening!!!

Thought i would try again to show that I am actually still crafting! so I used an old photo and look what happens! On my edit post page I get gobbledegook and when I publish just to test this is what comes up - Hurrah! so here are some more piccies from my eldest grandson's year book.

Hope you enjoy them!
This has made my day, onwards and er .........
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Sunday 16 January 2011

I have no idea

what is happening but it seems nothing much:(
Every time, and there have been a few, I try to put photos on to this blog I just get a load of writing that makes no sense at all!!
I have cleared a load of stuff from the desktop, gone through everything twice(or more) but blogger is still not playing nicely.
Hubby and I have been becoming increasingly frustrated with our computer being so slow and have decided that maybe it's time for our Maccy to be replaced ...but not for a week or so. Hence the only blogging I do will be updates on the situation.
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Tuesday 11 January 2011

Snapshots akimbo

Don't know what I'm doing wrong but I have tried and tried to put pics of my grandchildren's books on and the whole process of putting pics on has changed and all I get is a load of (no I won't say what I'm thinking) webspeak gobbledegook. I can't alter my background either. I've been through the help link but it doesn't seem to know how to solve this AND when I try to 'save now' it goes on a loop!!! GGGrrrr!
Going to sleep on it

Friday 7 January 2011

Just couldn't do it!

Let me explain...
I am beginning to feel a lot better although I still feel as if I've left my head behind if I move it quickly,so I haven't been able to sit long at the computer
I've not been doing a great deal lately, I had a few pages to finish off in the grandchildren's books and I still need to bind them. I cheated for a few of the pages and used Shabby Princess digi kits, but I am quite pleased with the results.I had every intention of keeping up each month but hey ho.... 
Maybe this year, no... that is not a resolution but it is something I would like to happen, along with being tidier(some hopes!),losing some more weight(no comment!) and trying something new each week(maybe!)
Here's a favourite page of my beautiful grand-daughter in the Summer 
We met up with a dear friend and her partner on the last day of the school holidays. I had a little cat book as a present for her but it hadn't been wrapped so I raced to get a tag made to go onto a craft paper wrapped parcel. I used one of Lindsay Mason's pussy cats ("Who me?") and some lettering and abstract circles(don't know whose) onto a stormy sky and tumbled glass distress ink splattered background.
 Fortunately she loved it and the book!!
A few weeks ago I showed you this  

 I just couldn't bear to cover the grain on the wood so I did this with it

 Now all I need is to put up a hook to hang it on, it was going to go on the wall above the bedhead but having felt the point while resting it on my knee think this may be a little dangerous!!!

Hope to be back soon with some photos of my books but the light is awful today, snow, sleet, rain, bleugh!!!

Happy New Year to you all, lets hope that 2011 is a good one!

Just a quick "Thankyou" to Sioux, she has prompted me to be honest about my Diabetes type 2. I have been in denial since the beginning of November but her positive attitude has helped me.

Thanks for looking,