Wednesday 30 June 2021

A CLOSER look at Bodnant

 Hi everyone, I hope you enjoyed the trip around Bodnant Garden in my TSFT post.

I have some close up pics taken on our visit too - some will be hubby's (TB). I didn't count how many photos we took between us, but it must be near 400!

TB - these were taken before we even got into the gardens

These were all TB - as you can see he got a better shot of the map
To reassure you that this place is suitable for wheel chairs - there are meandering slopes and we saw several wheelchairs and pushchairs around. We may take these routes on another visit, but as we hadn't realised how big this place was we didn't give ourselves enough time, so chose to shortcut via steps when possible.
TB got a better shot of the shaking grass too...
...and the wildflower meadow

At this point I don't know has happened - as far as I know I haven't published this post but on my phone I see that Elizabeth and Kathy have seen it and commented.
When I look on my computer I can't see it but in my settings it indicates that I have published on 30th June - I will leave it at that - whatever Blogger is doing is beyond me!

I have more pics and may show them some time, but for now, Thanks for looking, Chris

ps  can now see it on my computer !!!

Monday 28 June 2021

T Stands for ...The Most Amazing Gardens

Hi everyone, I'm still trying to catch up with blogs and don't feel good about posting on my own blog when I can't get comments done!

I am however, showing my latest page which is not just for for Art Journal Journey and Mia's Butterflies theme, but to wish all at Country View Craft Challenges a Happy '100 Challenges'

I made this in several stages - grabbing moments when I could!!

The main part of this post is to show you some pics from Bodnant Gardens in Wales. 

On our garden walks we have had casual chats with several folk who have told us about Bodnant - I had heard of it, but as it is quite a drive away never considered it. However, when a friend mentioned it out of the blue we finally made the decision go last week.

The drive took us around an hour and a half through some lovely scenery.

Bodnant is famed for it's Laburnum Arch and although we were a little late visiting it looks wonderful. Next year we will try to go in early June when it is full of yellow flowers

Looking through the leaves we saw this view - the mountains were still covered in mist.
The end of the arch from the outside

This huge clump of shaking grass fascinated me. Sorry it's not a good pic!

I went inside this tree to get a good shot of the twisted branches.
I surprised hubby when I called him!

First time past this pond

There are quite few steps and steep inclines at Bodnant

Not a very good photo of the waterfall 
Hubby got a better shot

We were going to have a coffee and scone here but they had run out of scones.I am still going  to join Bleubeard and Elizabeth for T stands For Tuesday here as I totally forgot to take a photo of our coffee and scone that we eventually got at another cafe on the site! Plenty of folk here with drinks

On the way back we went down into the pond area

The way out!
I finally found some Dill for the herb tray at the Garden Centre!

I'll be back very soon for a CLOSER look at Bodnant (wink)

Thanks for looking, Chris