Wednesday 29 January 2020

News and feels like new!

I have another page for Jo's theme - 'Something New' at Art Journal Journey!

I have had some stamps for quite a while now but....surprise, surprise...some hadn't seen ink until today!

My feels like new is this.
I kept coming across this master board from years ago (before we moved to our apartment which puts it to at least 2011) Parts of it had been used - it was on A2 paper but there was still a lot left(still is)

I cut some rectangles as I had also got a large strip of designer paper. My usual way with bits of paper is to punch circles but this time I decided to cover the background, which was mostly made by cleaning Aall and Create stencils, with rectangles.

As the new stamps were at the top of one of my boxes I decided to use them. Some are border stamps which fitted nicely onto the orange strips.

I used part of one to make a border around the page and also to do some repeated numbers, which I then also stamped onto some inked scrap paper and cut out small circles.

Finally some spattered ink and a TH small talk sticker! 

So, new stamps and a new way of making my page!

We are ready for our next adventure...not just yet, but a phone call today has me getting excited!

Thanks for looking, Chris

Tuesday 28 January 2020

T Stands for Tripper... in 'Day Tripper' the old Beatles song!
Last week we set off early one morning to catch the train to Liverpool. I spent three years at college in Allerton way back....I could hardly believe the changes! We have often been to the Albert Dock area and the museums and Tate Gallery there but had never been into the town centre!
Coming out of Lime Street Station the skyline looked totally different from the one I knew from college days! My college is long gone - a housing development went on the site years ago!

It was quite a damp and dreary day but we headed for coffee at the Royal Exchange cafe - I wish I had taken a photo but I was so disappointed in the tea cake which had been warmed in a toastie maker and was crisp right through!
We walked around the Albert Dock - no museums this time. 

The Liverpool Mountain by Ugo Rondinone stands outside
 I had been told about this exhibition

 Absolutely wonderful!
This statue of Billy Fury stands by the Mersey - he was one of my teen idols!
As you can see it was very misty all day!

We saw this dazzle ship through the netting! More info here if you want to find out more!
The Liver Bird could hardly be seen through the mist!

This gallery had some beautiful art including some Beatles related pieces!
This made me smile ... we walked a familiar path (for me) to the Picton Library - I used to spend hours in the library as a student!
I was keen to see the updated library - it was done a few years ago but we never seemed to fit in a visit!
This area used to be dark but now has wheel chair access and computers!
The Reading room hasn't changed much - less shelving than I remember and more tables and seating - but still the same iron steps!
I sneaked in with my phone on silent!!
A view from the escalator coming down to the cafe(what???) and the reception area

When we left the sky was brightening towards the river
The radio tower was lit up
We walked towards the station past St Georges Hall
We plan to go back to Liverpool - we would love to go inside here and also do a Beatles tour!
As a student I used to pass John Lennon's house every day(long after he was famous) and also in my final year used to go to Strawberry Fields children's home just up the road from college!

Now, after all this walking (17,000+ steps) we did stop for drinks and food...but...not one photo! In order to join Bleubeard and Elizabeth for T Stands For Tuesday .... is hubby on our half way round the supermarket break!
I couldn't resist this almond croissant with my Americano, hubby had Cappuccino and a chocolate cookie
 I love this kind rather than the ones covered in icing sugar!

Sorry to be so late - we went to the cinema today to see 'The Personal Life of David Copperfield' - very funny, an easy watch and lots of famous faces!

Thanks for looking, Chris

Sunday 26 January 2020


Hi everyone! If the forecasters have got this right we may see Wintry weather tomorrow! Not that it hasn't been cold and grey for a while, although this morning started bright but not sunny, before it rained!

The gang at Tag Tuesday are suggesting cold weather too with their challenge - 'Winter Scenes'

I love to see fresh snow although I can't say I enjoy walking in it if it either freezes in big wobbly ridges or when it starts to go slushy. The boy here seems to be ready for a walk but the little girl with him may well get her feet wet!

I used the back of a large tag that I pulled to pieces(forgotten why)a while ago. I painted it blue then added some darker blue metallic paint through a stencil before spattering with white paint! 

The snow on the black paper was made in the same way as yesterday's journal page with the chocolate wrapper. I stamped the Artemio tree at the bottom and then on it's side to make some branches at the top. The deer was part of a freebie set that I stamped and fussy cut.
I added some silvery stickles to the tree and some white pen dots around the branches!It doesn't show up well!

I just dry brushed some snow around the children's feet.

I am also entering at Stamping Sensations - 'Favourite Stamps' as this tree stamp is one of my most used all year round.

Thanks for looking, Chris

Saturday 25 January 2020


We were given some chocolates for Christmas,last night we finished them, as I was taking the box apart for recycling I decided to peel off the shiny paper (that comes on the top of the chocolates) to see what was inside - yay! - new printing paper!
We had to shop today but this afternoon I set about using it! I already had some leftover paint on the page so chose similar colours!
First I dabbed on paint then used it to transfer the paint onto the page
I also added some gold through an Aall and Create stencil!
The stamp set is one by Bipasha for Aall and Create! I bought the set a while ago but had only used a couple from the set! I spotted the words on one of the smaller stamps and decided to use them all on one page!
I masked off the last word 'connects' for this page.
I coloured in the flowers with Faber Castell water colour pencils and then decided to add some stickles in red and gold - you can see them shining here!

I am entering at Art Journal Journey and Jo's 'Something New' theme!

I'll be back tomorrow with something else I use my new print sheet for!

Thanks for looking, Chris

Tuesday 21 January 2020

Colourful Grunge /White Space at TIOT

It's your choice - at Try It On Tuesday with our new theme. We would love to see either Colourful Grunge or White space on your entries although you can do what some of the Design Team have and include both (Do please take a look here)

I'm not sure as mine counts as colourful but it certainly is Grunge and I have left an fair amount of White Space!

I took some inspiration from IG friend Angie Coomber  who had an article published in this month's Craft Stamper.
I used some Distress Oxide inks on an acrylic block which I spritzed and 'stamped' on the edge of the page,along with a bit of spattering, drying between each colour.
I used some Crafty Individuals stamps including my favourite background stamp (it has a permanent home on my desk)which I also stamped (with Dox inks) onto some paper that I used the ink up on.  I then used a circle punch to cut out some interesting parts.
I cut some words from my King Arthur book and arranged them on the page to make an (almost) haiku poem.
Finally two paper dolls that looked although they belonged together and a small talk sticker!

As usual our challenge is for two weeks, I do hope you will join us!
We are also looking for new members for our DT so if you are interested do take a look!

Thanks for looking, Chris

Monday 20 January 2020

T Stands For...time out!

Hi everyone! I am in the middle of making Crafty Individuals samples but really annoyed with myself for misplacing a certain product I wanted to use! I will be having a grand sort out of my craft room, but not until next week so am having to move on....
Still, everywhere else is looking much better!

Yesterday after church we went with our friend for brunch at a place she had had been to a few times with her family and was sure we would love...we did!
It is here I will join Bleubeard and Elizabeth for T Stands for Tuesday.

I forgot so got this outside pic from the internet.
It is still called a deli although they seem to have gone entirely over to the service of food - a good move I think!
The front of the food service area is like a cafe style where the back is in a tropical style with prints of Freda Karlo on the walls.

 We started with coffees ( and a tea for S)
Hubby had a cappuccino...
 .. while mine was my usual Americano!

 Hubby had Greek Bean Stew with a huge hunk of bread!
 S had Halloumi Souvlaki.
Mine was Greek Sausage Hash - which also came with a huge chunk of bread so hubby helped me out there!
I think that you would find quite a lot on this menu to enjoy Elizabeth!

Just in case you hadn't guessed the owners are Greek!
I took long time choosing but finally went with my friend's recommendation - it was delicious and we are looking forward to a return here soon!

We haven't been out much lately apart from walks around the village, although we did have a quick walk at Styall after shopping last week! It was a very cold day and I kept my hands tucked in my pockets!

We have had some colour in our lives though, from this Christmas gift of an Amaryllis which when I took off the cover had already started to grow and was a bit crooked - I propped it up with an old paintbrush and string and it seems to have done alright!

I will be double visiting those I missed at last week's T day! 
So, until then, Thanks for looking, Chris


Sunday 19 January 2020


Hi everyone! 
I have found more time to relax with my latest junk journal....and yes, the time just playing without too much thinking does work!
I am still using scraps brought back from our caravan and a a few extras!

No rules, just picking scraps that (sort of) go together and arranging and re-arranging till I'm happy!
I am entering Jo's 'Something New' theme at Art Journal Journey.

It's not all I have been doing, there are some fabulous new stamps that I am using to make samples for the next Crafty Individuals Hochanda show! I am loving one in particular, and you will soon see why - the shows are on the 4th February!
Ssshhhh! Sneaky peek
We have been out and about a bit this week and in between have got lots more tidied away - we're almost back to normal (for us!)My craft room still needs a lot of attention but I'm not going to rush it!!!

Thanks for looking, Chris