Thursday 19 July 2012

Art journal pages

I finally got time to play! These pages were started at about this time last year following an idea from Pat. I gessoed two pages then closed my journal and then opened it again and let it dry before colouring it(can't remember what with, but it was probably Neocolours II) They were done in preparation for our holidays, along with lots of other pages, but I never got around to using them. While sorting out the h-u-g-e pile of scraps and pictures I'd saved I found just the thing!

 When I was about 6 I had to go to Great Ormond Street Hospital. As we lived in Lincoln my Mum went to stay with relatives in Surrey. When I came out we stayed on a bit longer and one of the days we went to Brighton. There are no photos as my Mum thought I looked so poorly in them they were destroyed when she went through them in a clear out! Along with this magazine picture I have used some bits torn from a Crafty Individuals stamp, some shell stickers that came with a little journal last year and a piece of paper I tested paints on, the bunting is from one of my old college text books, painted with twinkling h2os.
This is just a bit of doodling around some magazine pictures with a very 'true' statement lol!

We are still waiting on solicitors to get a move on so that we can get a move on ourselves! The plus side is that we have had a chance to take things to our flat, do some decorating and be even more ruthless with STUFF!!! 

 My hubby retires today so life is going to be little different from now on! 

Thanks for looking, would love it if you could leave a comment, Chris

Wednesday 4 July 2012

Times flying!

Halfway already! Where did the last six months go? Well, I know by looking back through my 366/12 calendar journal(if you want to know more about this challenge see Kate's blog here)I've been, what in some peoples book might be called a project manager, but I've seen it more of a juggling act - so what better stamp to use but Lindsay Mason's 'Gwendoline', (who normally juggles blackbirds!) The background was made by spritzing the page with water then scribbling with NeocoloursII onto a block, spritzing and dragging over the page - I love the watery effect which seemed just right for the weather we are having. July letters were a mistake I made ages ago by putting the same paper through my printer for a second time. I think they were Christmassy letters.
The stamped flowers are from the same set and I added a few punched flowers too.
My June pages, now complete with pictures of The Queen over the Jubilee weekend may give you some idea of whats been going on!
Sooo!, we haven't moved, despite the buyers requesting an early date! Some paper work went missing and it wasn't till I rang that we found out, so we still don't have a moving date, although I have my fingers crossed for mid month! My new kitchen is almost ready for moving the last appliance in(the fridge/freezer), the bathroom only needs a bit of sealant around the bath and my big cupboard is going to get some shelves this week and yes, we are getting excited now! This month will also see my hubby retire from teaching so a lot of change ahead!! 
Thanks for taking a look, I'm not sure how many others I am going to get to see this month but I'll jolly well give it a try - after all I'm a juggler LOL! Chris