Monday 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Just to wish all my friends in blog-land a very Happy Christmas! I have really appreciated all your comments and support and I haven't got around to sending cards to everyone I should have so this one is for you!
Still using up those peel - offs as you can see! lol!!
Here are some Christmas decorations I made - some were for presents but I made a lot and some hang in my hall window, sorry, too dark for a piccy of the window!
Hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow, Chrisx

Saturday 22 December 2012

What did we get for Christmas?

Oh! we've been so good that we thought we'd be naughty - it's taken a lot of organising but this week we moved into our new caravan! Now I know a lot of you will think we are completely and utterly mad - who else would inflict two moves on themselves in one year - but we've de-cluttered(well quite a lot) and now we can settle!
 We won't be losing our lovely views....

which even in rain and floods is fascinating....
 or the gorgeous sunsets...

because all we've done is upgraded our caravan - it was quite old as we bought it secondhand and then we found that VAT goes up next year so why give the tax man the money? As it happens the site is now open all year too so we look forward to going up more often! 
Sooo! Happy Christmas! Thanks for looking Chrisx 

Wednesday 19 December 2012


Phew! What a week! Busy but lovely! Here we are with WOYWW 185! If you want to know what this is look here!
Quite a few bits and pieces on my desk today
Some more Christmas cards, some for last minute posting and some for hand delivery! Labels at the back there I see - still trying to organise my storage(forced on me by mislaying something that is still in a box  - somewhere!)ink and block left so I don't forget to take it with me - we're off again for a few days - tell you where when I get back!!!! The most important thing you can see on my desk is  card from my grand-daughter.Here is the inside
Do you think she could get a job writing sentiments for a  card company? Just in case you can't read it -"You have a lovely dressing gown"(she means the fluffy pink one that she bought me a couple of years ago)
Finally, as I didn't get back last week here are pictures of the Willow Pool where I had my Birthday lunch.

Now that's Christmas decorating

Thanks for looking, I'm making no promises about visiting today, but I will be around soon, Chrisx

Wednesday 12 December 2012

12.12.12 WOYWW 138

It's the 12th of December 2012 and as I type this its 12.12pm a.n.d it's my birthday! So what do do you do on your birthday?- you make a card for someone else while listening to Joe Brown's Ukelele album - a present from hubby!
Of course before that you take a photo of your work desk for the fabulous event that is WOYWW hosted by Julia and then you wait while hubby uses the computer, by which time you think "Oh well! I might as well take another piccie" So the photo here for you to come and peek at (Oh! and by the way, this is your chance - if you don't already- to join the fun at the Stamping Ground blog - you can travel the world you know!) was taken about 15 minutes ago!
As you can see I had several attempts at stamping this image onto a selection of prepared backgrounds(which is what you would have seen earlier) and you can now see what a messy crafter I am - just push it aside if it doesn't work! The phone is there too as I've not taken it back yet - must remember as I know I won't find it when it rings again - I confess to having to ring my mobile the other day from the home phone as I couldn't find it!!
So my next part to this card is to make a Hels flower and dip it in my melt pot - yep! got to watch Hels this morning and she's got me going to my poor neglected melt pot!
Thanks for looking in here, I will come and visit you after hubby has taken me out to lunch - we are going to my very favourite place The Willow Pool in Lymm near Altrincham - they only open in the day time but the Christmas decorations are spectacular and the food is always yummy! I'll take my camera and pop back later if I can! Chrisx

Sunday 9 December 2012

More Paris journal

Just a few more finished pages from my little Paris journal - I'm adding photos bit by bit, slightly rushed at the moment - I'll tell you why soon!

No one would guess I like blue!!
The top two pages have pictures of our view from our 6th floor window.The bottom one obviously is Sacre Coeur,it was a beautiful day and although we have visited it several times before there has always been scaffolding up inside(still was a little bit) but it really is an incredible place
Thanks for looking, I really do appreciate your comments so thank you again for that, Chrisx

Friday 7 December 2012

366/12 nov/dec

Oooh! I know, I'm very, very late but I have an excuse - I was in Paris until Tuesday night and I hadn't even thought about my calendar journal(you know - the one that the fabulous Kate Crane hosts on her blog - here)So here is my December page - no apologies for my choice this month....
....the lights in Paris are simply amazing and every time I make an entry I will see the pictures that remind me of our lovely break - I just used a selection of gold and black inks, paint etc to make the background with a fantastic Dylusions mask and a stamp I've had for ages!
My finished November pages are not as I intended but I never found the time to add anything else!
Right I'm dashing off again - some more exciting things happening - but you'll have to wait till next month for that!!!

Thanks for looking, I hope to visit some of you to see what you did with November! Chrisx

Wednesday 5 December 2012


Back from Paris with some piccies to share-though not many today because today's the day that Julia opens the doors of the crafty workrooms of the world so we can have a peek at what's going on! I've cheated a bit here as I have photos of my crafty workspace in Paris - so glad I took a little journal kit!
Everything fitted into an old video case(apart from the scissors, I didn't take much, some lettering stamped onto old pages, some glue,a small selection of pens,some scraps,an ink pad(dark blue), a small sponge and some tissue tape - with the intention of using whatever I could find in Paris!The pages were prepared before I went.
The reason I was so pleased I'd taken it was because Hubby got himself a migraine, so bad that he was totally out of action for the whole of Monday! I was a little bit adventurous and took myself off on the Metro to visit familiar places around a hotel that we have stayed in several times, but felt a little guilty about leaving him all day so went back in the afternoon and sat and played while he was sleeping!
There are a few things on my desk at home,

these goodies were bought on Saturday, on the way down from Sacre Couer! We found this amazing area with loads of fabric and haberdashery shops - well it would have been rude not to buy something wouldn't it?!
Finally - a couple of pages that I made while away

I'll be back with more when I have printed of some of the pics we took as I have left spaces for them on some pages.
Thanks for looking and "Au revoir",  Chris

Sunday 2 December 2012

How strange!

Tried to write something with that last pic but missed an instruction somewhere!
Try again!
Some amazing exhibitions here -one of which was dolls by different designers.