Tuesday 31 May 2022

For The Man In your Life

Hi everyone, it's time for a new theme at Try It On Tuesday - 'For The Man In Your Life'

Please pop over to the TIOT blog and check out what our Design Team are making for their chosen man.

It's Fathers Day soon here in the UK but whatever you make doesn't mean  can't be for any other occasion or any other man in your life.

I made a Birthday card for a friend of ours.

 I used Distress inks to create the evening sky. I used a sponge tip make up applicator and Versafine ink to fill in the gaps in the stamp design to give a darker silhouette.

Our friend was brought up in the countryside so this would have been a familiar sight when he was younger (as it was for me too)

We look forward to seeing your entries. This TIOT theme runs for the usual two weeks.

Thanks for looking, Chris

Sunday 29 May 2022

Wings and gardens!

Hi everyone, it's quite a cool day today but that's okay. Instead of walking by the river to a local makers market we decided to finish last weeks Wanderlust page. We started it later in the week - having missed out two that didn't appeal to us (we may go back some time and take another look)

I love Laly Mille's art so enjoyed the process, and as my mojo seems to be wandering in and out of my craft room it was good to follow some guidelines!

 I was a bit heavy handed with the paint but remedied it by adding some washi tape images.

The owl was from 'Breathe' a favourite magazine of mine and the words are both Tim Holtz stickers.

I am going to share this page at Art Journal Journey and Matilde's 'Birds' theme

Hubby's page is much brighter and while there are no birds, the three figures wearing feathers. There are also feathers on his background along with the nest full of eggs.

We had little trip to RHS Bridgwater last week - we dodged the showers but really enjoyed seeing the progress in the gardens.

Thanks for looking, Chris

Wednesday 25 May 2022


 Oh dear! My desk this week may look as though nothing has happened since last week. I'm here to join in with visiting other crafter's desks, courtesy of our lovely host - Julia of The Stamping Ground blog

The dies are still there waiting to be put back on their magnetic sheets, there's still a sliding pile of bits and pieces that do sometimes actually slide onto things I am using. Some new additions - inks - a present from hubby(that he will get to use too!)A little pile of new washi tapes and a couple of leatherbound travel notebooks that I bought at a local Makers Market and a journal page. My desk would have been clear if I hadn't just taken a photograph  and put it there so I could pile some used stamps from my making session of Crafty Individuals samples. Now they are done I really am going to have a BIG tidy!

The journal page?

Lots of scraps and some mini collages torn from some envelopes I decorated ages ago!It's for Art Journal Journey and Matilde's 'Birds' theme.

School holidays next week so may be out with Grandchildren, but I'm definitely back!

Thanks for looking, Chris


Tuesday 24 May 2022

T Stands for....taking a different route

Hi everyone, it's been a busy but interesting week. A shopping trip, a garden walk, a local makers market and quite a few coffees out! In between all that, journal pages, getting samples ready for sending off and the dreaded HW! 


After our lunch we walked back to Place de la Bastille up one of the old roads. 


It is quite busy area and the new Opera house is here too. We have never been in it but can't imagine it is anywhere as lovely as the older one. 
From here we headed to Place de Vosges - this used to be one of my favourite places until we became more adventurous. It is still lovely, being surrounded by beautiful old buildings.
A few of these next photos are hubby's, I was too interested in the galleries. 

I have just finished reading 'Les Parisiennes' so I had read many of the accounts of the treatment of Jews in Paris. There are also many uplifting stories too! 

 We walked into the gardens of Hotel de Sully

There was a lot of noise coming from nearby bushes

They must have been finding something interesting on the walls!

There are lots of little passages to explore.

We stood on Pont de Sully leading to l'îsle St Louis watching boats coming down the river - thinking we may go on one sometime!

Another reminder of what happened in the 4th Arrondissement
Filming of a French cop series Balthazar was taking place here

By the time we had reached the next part of the bridge we saw this billowing smoke that was drifting towards us and was  clearly in the direction we were walking back to our hotel. We walked on quickly to avoid breathing in the smoke

We would have walked along the road you see at the end of this walk but we found that an electric bus had caught fire! (apparently the second within weeks of each other) We saw it on the news the next morning.
We stopped off at SECCO Mabillon (as we usually try to get here at least once while in Paris) for coffee and cake - Strawberry tart for me and lemon meringue for hubby along with two Americanos. I am of course joining Elizabeth and her buddy Bleubeard for T Stands For Tuesday! 

Happy T Day everyone, I am still having battles with blogger over making comments so I do hope to read your posts even if I don't comment!

Thanks for looking, Chris