Sunday 29 December 2013

Some didn't, some did!

As you know my blogging has been somewhat erratic this year, partly because of a dodgy connection sometimes at our caravan and more often because I either haven't had time to play in my craft room or because I haven't had time to blog! So here are just a few that didn't make it!

                     Two Journal pages

The card I made for my Sister in Law

These did make it!
I loved making this heart and was lucky enough to be in the top five at Try it on Tuesday 

Some favourite journal pages
Following Tim's workshop

      including a page from my Italy Travel Journal...

So there it is a tidy end to 2013, we're out and about with grandchildren for a few days so I'll see you in 2014!

Thanks for looking, Chris 

Tuesday 24 December 2013


I'm just having a few quiet minutes and have hopped on to say 'Merry Christmas!" I have been neglecting you and my poor old blog for nearly two weeks now! Events kind of escalated again but now thankfully "all is calm". This was all related to the retirement complex where we live (I won't bore you with details!) Hopefully we are now on a smooth path towards 1914! 
So since you missed my Christmas cards I'll show you what I got up to! I started with all good intentions - a variety of stamps techniques etc. but got a bit behind and decided to limit myself a bit!
TH onto pearl card
A metal stencil I've had for ages and a Creative Expressions stag
? Tree with my NOZ December Almanac page as a background
 ? Tree and Paper Artsy Egg and Nog 1 scrolls and words

Once I'd broken into the Paper Artsy box my cards took a different turn and the rest are a combination of Paper Artsy E and N 1 along with Nut and Meg, JOFY mini JM01 Christmas tree, Lindsay Mason's Tinchies, Beth Hughes' Seasons Greetings and Paula Pascal's Essential Christmas


 Most of my other cards took a similar turn but this one is for you!

Hope you all have a Wonderful Christmas!
Thanks for looking, Chris

Wednesday 11 December 2013


The date today here in the UK is 11.12.13 (and the day before my 66th birthday on 12.12!)but no date is needed because it's Wednesday - What's on your Work Desk Wednesday for those in the know and all hosted by lovely Julia who gives us the chance to show and snoop (for 'snoop' read 'gasp, admire, envy, smile and only very occasionally think "Phew! Glad that's not my mess to sort out!)

So here's mine, more of a shrug your shoulders and move on kind of desk at the moment, but a definite improvement on the dumped on desk of a fortnight ago!
 I've been making Christmas stamped backgrounds on my paper sandwich bags, which, by the way, have now found a permanent home in my craft room, He! He!. At the back of my desk a notebook to alter, to the right my brilliant December almanac stamp that I bought in Noz on our visit to France in the Summer, and on my mat a piece of stamped bag to go on a card! So, as you can see I still have some cards to make to be hand delivered! 
I've had a bit of a tough time lately but I'm sure I've been through the worst and feeling a lot more positive now, the sun is shining and we've been invited out to lunch today.

I'll try to visit as many desks as I can, I failed miserably last time so please accept my apologies!

Wishing you a lovely day, Thanks for looking, Chris   

Sunday 8 December 2013

Thank You Alison!

When I saw Alison's (sadly) final guest design trio for Paper Artsy I was absolutely inspired. Only thing is with the turn of events here I had little time to play and only got this finished yesterday, so in by the skin of my teeth here is the Christmas light I made.
Hubby had just finished a jar of his favourite night time drink and I immediately saw the potential to follow Alison's example.
Gessoed using kitchen towel to make a frosty sky, stamped with the houses from Lynne Perrella's collection LPCO12, dabbed on some more gesso mixed with glitter to give starry look
Here it is last night on my shelf
The base was just a napkin glued on with some lace.

So this was all just to say Thanks Alison for all the lovely projects you make that are so inspiring. 

Thanks for looking, Chris

Hoping to make the link to Paper Artsy before midday 

Saturday 7 December 2013

365/12 calendar journal

I'm still here! It's just that a lot has been going on around these parts - some lovely, some not so lovely and some downright horrible!  I won't go into the last part but believe me I've been dragged down by it a little bit! On the lovely side my brilliant hubby has been there to hang on to, my family have been great and we have managed a few outings! My youngest son took me for a day out at the Manchester Christmas market and lunch, hubby and I have been to the cinema(Hunger Games 2 - fantastic film) and at last I managed some crafty time! Oh! and we've had new windows put in - on Thursday, with a gale howling! It's lovely and warm now though.

First, because it's getting late (again!) is my December page for Kate's Kathrynwheel 365/12 calendar journal

I decided on a frosty theme but couldn't think how to start, looked at my inks and there it was - a drippy blowy page - got rid of some of my stress too....
  ...all that huffing and puffing!!!
Here is the completed page
It is the same page, just a different light coming in through the window!
I hope you will forgive me for not sharing my completed November pages but I think they are best not shared!

At least I've got through the worst - I hope, and I've got my birthday to look forward to this week

Thanks for looking, I'll be back soon,