Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Second Look On the 2nd in France.

 Hi everyone, first I have my Calendar Journal pages which just happen to fit in with Mia's theme at Art Journal Journey - 'Butterflies'

I used Aall and Create Butterfly and dot stencils using yellow and green DIs and dotted are of the little butterflies from a stamp set from Paris. As you can see I was keen to start June early - fortunately I only got as far as the 2nd before I realised and was able to add a  butterfly on my additional day!
May all filled in - it' s been a busy month

Now for my Second Look On the 2nd where I am going to link at Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog 'The Altered Book Lover'
I'm going back to June 30th 2015 and a train trip through part of France - it was a T Stands for Tuesday post.
I hope this isn't too late for tea - Hubby is wasjust preparing our evening meal while I do did this!!!Elizabeth and Bleubeard invite you to share your tea(or any other drink at The Altered Book Lover blog every Tuesday!

As promised I am sharing some photos of our holiday in France

I will start with some of Troyes where we began our holiday….
First, this lovely spot where we stopped for a rest and an Iced coffee - it was by a canal….
where we saw these…

and a little further along….

There had to one silly photo!
Troyes is such a lovely city

I think we will try to go back one day!
Now for some of the parks an outdoor spaces we visited on our trip through Troyes, Orleans, Tours, Poitiers and Paris

Paris has so many beautiful garden and parks
These next photos are at the Promenade Plantee above the Viaduct des Artes, somewhere we had visited in Winter and wanted to see in full bloom - it didn't disappoint!!
I loved this cafe furniture made from pallets- you can just see some of the trees from the Promenade Plantee hanging over the top of the viaduct

You might miss these at ground level!
I fear this is going to take some time so I will come back with part 2 of Paris outdoor spaces tomorrow!

I'm sorry if you have seen the before - Troyes is one of my favourite cities ( but I do have a lot of favourites!)

By the way - has anyone found an easy way to find old blogs - it used to be so easy with old blogger as you should click on a page number - I have to scroll through the whole lot to go back to 2015!

Thanks for looking, Chris


Empire of the Cat said...

What a beautiful place Chris! I love the colour of that table and chairs in the first photo and that big metal heart, love it. Beautiful gardens and that big formal pond! Are you using the blog archive in the sidebar to get to your old posts? Elle EOTC

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I also loved the heart and the photo of you taking some kind of close-up. Yes, of course I remember this post and it was so much fun to see it a second time. Thanks so much for sharing this with us as your second look on the 2nd.

I found the post I wanted by first doing a keyword search in the upper left corner of my blog. When I found the post I wanted, I went to the date on my blog. Unfortunately, I can no longer copy the entire post because my photos don't enlarge when I do. To correct that, I had to find the original photos on my computer. I have a pretty good filing system that "usually" works. Then I add the photos one at a time and copy and paste the text underneath each photo. Not sure that helps. It may all depend on your filing system on your computer. Thanks again for playing, dear Chris.

My name is Erika. said...

Love the calendars Chris, especially the new one with the butterfly wings. And those statues in Troyes are amazing. What fun photos from your visit. Hugs-Erika

Elkes Lebensglück said...

wonderful the calendar sheet and the city of Troyes, I love that too! Thanks for these great photos of it.
You experienced a lot in June.
I wish you a good day, hugs Elke

Valerie-Jael said...

Fabulous calendar pages, Chris, old and new, and just right for Mia's challenge with the butterfly! Love all the photos, and the 'hearty' photo of you really takes the biscuit this time, great shot. Happy T Day, 2nd on the 2nd and whatever else! Have a great day, hugs, Valerie

craftytrog said...

Great photos Chris, and I love your calendar pages!
Alison xx

Meggymay said...

Its a great calendar page Chris the butterfly stencil looks lovely. I enjoyed looking at your photos as well.
Stay safe.
Yvonne xx

Iris Flavia said...

Love the silly photo best, of course!

Mia said...

Lovely photos, Chris. But I do not see a silly photo. In fact, I see a great photo with a beautiful lady!
As for May, seems to be a busy month, yes.
I LOVE your pages for June. What an adorable combination of colours! I adore the big butterfly and how it combines with the small one. Really great!
Hugs, my friend, and thank you for joining my challenge at AJJ.

Cath Wilson said...

Ooh, je ne suis jamais allée a Troyes, mais j'ai passé a coté plusieurs fois. Elle est belle :-) Never been to la Bastille either but I really must one day...that was my school history course - French Revolution, etc. Really interesting!
Love both your calendar pages, but especially the flutterby - gorgeous :-)
Cath x

Neet said...

Oh Chris, those photos are simply stunning. I can now understand why people want to travel abroad, what lovely places you have visited.
Both calendar pages are lovey and so very different, once vibrant and the other so serene. I do like them both but the butterfly one is spectacular, what fabulous stencils you used.
Hugs, Neet xx