Tuesday, 2 November 2021

T Stands for the rainbow, Paris and a second look.

Hi everyone, first I apologise if I didn't visit last week. We had our booster jabs last Wednesday and both hubby and I had a strange reaction to it. We had the initial ache in the arm but for a few days afterwards we were both light headed and weary. I now have my vertigo back too so I am not spending very long at a time on the computer.

We are still going out for walks but not at the pace we are used to!

I made my Calendar Journal page for November. I used rainbow colours for the background and added Aall and Create Janet Klein figures and flowers and used some neocolourII crayons for the rainbow which I cut out with the bottoms at an angle. Some raindrops were added through a stencil and some were doodled in with white pen. I am entering it at Art Journal Journey for my chosen theme this month 'All Kinds Of Weather'

Here is October filled in if you would like to see.
Now to Paris...
On the weekend that we were there it was 'Journées européennnes du patrimoine' (European Heritage Days). Places or areas that are not often open to the public are opened for free as well as a lot of museums being open too.
We saw that Les Gobelins Manufactory had an exhibition of Napoleon's furnishings and that there were also going to be weaving demonstrations.
This photograph is from the internet - we passed the building most days on our walks to other parts of Paris
As usual Blogger has changed the order of my photos but you can see how fabulous the furniture is - they were taken from several of Napoleon's residences

We moved from the main building to the workshop area. 

At the moment they are working on a tapestry for 2024 Olympics being held in Paris

We also had a look in the windows of the areas where colours are tested

This took most of our morning - there was a refreshment van selling drinks but I forgot to take photos!
I know....I'll show you the place we went to for coffee on the Friday afternoon.

It is bakery go to every time we are in the area (they have a decent loo - ssshhhh)and their raspberry tarts are to die for - we both had an accompanying cappuccino.
Finally today found this post from November 10th 2013 for my Second Look On the 2nd at The  Altered Book Lover

there's a chance of a connection! I can't believe that it's ten whole days since I last blogged! While we were home I didn't have much to blog about then we came away and although I have been busy just couldn't get the internet to connect for long enough! 
I'm going to be brief just in case it goes again!
Before we came away I had two cards to make - under pressure - but both safely delivered now!

We've had quite a lot of rain up here (and a heavy frost this morning) but it hasn't stopped us going out! When we have been in I've been making a few Christmas cards - experimenting really as I want to do a few the same.

My new mini JOFY Paper Artsy tree is my favourite at the moment but I still like my Artemio tree and holly. As you can see - not finished - I think I'm going to go with the JOFY stamp with the cut out words from an old PA Squiggle ink stamp set (egg and nog 1)I have used the holly swirl from this set very year since I bought it!
Right, I think I've pushed my luck for long enough now - I'd better press the publish button!
I hope my post isn't too long for you, next week I will show you what did on Saturday afternoon

Thanks for looking, Chris


kathyinozarks said...

Hi Chris, so sorry you both were ill after the third covid shot-we got the first two shots but decided not to take the third one.
You both visit the most interesting places-I loved seeing the tapestry room with all the yarns too. beautiful
Happy T wishes and second on the 2nd hugs Kathy

My name is Erika. said...

Hope you are feeling better from your shot soon. I got my third jab too, and it hit me later than the second, but at least for me it didn't last long. I love seeing these views today, especially the dyeing area. Those colors are amazing. What fun to be there that day so you could visit these not usually open places. Hope you feel better tomorrow! And hope it was a nice T day. Hugs-Erika

Kate Yetter said...

So sorry to hear that you are having side effects. Hope that the vertigo goes away soon!
Paris is gorgeous! I would love to hear the name of the place where you got the raspberry tarts! I would love to try and paint them.
The workshop houses some beautiful furnishings and those tapestries are divine!! I will have to see if they have a website to look at. So glad that you shared this tour.
Happy Tea Day,
P.S. Love the journal pages, especially the rainbow!

Sharon Madson said...

Hi, Chris. We had our boosters Friday, the day after my birthday. Then on Saturday I was so tired, I just went back to bed and stayed there most of the day. I was really wiped out. My husband was not affected at all. They say the shots as well as the virus affects every person completely different. The first two shots didn't effect me at all. Sending hugs and hope you feel better already. Thanks for the great post and 2nd on the 2nd, too.
Happy T Day.

Aimeslee Winans said...

Beautiful calendar pages and cards, and fascinating photos, looked very interesting indeed, xoxo

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I am so sorry to read that you had a bad reaction to your Covid booster. I'm waiting for J and J booster to be offered here in Wichita.

As always, you put my calendar pages to shame. I really, really love your rainbow and your raindrops. Very clever indeed.

Beautiful photos of the furniture and art belonging to Napoleon. I also enjoyed seeing the workshop with the tapestries in progress. And I really, really enjoyed seeing how they test color fade in their yarn. That was very interesting to see.

Wow, that bakery looks interesting and your raspberry tarts and cappuccinos look good, too. Thanks for sharing your visit to the museum and the workshop, as well as your calendar pages, tarts, and drinks with us for T this Tuesday, dear Chris.

I love those two cards. The first one is so delicate and feminine, while that second card is totally masculine. Love them both. And your Christmas cards are always beautiful and totally mailable, too. Thanks for sharing these great cards with us as your second look on the 2nd, dear friend.

Iris Flavia said...

Love your November page. And the Paris-trip sounds great, too.
And best wishes you are better soon!

Valerie-Jael said...

Sorry you were both poorly after your shot, and hope all is okay now. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos and our beautiful artwork. And I know what you mean about cafés that have good loos! Have a great week, hugs, Valerie

nwilliams6 said...

It is like the shot lottery or roulette - never know what you will get! Hope you feel better soon. Love your cards and art and pictures. Such gorgeous furniture and tapsstries. Wow. Happy T-day and healing thoughts!

CJ Kennedy said...

I had reactions to both the Covid shots, too. It means your immune system is working. I hope you're feeling better now. I like the colors for your Nov. calendar. Not the colors I would associate with Nov. Nov. can be so dreary, not Fall, not quite Winter, but your colors make the month look happy and bright. My mother would have loved the furniture especially the chair with the swans. Oh, and thanks for the remind for starting to get an idea for Christmas cards. Happy T Day

Divers and Sundry said...

I'm so sorry you had that reaction to your shot :(

Thanks for the virtual tour. Fascinating! and now I'm wanting a raspberry tart :) Happy T Day!

Linda Kunsman said...

Sorry to hear about your lingering reactions to the booster:( Let's hope it was worth it!
Love that delightful scene you made on your new calendar spread- cute stamps.
And oh how fortunate to finally get a tour of Les Gobelins Manufactory!! To see some of napoleon's furnishings- oh my...
and then the workshop areas- how I love seeing all the color samples and such! Thanks so much for sharing this fantastic excursion with us all. A real treat. happy belated T Day!

craftytrog said...

Great post Chris! Lovely photos and art. I love your rainbow calendar spread and cards.
Sorry to hear you were poorly after your third shot. I'm getting a 3rd primary next week, not looking forward to it. I've been ok after the first 2 AZ ones, but this will probably be a Pfizer.
Take care,

Helen said...

you find the most interesting places to visit in Paris! Great photos. Hope you feel better soon. take care. Helen

Carola Bartz said...

I'm drooling over your pictures from the workshop area - gorgeous! I probably would have spent hours in here. Thank you for sharing.