Tuesday, 16 August 2022

T Stands for ......Three in a Week

Hi everyone, we have a cooler day at last and thunderstorms are forecast!  

Our apartment was like an oven last week - normally I love that we are south facing and have sun all day round but last week we had to close curtains against the heat!

It was nicer to be outdoors...

....on Tuesday we went shopping, The Carrs just happens to be on the way, and although we had to squeeze into the carpark we had a short walk mostly in the shade.
We followed a path that was new to us but was on the opposite side of the stream that we often walk by
We had to get there via a sunny route

The dappled shade was lovely

By Thursday we were ready to go out again
This time we took a picnic to Tatton Park....
...there wasn't much shade to begin with
Some plants love the sun though!

We found shade, first at the Japanese garden

...then by the Mere, but no empty benches, lots of other folk had the same idea as us!
At last we found not just a bench, but a (slightly wobbly) picnic table, that was away from the path too.

By this time we were quite hungry so the picnic disappeared, but I do have this for my drink pic for Bleubeard and Elizabeth's 'T Stands For Tuesday' offering

We had this whole area to ourselves and apart from the odd rumble from a plane or two taking off from nearby Manchester Airport it was really peaceful.

A short walk under the trees and we spotted the Mansion...
...but decided for once that wouldn't have a look at the formal gardens there.

We found another shady spot and had a little rest before walking back to the car park

My post title does tell the truth - we did go out for three walks last week but the third one will be as part of my next post for a new journal page (which is just a little bit flowery!)

Talking of are the napkins that are on their way to Elizabeth - they certainly are taking their time  - even though they were late because of my trips away and not finding a post office that would put stamps on the envelope!
I hope they arrive soon!

Thanks for looking, Chris



Helen said...

gorgeous photos, Chris, the grass is green for a start, down here it is straw yellow its been so dry (until today, we had some rain for a while) I was keeping my curtains shut against the heat too. Take care Helen xx

Cloudia said...

Dappled and breezy and wonderful!

Divers and Sundry said...

You have such nice places to walk! Happy T Tuesday :)

kathyinozarks said...

Hi Chris, you have such wonderful places to view gardens and for taking a walk and a picnic-sounds like a perfect day. Today we are cool with lots of rain-really refreshing to get a cool down here again. Happy Tuesday and new week

Empire of the Cat said...

Wow Chris I LOVE all your napkins lol. I also love those tall trees and that little gazebo. We have rain here and had lightning but no thunder which was weird lol Happy T Day! Elle/EOTC xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Sorry about your extreme heat, but I am delighted you were able to get out and enjoy a couple of parks that brought both joy and beautiful photos. I really loved both of these parks you visited and am so glad you shared them, as well as your apple juice with us for T this Tuesday.

I also love those napkins. I'm hoping it won't be long now. Hope springs eternal, dear.

Carola Bartz said...

The path in your pictures at the top is ovely and would be just what I like for a leisurely stroll. You live in a nice area with all these parks.

nwilliams6 said...

Lovely walks, Chris, so much beauty where you live. How fun to do picnics - I need to do this with my hubby more. Love the napkins you sent - soooo pretty. Happy T-day! Hugz

Lisca said...

How fun it is to have a picnic! I so enjoy seeing your parks and all the green (everything is brown here). You certainly live in a beautiful area.
The napkins are gorgeous. I hope they arrive soon and have not got lost....
Happy T-Day,

Let's Art Journal said...

Wow, what a beautiful place! The views and sunny photos are stunning. I bet being outdoors was very welcome in the hot weather with your home being so hot and I hope you're enjoying the cooler temperatures this week 😊. Loving your napkins too, all the different designs are amazing. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I wasn't worried about the delays, I don't think the postal service is as good as it used to be as our service hasn't been the same since lockdown. I'm just happy to celebrate with everyone 😁. Happy T Day wishes! Hugs Jo x

Rostrose said...

Tatton Park really does look like a dreamy place for a picnic - but I can imagine that several people have this idea ;-)
I like your napkins very much, especially the fan-shaped ones with the roses!
All the best from Austria,