Friday, 12 August 2022

I want to ride my bicycle...

 Oh boy it's hot!!! Surely we have to put pressure on those companies and countries that are doing nothing to combat climate change. TV reports of drought, failing crops and fires in Europe, USA and other parts of the World are showing a changing picture of what our lives are going to be like. I'm sure that you, like us, are doing your bit but until those that are creating vast amounts of wasted energy are joining us we don't stand much of a chance to change things. 

Sorry, rant over, I have another journal page...

It is 1960, little Antoine (the image is from a French magazine)is learning to ride his bike, he is hoping to have the stabilisers removed soon. He goes out every day to ride in the little alley outside his house. The Tour de France went through his town and his parents took him along to watch and from then on he has wanted to take part!

It's now 2022 and Antoine has retired from his job as physiotherapist to one of the Tour de France teams but he still goes along to watch the final stage in Paris and to meet up with old friends. 

I used grey and green inks onto white for my background using Aall and Create stencils. I added a circle of gelli printed paper that I 'stamped' with one of the stencils. I stamped a bicycle on a strip of deli paper and added part of a post card image of the Tour de France in 1960. Part of an Aall and Create diecut shows Antoines age in 1960 and I added some little scraps of washi tape. I printed the words of the Queen song with my little Dymo machine.

I am linking to Art Journal Journey for my "When We Were Young' theme.

We went searching for shade at Tatton Park yesterday.

We found some, but there was no breeze to speak of, today I am here on the computer and there is a lovely breeze blowing through the apartment. It's still hot but I might get something done!

Thanks for looking, Chris      



My name is Erika. said...

What a great idea and page for your challenge Chris. Learning to ride a bike is definitely something most of us when we were young. It took me forever to take the training wheels off my bike. I remember when I did the girl who lived across the street started cheering. Smile. And sorry to hear you have that heat. We just got rid of ours. It lasted for 9 days, and I don't like it either. Stay cool, and hopefully there is lots of shade. hugs-Erika

Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful page, and it brings back fond memories of learning to ride a bike, scraped knees and other little things. Here it is so hot. The climate changes are getting scary! Hugs, Valerie

CJ Kennedy said...

As Erika said, the heatwave has finally left our region. Your page is a perfect respite, too, with the soft greens and the idea of cool breezes as you peddle your bike as fast as you can. I hope the heat lets up for you soon.

Helen said...

I love your journal page! Hope you are surviving the heat. Heading to Kew soon but won't be there long today it's going to be too hot.

Sharon Fritchman said...

What a fabulous project, Chris! I absolutely LOVE the photos, especially the one of the boy on his bike! I remember those handlebars from when I was a kid - I really wanted a bike like this, but my parents thought otherwise. LOL! Thanks for the memories of learning to ride my bike! Hugs, Sharon

Caty said...

This is a fantastic page Chris ! Love the design, little Antoine looks so happy to learn to ride his bicycle.
Th photos of the park are amazing, it´s so good to see the green.
Have a great day and weekend, big hugs

craftytrog said...

I love your page Chris, and the story about Antoine. It brings back memories for me too.
I'm keeping cool in my art room, and looking forward to cooler temperatures next week.
Hope you're having a good weekend,

NatureFootstep said...

nice biking Journal page. :) I have a bike I need to fix. :(