Monday, 10 January 2022

Faces and faces and...

 Hi everyone! The boiler man did indeed turn up the other morning and although the boiler is OK the water in the system will have to be changed soon - I think we'll wait until it gets a little warmer -he said there was no big hurry!

I was getting my journal planner ready one evening and a favourite programme came on while watching I doodled some faces.

These were made by continuing a line without lifting my pen. I went back a page and added to two I had made last week

All this was prompted by looking back through my 2020 planner - when I had seen some one line drawings on the internet and decide to have a go
Some were one line drawings, some just doodles

Here are more doodled faces

I may allow some of these to have a body before Erika's 'Let's face It' challenge ends

I have had further problems with blogger but it seems most comments seem to get sent from my tablet so that is my interim solution - I am of course way behind having spent ages trying to comment and getting screens like this
and this is what happens while writing my blog and sometimes commenting...

It doesn't allow me to add any writing...??????
On my blog I can sort of fix it but still can't get to comment!

Thanks for looking, I'll be back soon with my TSFT post and Try It On Tuesday is back after a break tomorrow too. Chris


Caty said...

Wow Chris, all your faces are incredible beautiful! You´ve done a lot.
I hope your problem with blogger will be solve soon.
I wish you a very nice week, and send big hugss

CJ Kennedy said...

The faces are awesome! All those people living inside your head! 😺I have problems with Blogger if I'm commenting on blog posts using the iPad. I've found I have to turn the tablet off and reboot it. Then it's ok. It doesn't always let me create a blog post on it though I prefer doing that on the PC. I suggest on your computer you clear your cache to see if that helps.

Helen said...

I saw Elizabeth was having trouble with blogger too. Mine's been ok (so far) on the your single line faces, what a great idea and they came out fab!

My name is Erika. said...

These are fabulous faces Chris, the old and the new. They have so much personality, and it is amazing what you can do without even lifting your pencil. Thanks for sharing these. They are fun. Happy new week too. Hugs-Erika

Carola Bartz said...

Your faces are real fun and in some I thought I recognize people I know!
I'm sorry that you have problems with Blogger - unfortunately that's something that seems to be out of our control.

craftytrog said...

The faces all look great Chris, you should definitely incorporate them in your art journal pages.
Hope your blogger problems get sorted out. I no longer get email notifications of comments, so I have to go on when I remember, to check. Very annoying!

Neet said...

Your one line faces do remind me of some rubber stamps (or polymer probably) that I have seen somewhere. they are terrific Chris and I can see you using these in your journal many more times. With or without body they are going to provide you with lots of entries for Erika's challenge - and more.
Oh dear, it sounds as if you are having a 'time' of it at the moment, boiler and comment problems at the same time. Hope it takes a better turn soon for you.
Hugs, Neet xx

Meggymay said...

A fabulous set of face images Chris, you should use them on your pages.
Blogger seems to be effecting many folk again, I cannot get my reading list to let me open more than one without having to start again some days.
Yvonne xx

Aimeslee Winans said...

Lots of folks are having problems right now, I'm just praying Google doesn't solve it by closing down blogger! Your faces are AWESOME! Love them all, it's a FACFEST! I vote for no bodies, just the faces! hahaha xoxo

nwilliams6 said...

Chris, I love the faces. All are so interesting - especially the same line ones. You are good at faces. Fab pages and I vote for no bodies too. Hugz