Tuesday, 28 March 2023

T Stands for The Rush...

Hi everyone this will be a rushed post today. 

We finally got our car back late yesterday afternoon. If they had told us the reason why there was a hold up I wouldn't have minded so much, but the silence (which was about a part not turning up a soon as it should have, then another part that was sent being too big!) was really annoying!

We had to do a very rushed online grocery order on Friday afternoon which meant I forgot a couple of important items for a new recipe I planned making so we had a short village walk on Saturday.

The time I spent on the phone also meant that it ate into my crafting time, which as I needed to schedule posts wasn't good.

I did manage to make this page for Valerie's 'Anything Goes'  theme at Art Journal Journey blog

The base for my page was a stencil mop up to which I added ink through some sequin waste and some stamps by Jo Firth Young from Paper Artsy. The main image is a Trish Latimer girl. She is grounded by some washi tape and some stamping.

The words are from two separate stamps(one masked off) by Visible Image.

We had a lot of rain last week so the river was quite full

We walked on the new path that was made after the work on that side to do repairs the bridge was finished.
We got some different views of the island, that as you can see has almost disappeared .

Lovely to see new greenery...and newly planted trees to replace the ones they uprooted!

As you can see, the river is very calm before it reaches the weir

The old village must have been pretty in the past.

We were also lucky to have youngest and partner to pick us up to meet middle son and two grandchildren at Styal.
I forgot to take photos until we were almost ready to leave.
It was a lovely afternoon, which included a light lunch. 

The weir here was rushing over too!

The heron obligingly posed and so did the family! (I refuse to short this word to the modern 'fam'!!!)

Looking forward to seeing the Magnolia tree when we get back from....Paris, yes we're off tomorrow!

I just have time to show you the drinks we had with our meal on Wednesday when we took our car in. Here we are with our shared starter of garlic bread - we were also given some delicious pasta crisps.My drink was Apple and Sour Cherry(delicious) and hubby had a fancy orange drink! 
I am joining Bleubeard and Elizabeth at The Altered Book Lover blog along with the rest of the T club at T Stands For Tuesday.

I may not get here for T next week but I will share my Paris photos when we get home.
Thanks for looking, Chris


Rita said...

Wonderful outing and loved the family photo!
Enjoy your trip!! :)

Rostrose said...

Dear Chris,
thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and elling me about your experiences with frogs. I already know many animal phobias or animal disgusts - spiders, snakes, birds, snails, even ladybugs... - Frogs were new to me, but I can understand it a bit.
Now to your post: no one notices you were in a hurry, your page with the dreamer looks adorable.
Oh, you really have a lot of water - we just don't have enough. I think this is also a sign of climate change, sometimes you have too much of something (heat, cold, rain, wind), sometimes not enough... Anyway, your walk looks nice!
The drinks you had sounded tasty. I wish you a Happy T-Day!
AAAAND: I wish you a good time in Paris - I look forward to the photos!!!!
All the best, a happy end of March and a good start into April!
Hugs, Traude 😘

Elkes Lebensglück said...

A cute journal page, I love it ! Great photos of the flood and also of your family and your husband with the meal. I wish you a nice holiday in Paris, hug Elke

Valerie-Jael said...

You had a great outing with your family! It's very cold and frosty here, and our rivers and streams are full, too. Thanks for this lovely page for AJJ, much appreciated. And happy T Day! I hope you will enjoy France as you always do, have fun! Hugs, q

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Love your beautiful dreamer. I adore that background and of course, the charming child, too. It's great for Valerie's theme at AJJ.

What a fun walk and that weir is really overflowing. That building in the picturesque old village is straight out of Midsomer Murders. I expected someone to run out with a knife in their back (grin).

Looks like the two of you were having fun, even though you had just given up the use of your car for far too long. Apple and sour cherry sounds great and T's orange drink sounds good, too. Have fun in Paris. Lucky YOU! Thanks for sharing your art, your visit to the old village, and your drinks with us for T this Tuesday, dear Chris. Enjoy yourself in Paris, dear.

Cloudia said...

These are beautiful photos, Chris. Glad you are negotiating the bumps in life with grace and style

jinxxxygirl said...

What a great ArtJournal page Chris! I don't know how you had time to fit it in but its great! Lack of communication is a BIG pet peeve of both hubby and i.. Grrrr... Lovely photos! i can't say i ever use the word 'fam'... lol Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

kathyinozarks said...

Hi Chris, sounds like a busy week and with your car in the shop too. sounds like a wonderful time with your family, your drinks look delicious-I always enjoy seeing your photos Enjoy Paris!! Happy T

Carola Bartz said...

Your page is lovely, I especially like the background.
Have a wonderful time in Paris!

Mae Travels said...

Your photos of your walks always have such beautiful landscapes and buildings in them! It’s fun to read your posts.

best… mae at

My name is Erika. said...

Nice new page Chris. Your girl looks so happy, and I do like all the stamped images in the background. It looks very cool. And that river is really high. It still looks like a lovely walk with everything greening up. It's spring and that's when you get a lot of rain I would guess. I hope it was a wonderful T day. hugs-Erika

nwilliams6 said...

She is dreaming of Paris most likely and she is soooo cute and fun, Chris. Love the river pictures - it is really high. OUrs around here are too. Lovely post. Hugz and Happy T-day

Divers and Sundry said...

And now the Stephen Foster song is playing in my mind :) I love seeing new trees planted. It takes so long for them to get big, but it's nice to watch their progress. Happy belated T Tuesday!

Sharon Madson said...

Hi Chris. Love your artwork. Beautiful photos and look at all those drinks! Happy T Day!

Amila said...

Beautiful art journal page and I love this creativity. These nature views are beautiful and river photos are my favourites. The black & white building is simply elegant.
Sorry for my late T-comment as I had an issue with blogger commenting.
Have a great day!