Tuesday, 2 May 2023

T Stands For ......The Joy Of Paris

 Hi everyone, I thought Spring might have arrived but although there has been sun and it has warmed up just a little bit, the grey days are still too many for my liking!

I'm taking you back to Paris.

This was on the day following our long walk and late night so we took our time getting out and arrived in the Montmartre/Pigalle area just in time for lunch

I am going to start with lunch at T Stands For Tuesday at Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog The Altered Book Lover where we share drink, food, craft, views - all for the fun of joining in with other like minded folk!

We usually try to have our main meals at lunchtimes when in France , especially on weekdays, as most restaurants offer a limited menu but at a combined price that make a decent deal.

We had passed a couple of places but nothing really appealed( we gave ourselves the option of going back to one if we saw nothing else)

We came across a bar offering food and we spotted pulled pork and sweet potato on the menu knew that this was the place for us.

We weren't mistaken, this was my favourite meal of the holiday! The staff were really nice, talking in a mixture of French and English we ordered and as you can see I had a tonic water made by London Essence - a company owned by Britvic.

We also had a carafe of water which was very cold as you can see by the condensation on my glass.

The sauce for the pork was so delicious - I have tried to recreate this dish but still need to work at it!
After this we were informed that the chef didn't make desserts but each day they had an arrangement with an award winning patissier who delivered a plate of cakes and when they were gone that was it!One was already missing.
I really should have taken a photo of the plate and our choices but I was so impressed that I couldn't wait!!!
I had a beautiful and delicious pear topped chocolate cake and hubby chose an apple and lemon cake. They were works of art in themselves and we will go back here. 
Afterwards we walked around the area.
We intended visiting Sacre Couer Basilica but wanted to see more of this area so went down before heading upwards again

We came across this small park...

We will have to come back in Summer...but not this year!! Warnings of strong winds and pathways recovering ...

Up the steps...

..this time we didn't take many photos - just enjoyed looking.

We took a walk around the area.

Back down these steps...

We came to le Mur des Je t'aime ( the wall of love) a multilingual mural set in a small garden....but closed! 
Luckily it was surrounded by a fence that didn't obstruct our view.

I have seen this on TV but never managed to get there - hubby used his camera to get a better shot.

As you can see the day ended with blue skies!

That's all for now, thanks for looking, Chris

ps I am still having problems with blogger allowing me to comment on some blogs - keeps asking me to sign in when I already am signed in! 


Helen said...

oh I wish you'd photographed the desserts! your meal sounds gorgeous. I am sure you need a travel companion next time you go to Paris!! Great photos - I do remember lots and lots of steps when the gang and I visited Sacre Couer when we went to Paris for Version Scrap (2014 amazingly!) they were hard work!

My name is Erika. said...

Your meal looks so delicious Chris. I'm ready for dinner so it's making me hungry. And when I visited Paris I never got up to Sacre Couer, so I really enjoyed seeing these photos. You look like you had such a fun trip. Thanks for sharing these with us. It's fun to see them every week for T. hugs-Erika

nwilliams6 said...

Yum! The food looks so good. I am always jealous of your Paris trips. Such great buildings, views, and scenery. LUCKY you! Happy T-day, thanks for the pictures, and hugz!

Rita said...

The food looked so good! It is always fun to see all the places you visit. The architecture and the greenery is so beautiful. :)

Cloudia said...

Fun times!

kathyinozarks said...

I always enjoy your trips to Paris as there is always something new to see. Your lunch sounded really good.
Happy T Kathy

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Sorry I'm so late visiting. Still taking care of two homes, four cats, four sandboxes, and four food bowls, as well as four demanding cats, two of which don't like sharing me.

I really enjoyed the ohotos you toojk of this day in Paris, but what stuck out for me were the amazing murals and the shop named Valerie.

Gosh your meal sounds good, especially the desserts. Thanks for sharing this latest day in Paris and your meal and tonic water (and ice water) with us for T this week, dear Chris.

Valerie-Jael said...

Lots os wondxerful photos. Love the wall of love, great idea. Beautiful murals, too. I wouldn't be able to get up all those steps with my rollator. Loved the Galerie Valérie! Hugs, Valerie

Empire of the Cat said...

Hi Chris, lots of beautiful photos of Paris, it must be so nice to be able to go there so often. I would love it! The restaurant sounds like a great find, and those desserts I can imagine. Happy belated T Day Elle/EOTC xx

Lisca said...

Thanks for taking me to Paris. Yumm that meal sounds really nice. A shame you didn't photograph the desserts. i would have liked to see them.
Lots of great photos of paris. That wall of I lOve You is great. Thanks to hubby for the close-up.
Belated happy T-Day,

Amila said...

These are beautiful photos from Paris. I like traveling and these photos make me excited to visit Paris someday! Beautiful buildings and street views.
Thanks for sharing all these. Have a great weekend ahead and a Happy Belated T-day!
Amila -