Sunday, 23 May 2021


Hi everyone, I don't seem to have had much time for blogging or indeed much else. We have been out a few times, some for pleasure some for necessity but we have almost caught up with everything.

First I have a journal page for Art Journal Journey and Elle of 'Empire Of The Cat's 'Language' theme.

I have had the magazine image of the QWERTY keyboard in my scrap box for a while and I remembered using a French keyboard in a hotel managers office some time ago - the keyboard wasn't a great deal different but it was noticeable, when I came across this image again I looked up some info on Wikipedia.

The QWERTY keyboard was devised by an American, Christopher Sholes when he found that by using the original keyboard design on typewriters it caused some most used letter combination keys to jam so he separated them on his design and that's the way it's been ever since (with a few minor adjustments)

However, there are many different keyboard layouts all over the World that are more appropriate to the language of the country (Scandinavia, France, Romania, Malta to name a few) Here's the link to the Wikipedia information.

I started my page by stamping a Carabelle Studio random letter stamp on my page on both black and red, I then added some larger letters with an Aall and Create stamp. Next I rubbed on some red paint with a baby wipe.
I added some stencilling with an Aall and Create squares stencils and stamped more squares with a co-ordinating stamp. 
I also added parts of a World map with an old Aladine foam stamp.

The typewriter is a favourite from Crafty Individuals and I layered the images with torn piece of note paper from my desk.

Finally the word QWERTY was stamped and coloured in and each letter outlined to represent keys.

We are still finishing week 20 of our Wanderlust pages and week 21 is started but here are our pages from Week 19(you may have seen them on Instagram already)

Thanks for looking, Chris


My name is Erika. said...

Your keyboard idea is really interesting Chris. I never thought about some of the keyboards in other languages, and they are different. The Greek one really caught my eye.Your page is great for Elle's challenge too. I like that keyboard image and the typewriter too. And fun to see your Wanderlust pages too. Your husband is going a lot in his own direction now too. I hope your new week isn't quite so crazy. Enjoy. Hugs-Erika

Annie said...

I love typing and typewriters. Your journal page is a delight! I did not know all that information about the keyboards. So interesting. Great Wanderlust pages from both of you.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I love the concept that a keyboard has a language. I never thought of that. Your page turned out great and I absolutely ADORE that typewriter. A really great entry for Elle's theme at Art Journal Journey, too.

You two are so good at those Wanderlust pages. I'm so impressed with both.

Valerie-Jael said...

Beautiful journal pages, love the pieces you made for Wanderlust. Here we have not qwerty but qwertz! Not much difference, but enough to cause confusion when typing! Have a great week, hugs, Valerie

Neet said...

Great page Chris, I started life of as a typist and it has stood me in good stead for lots of things - certainly saved me money as a student when I could type up my own thesis.
Lots of interesting facts here which I have noted.
Hugs, Neet xx

kathyinozarks said...

I love your art Chris

Rita said...

Ah! Typewriters! Hadn't given much thought to other languages using different typewriters but of course they would. I am going to have to check your link. Lovely pages--all of them.

craftytrog said...

Interesting to read how the current qwerty keyboard was developed Chris!
Great pages from you both.
Alison xx

Elkes Lebensglück said...

All journal pages are designed so beautifully and imaginatively and interesting with the keyboard.
Have a good week, hug Elke

Marjut said...

Fantastic journal pages.

Meggymay said...

I never thought of how a keyboard would look if it was in a different language, its an awesome journal page Chris and take on the current AJJ theme.
Stay safe.
Yvonne xx

Empire of the Cat said...

oh I love that you did a QWERTY keyboard/typewriter theme for the page Chris, you're right that keyboard layouts are all different in different countries, even between the UK and US the layouts are different especially concerning the position of the @ symbol! I worked in Germany for a while and had to cope with a German keyboard and a German version of Windows lol. Good times lol. Also love your Wanderlust pages from you and your husband, really great. Thanks for joining me for the Language theme at Art Journal Journey this month Elle xx