Monday, 6 July 2015

T stands for ……torture!!!!

I may have mentioned before (he! he!) that I have Type 2 Diabetes so going to France and seeing the lovely Patisseries was torture!! Of course we were on holiday - not sure how this works but I'm sure it's true - treats are allowed!!!

I am joining Elizabeth and Bleubeard for T stands for Tuesday today, (slightly early, although the link is up! I keep getting a message that something isn't allowed but can't work out what it is and don't want to lose my scheduled post!)

I didn't have too many treats though,  delicious though they looked! We tried to follow the French way of eating - Lunchtime 'Formules' (3 courses for a set price) were very good offers - and then a lighter meal in the evening! We also had water with every meal. Since we came back we have stuck with having our main meal at midday-ish and my blood sugar is continuing to fall! That combined with having lovely bread with every meal (almost) stopped me snacking! I have also lost weight- YAY!!! 
I am convinced that the French way of making bread is a factor! I had a sandwich with wholemeal English bread when we got back and felt bloated and my blood sugar rose. We have been on a mission to find authentic French bread since then! Waitrose was the best we found until this weekend, when, having been to Artisan bakers and a variety of Super markets, we found that Booths, our favourite supermarket while up at our caravan has "proper" French bread - as it is so crusty I am satisfied with a small amount and my levels have fallen further!!
These are some of the treats I drooled over but didn't give way!! 

Like works of art aren't they?
These beauties though really are - the most beautiful tray of stitched cakes!

I will carry on drinking my water - this was taken in Troyes near the beginning of our holiday.

A lovely setting for our meal!!

Thanks for looking, Chris


Viktoria Berg said...

Oh. My. Those. Pastries.
I have only ever been to Paris, but perhaps I should see more of France. I certainly wouldn't mind some real baguette!
Happy T-Dayl

Linda Kunsman said...

oooh la la!!! There is just nothing in the world like a French patisserie!! That was my hubby's favorite place to stop:) Funny thing you mention about losing weight- every time I have gone (fearful of gaining with all that fab food and bread and wine and cheese) I have either retained or lost-they DO have something going there:) Happy T day, and thanks for sharing more of your holiday.

Denise Price said...

Wow, those French pastries look amazing. Have you ever read the book _French Women Don't Get Fat_? I don't agree with everything in that book, but some of the ideas are good. Your story about your blood sugar dropping after you ate "the French way" reminded me of it.

Carol said...

You are stronger than I ! I would be a goner for sure as I would not be able to resist. But I do like have my main meal of the day at lunch time. Thanks for sharing those great photos.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a treat, Chris. Those pastries were incredible. Like Carol, I would not be able to resist. Not sure what the French way of eating is, but if it lowered your blood sugar and helped you lose weight, it sounds like something I should be trying. Good for you.

Your photos are as stunning as the pastries. I enjoyed the stitched cupcakes, too. They looked good enough to eat.

I always drink water while I'm out. I only eat once a day, and prefer to eat late, but when I am out with Sally, I eat early. I don't seem to have a time frame for anything.

Thanks for sharing more of your lovely trip with us for T this Tuesday. And thanks, too, for sharing all those pastries!

Helen said...

Glad you are having fun controlling your diabetes! the pastries look gorgeous...wonder what the French put (or don't put, probably) in their bread that helps so much... Lovely to see some more of your French trip.

froebelsternchen said...

Wow, those French pastries look simply amazing. That looks like a paradise for people with a sweet tooth like me!

Thank you for sharing Chris.. I enjoyed without consuming any calorie!!

chrissie said...

How could you resist. I always say calories you eat on holiday don't count ! Wonderful photographs

Love Chrissie xx

Divers and Sundry said...

Oh, how tempting! I'm impressed with your willpower :) Eating the main meal in the middle of the day sounds like it would help, and I wonder if that might work around here. Hmmm...

Gez Butterworth said...

What a tease for you!!!

So glad I don't have a sweet tooth!!

Halle said...

Gorgeous pastries. Great willpower!
Happy T day!

~*~Patty S said...

Mon Dieu! what gorgeous tempting treats ... even the stitched "pastries" are making me drool Chris!
I must go back for another look.
Thank you for sharing these you temptress you.
Water is my favorite drink too :-)
Happy T Day oxo

Rita said...

Oh my! Those are tempting to someone with a sweet tooth (like moi!). You did good!!
I've heard that before--about eating your biggest meal earlier in the day. So glad that is working for you. I had no idea there is such a difference in breads. Glad you found a place that makes real french bread.
Happy T-Day!

TwinkleToes2day said...

Ohh, yum tiddly yum! it's tortuous just looking at all those tasty tidbits on the computer, so it must have been far worse irl! But bravo you, losing weight whilst on holibobs!! I love bread and am on a wee mission to find bread that doesn't bloat me either. No Booths nearby. Someone suggested rye bread, but oh it's so stodgy :( Anyway, i loved seeing your photos, what beautiful shops they are. very inviting. Happy T Day :D

jinxxxygirl said...

Oh my those pastries MMmmmm! They look almost ALMOST too beautiful to eat... Thank you so much for sharing those lovely pictures... Happy Tday! Hugs! deb

Darla said...

So happy to see those beautiful treats in pictures - in person my will power may have faded. How pleased you must be that your blood sugar came down. Good for you for sticking to what you know is best.


Darla said...

So happy to see those beautiful treats in pictures - in person my will power may have faded. How pleased you must be that your blood sugar came down. Good for you for sticking to what you know is best.


Zue said...

It doesn't surprise me that Booths came up with the goods....always found the shop a real delight when I travelled up to Yorkshire.
You are better off without all those cakes, though they be a feast for sore eyes.

Krisha said...

Congrats Chris for not over doing the sweets, for drinking a lot of water and for loosing some weight.....ALL are so HARD to do. I do battle with it all everyday.......loosing the battle most of the time, but I have decided to get going on al the good stuff and try again.....LOL I hope I can be as resistant to the food evils as you have been. I really need to get better at it, type 2 Diabetes runs in the women of my family.

Thank for the extra diet push and for the T-day visit and comments

butterfly said...

Well done you for resisting T for Temptation, but I can see it must have been T for Torture. Still T for Troyes sounds as though it's helped you crack some really useful eating habits. Water is key, I'm sure.
Alison xx