Friday, 17 May 2013

Just had to..

...use my new Paper Artsy stamps! Well, I started these pages when I came back from my son's last Sunday and then you know what happened(if you don't it's all in my previous post)and I've just got back to finishing it!
 I didn't have anything in mind to start with I just wanted to ink those stamps but the look on the lady's face made me decide to not actually ink the whole stamp but leave a gap alongside her face filled in with a small PA text stamp! On the other page is one of the other stamps from the set along with Wendy Vecchi gothic words, a Lost Coast Designs word, a Unity key and a cut off stamp from the Crafty Individuals bargain box at Port Sunlight. The small words were cut from an Enid Blyton book(just a bit mixed up!)
I have been a good Gran and worked on my Grandchildren's year books too and they almost ready!
This post has taken me so long to do, I have to tether via my phone and the computer is continually 'looking for networks', time to stop I think!
Thanks for looking , Chris  


Julie Lee said...

A lovely spread. I love the colours and the mysterious atmosphere - really effective.

Sarah Anderson said...

fab page Chris, glad you persisted in blogging it! And good to hear the year book's are nearly done too. Wish I'd got some of those Paper Artsy stamps now ;) xx