Tuesday 9 January 2024

T Stands For The Great Outdoors

Hi everyone, I'm keeping it short today as I have been out most of the day! 

Last week we managed to get two walks without getting wet!

Our first was a trip to RHS Bridgwater with middle son and our Grandson. It wasn't brilliant weather but at least the rain had stopped. There aren't a great deal of bright colours around at the moment

..but over in the Chinese garden area there are fabulous red lanterns

..and then by the Kitchen garden these...

...and then, on our way out - one lone Snowdrop
The next day was a shopping day but we decided to go out early and have a walk at Styal. As we got into the car it became mistier than it had been earlier but as we drove along the main road the sun shone brightly around the airport area and blue skies began to appear...then suddenly we we were driving into mist again!
We arrived at Styal and weren't sure whether we wanted to walk but I am so glad we did!

Frosty leaves around 
The mist began to clear slowly

We did see a wonderful cobweb and a crocus though

By the time we went back to the car park the mist had almost cleared.

For my ticket to T stands For Tuesday over at Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog I have gone back to a day just before Christmas when we went out with some family members for lunch - while hubby took them back to their home in our car I had a leisurely coffee and did some journaling in one of my mini journals.

Thanks for looking, Chris


My name is Erika. said...

Wow Chris. It is January and there are daffodils in bloom as well as crocuses. It's snowing here right now; no flowers for us. And you are right about those red lanterns. They look amazing. That red really stands out. I'm glad you had 2 lovely walks, and could get outside. I hope you had a super T day too. Hugs-Erika

Rita said...

Winter walks and misty wanderings have their own beauty! :)

CJ Kennedy said...

The green grass looks like a pretty bright color. WOW! Daffodils and Crocus? We'll be lucky to see those at the end of March. The stag sculpture looks amazing, too. Happy T Day

Helen said...

It's great to see some daffodils - they are early! none out at Kew yet, they are only just poking through. I love the misty shots though, they are gorgeous.

kathyinozarks said...

Such a beautiful post-I enjoyed all of the photos hugs Kathy

Rostrose said...

Dear Chris, even if the colors aren't so bright in winter, every walk is worth it - and the fog pictures are MAGIC anyway!
I wish you and everyone you love (humans and animals) a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year 🍄🍀!
All the best, Traude

Valerie-Jael said...

Red lanterns and spring flowers, how lovely ! Hugs, Valerie

Lisca said...

What beautiful photos the mist has created! So atmospheric!
I love seeing daffodils, they made my day, thanks.
Happy T-Day,

Mae Travels said...

How fabulous that spring flowers are already coming up near you. We have at least 12 more weeks of winter before we will see any blossoms.
best, mae at