Friday, 2 June 2023

Second on the 2nd in France

 Hi everyone - it's the 2nd of June and today is the day we join Bleubeard and Elizabeth for a look back at one of your previous posts for Second On The 2nd.

I have returned to France - Poitiers where our friends (actually my ex SIL and hubby)live. This was our first visit back in June 2013.

Poitiers Pics(Part 1)

I've had rather a lot to catch up on, so although we got back last week this really is the first chance I've had to show any pictures! 
First of all I must say a big "Thank you!" to my xsil and her hubby - we had THE most fantastic time! They guided us through menus and we had some fantastic meals, they drove us all over the place and showed us some real treasures and above all they provided us with some great company - we really did talk for hours!!! Oh! and they also took me to some great places to stock up on craft goodies(more of that another day)!
The journey to Poitiers was an interesting one, the first leg from Manchester to London was the worst - travelling backwards and no window to look out of! We then boarded Eurostar which was much better - more leg room and a view - got to Lille and had time to sit in the sun and have a coffee! Then - the most exciting part - a double decker sncf/tgv to Poitiers and we were on the top deck! Gosh! Did that train travel?!!! We did have a little delay around Paris for work occurring on the track but made up speed and were only about 15 minutes late!
The next day we were taken to Fontevraud Abbey - the final resting place of Eleanor of Aquitaine - I had no idea we were within driving distance so I was excited at the prospect of a visit(I've always had a fascination with Eleanor)
It was raining in the morning and after a fabulous lunch there was no sign of it stopping, so armed with an umbrella, we set off - xsil and hubby went off somewhere else with a promise to pick us up later! 
The abbey was built in 1100 by Robert d'Arbrissel, who put a woman in charge and made a rule that it would always have a woman in charge despite housing both monks and nuns! 
The tombs of Eleanor, Henry II, Richard I and Isabelle d'Angouleme (King Johns wife)
Eleanor supported the abbey by supplying funds to run it and ended her days there
The rain stopped and we went to explore further, the abbey was used as a prison by Napoleon so there was a lot more to see.
The Kitchen/Smoke house and garden
another view of the outside of the Kitchens
a scary carving....
and a beautiful angel
this was on a beautiful wall of roses
Another treat was in store on our way home - we were taken on a scenic route along the Loire, calling to visit a beautiful church and driving past the fantastic Saumur Chateau

As you can see from this page

 there certainly was lots to see in the area and I'll be back with more pages from my journal and some more photos if you can stand it!

I hope you enjoyed this look back.

There are numbers on both of my travel journal pages and I can remind you 
that Art Journal Journey this month is 'All About Numbers' hosted by Matilde.
Breaking News - I'll be taking my new travel journal away with me when we 
meet up with our friends later this month and share a Gîte in Normandy.


Mae Travels said...

Poitiers is a neat place; I visited there for a long weekend once years ago. A friend invited us to come with him to his parents’ home overlooking a deep valley. His father told us amazing stories of their participation in the resistance in World War II, when the house was occupied by the Nazi troops and his grandfather was forced out (he fled to Russia). But we also saw many of the historic buildings. I enjoyed your photos.

best, mae at

Empire of the Cat said...

Hi Chris, this was a first look for me and I was really excited to see you had your journal with you. What a beautiful place, and I love that they took you craft shopping as well! Looking forward to seeing your new travel journal too! Happy Second on the Second! Elle/EOTC xx

Valerie-Jael said...

Beautiful photos and wonderful memories! Have a great weekend, take care, hugs, Valerie

CJ Kennedy said...

I love traveling to France with you. Looking forward to seeing more of your trip and your lovely journal.