Tuesday 26 January 2016

T Stands for……TEA!!….and reminder….

Yes, you have read that correctly! I am not a tea drinker - it makes me sick - must be the tannin, coffee is fine! 
I did see something I wanted to try though! More of that later!

I would like to remind you that you still have a week left to enter our latest challenge at Try it on Tuesday - Silhouettes
Unfortunately I have a very bad example to show you as this started to as being a silhouette but the paint soaked up the black and my grey birds needed some eyes as they looked a bit ghost like. I know that you won't do anything so silly though!!!
I used some snowflake stencils and some bits of packaging to make the snow. The branches are from the same PA set I used for my card last week.
I am linking this to Art Journal Journey where Chrissie's fantastic theme of Winter Wonderland still has a few more days to go

Now, it's time to join Bluebeard and Elizabeth(and Squiggles) at The Altered Booklover for T Stands For Tuesday.

We were shopping at Booths near the caravan and saw this on offer -

 I could do with a good nights sleep so bought it…'s going to take some getting used to - I could only drink half a cup!!

It doesn't contain sugar but tasted very sweet! Not unpleasant but so different to what I am used to (usually decaf instant in the evening)

Would you like to see some photos? You can skip these if you wish!

A few weeks ago we decided to have a walk around the park that used to be just across the road from where we used to live! They had received a lottery grant to restore it to it's Victorian splendour! We knew that there had been a big Hoo Ha about an avenue of trees being cut down as they weren't on the original plan, but when we went, now that all the work is completed, we had a pleasant surprise!
 The have re-routed the lakeside path a little but children can still get close enough to feed the ducks,swans geese etc 

  The water looked cleaner than it used to.
 At the end of the lake is a cafe and pavilion - these buildings had fallen into a really bad state. When we went in it was full so we decided to head home, but we may well go back one day - the food smells wonderful!

 This swan was hiding from the other two, they had been hassling it earlier on the other side of the lake - we think she is a female!

We will definitely be visiting again in the Spring.

That's it for now. I won't be here next Tuesday (got a date with a surgeon!)but I will be around this week and hopefully in two weeks time for T stands for…..

Thanks for looking, Chris


Valerie-Jael said...


froebelsternchen said...

AMAZING is that Journal page!GREAT EFFECTS ! Wonderful photos Chris!
Happy T-Day!
Thanky a lot for another fantastic winter page for Art Journal Journey!

Rita said...

I'm used to coffee, too, but do occasionally drink tea. Cute journal page.
The trip to the park was great! Looks like they are fixing it up quite a bit. Hope you show us when you go in nice weather. Happy T-Day! :)

Linda Kunsman said...

I have never heard of anyone that gets ill from tea-hmmm...trying to get myself off caffeine by now mixing the "real" coffee with decafe so as not to put my system in an outrage:):) Marvelous journal page!! And I love seeing your scenic photos. Happy T day- and thanks for your earlier visit.

chrissie said...

Great post with lots of interest. The winter page is very beautiful and the photographs amazing as always.

Thank you for your support at Art Journal Journey

Love Chrissie xx

Astrid Maclean said...

Wonderful page, such a gorgeous colour and that thread looks amazing. The little birds are lovely! As to the photos, - stunning!!

voodoo vixen said...

I only drink normal tea... not any herbal or fruity types, they make me thirsty for some weird reason! LOL You made me laugh with your birds with the eyes! Lovely photos of the parkland with swans and water, looks like they have done a lovely job on the place. Good luck with the surgery next week! Happy T Tuesday to you! Annette

Helen said...

Fabulous photos!! I am with Annette, I only drink normal (proper!!) tea too - hope you get used to that one... Good luck with the surgery, hope it goes well and you're back up and running soon (not literally of course, unless you want to...) xxx oh, and I love the journal page.

Redanne said...

I really should put my hands up here because I would definitely give the birds some eyes, don't like to see them without... as for the tea, that is my bedtime drink every night - great choice Chris. It does taste less sweet after a while - honest! Loving your page too..

Love your photos, it looks like a beautiful park to stroll through. Hugs, Anne xx

Lisca said...

I've had Pukka teas before but i don't know this one. The packet says it makes you come alive! And it is meant for night time? That seems contradictory....
What a beautiful park! You say it is where you used to live. Does that mean you don't live there anymore? What a shame, it looks like a beautiful area.
Hope all goes well at the surgeon and see you in a fortnight.
Thanks for visiting earlier,
Have a good fortnight,

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous use of the PA branches and I love the texture to create the snow AND I so love that sentiment, it is perfection.
I'm not a tea or coffee drinker lol. I could, at a push drink coffee but only something made me lots of froth strangely I love coffee cake and chocolates (not that I am allowed to eat either at the moment - on a rigid diet of avoiding trigger foods but let me not bore you with that!!!).
Beautiful photographs, of course I looked at them!

Carol said...

I love the journal page!!!!!! Your photos of the park are lovely too. Hope you do get to eat the next visit.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Had to laugh at your journal page. It sounds like something I might do, too. It is wonderful with the little birds on branches.

I really enjoyed your walk around the restored park with the beautiful birds. It was fun to see these photos. I've never heard of a lottery grant (we don't have them here in the states), but I'm sure it was worthwhile because this is beautiful.

I will certainly be thinking of you and your surgery this coming week, and hope all goes well. I'm sure you are in good hands between your surgeon and Tony, who I know will do everything in his power to keep you safe and well taken care of.

I've tried all kinds of tea, but I'm still a coffee drinker. I saw that tea looked good, but without caffeine, it's just flavored water in my book (grin). Gotta have my caffeine, my drug of choice. It looks good, though.

Thanks or sharing your art, your walk in and around the park, and your nighttime 1/2 cup of tea with us for T this Tuesday. And of course, good luck with the surgery.

~*~Patty S said...

Lovely journal page Chris.
I am very fond of those blues and just finished a page but need to wait for sunlight to photograph it.
That was a lovely walk you took us on.
I am a swan fancier and nature girl in general.
Wishing you all the best.
Take good care.

Dianne said...

sweet little snow scene you've the little bit of sparkle! enjoyed the pics of the park nice when an area gets rescued from being a bit neglected. Do hope your surgery will have an excellent result and you have a quick recovery! Happy T day!

johanna said...

awesome Journal page with the icey sparkle. and the photos look like spring is already starting...
wishing you a good surgery with fast healing!
all the best, xo

My name is Erika. said...

Happy T day- I am a day late but better than not. LOve all the birds in the park- how ncie to have a park with bare ground and a place to walk...I miss my walks in winter but the roads aren't so good. have a great day!

Pamellia said...

Great idea to use bits of packaging in your work, what a lovely piece!! I always think I live in a pretty area, until I see pictures of where you live. Just so stunning, I would be outside all the time!! Love the one of the birds in flight, amazing! hugs :)

Darla said...

I'm looking for a "sleepy" tea, I'll have to see if that one is available here. Sure enjoyed looking at the park you visited. Looks like a great place for a walk.

Barb said...

A lovely journal page Chris. I really like the way you've done the water with packaging waste and the sentiment is lovely. Again I enjoyed your photos. It looks as if the work is going well. How sad to see the swan hiding away. Have a lovely week. Barbxx

Words and Pictures said...

I really like your gentle ghostly grey birds - surely they still count as silhouettes! - a lovely page.

I'm not much of a tea drinker either - coffee every time for me - but I also get seduced occasionally by those lovely sounding non-tea teas... but generally I find they disappoint me. Hope yours gives you a good night's sleep at least!
Alison xx

Janet said...

The tea sounds interesting. I mostly drink water or a version of fake coffee but once in a while I like a cup of tea.
Love your little birdies and the quote you used. So true.
I wish I could take a walk around that park. It looks so pretty and relaxing. There was a duck pond in a park in my hometown and I loved going their to feed the ducks or to just sit and think. It was one of my favorite spots.

Marjut said...

Oh what a lovely flock of birds! Blue is my favourite colour. :) Hugs, Marjut

Meggymay said...

I love your journal page, silhouettes don't always have to be black and the grey looks perfect on your page. Fabulous photos as well.
Yvonne xx

Krisha said...

Hi Chris, Thanks for the T-day visit and the comment.

This park should be just beautiful come spring and summer.....looking forward to seeing pictures of....(hint, hint :))

I scrolled down and saw your snow always looks so pretty in a picture!! but I wonder where I have been, seems I missed quite a few of your posts. I am trying to do better about getting around to all the blogs....and leaving a comment....*grin*

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris
Sorry to trouble you but I e-mailed you re the Giveaway Prize. It could be that you are just so busy but I was unsure if the email might have landed in your spam/junk folder or not received at all.
If this is the first you've heard from me then you could always pm me at Facebook.

sarascloset said...

Your page is lovely with the glistening snow in the background and the tiny birds singing their winter song. I enjoyed your photos, especially the tree lined path. The swans remind me of how I miss my job working in the of my duties was to feed the swans so they would be sure to visit everyday. What a job, huh? Hugs!

Lou said...

Absolutely love your journal page and I'm pleased to see I'm not the only one who entered up with a silhouette that had eyes! (At least you had an excuse for yours!!) All the best for next week. Lou x

Karla B said...

Your page is sweet Chris!Beautiful and so elegant!I don't know what Puka mught be. I don't think there is a translation for itin my language.The park is amazing. What an inspiring place you've been to, my friend!Happy belated T Day, dear!

sirkkis said...

Wonderful photos, sure you enjoyd.
Your page is lovely, Chris.