Monday, 9 July 2018

T Stands for....tea bag

Now, I haven't started to drink tea,(it makes me sick - really!)
I persuaded hubby to save his tea bags and I now have a nice little collection. I so admire my lovely blog friend Alison's tea bag art and so I have made a tentative start on using my tea bags with a page for my Art For Arts Sake theme at Art Journal Journey!
I used some Distress Oxide ink (Vintage Photo) via an acrylic block onto my page - a bit of a sorry mess but once it had been spritzed a bit and allowed to run it was ready for some stamping. I used the protractor set by AALL and create - I know - Maths is not me, but I love this set!
This is where I totally forgot to take any more photos - I was so happy to be back in my craft room this morning I just carried on! I stamped the Lynne Perella image onto the tea bag and added the bunting from the same Paper Artsy set (LPC005)and then added some random stamping using Kaisercraft stamps and had some lunch - and watched some of the Tour de France!
When I went back to it I thought it could do with a touch of colour so I stamped the words from Tracy Evan's bird set in red onto a margin from an old book and then used a small stamp from a Trish Latimer set (memories of a wonderful workshop!)I knew it was complete then!

In case you hadn't guessed we went up to our caravan for a long weekend and got back last night.
I hope I managed to visit most of you - I did keep grabbing moments when I had a connection!

As I am here for Tea Stands for Tuesday at Bluebeard and Elizabeth's blog I'll show you where we went on Friday.

That's right - no drink - hubby couldn't wait to taste the Chocolate, Coffee and Walnut cake at the Rotunda in Morecambe.
I looked out of the window and waited...errr....patiently!!
This is one of the few empty tables outside - we had changed tables as a huge group came and sat right in front of the window!
At last our coffees came!
We both had cappuccinos - not my usual choice but as my sugar levels have stabilised at a lot lower level I felt I could afford a little treat! We forgot that coffee at the Midland Hotel is always accompanied by wrapped biscuits so into my bag they went for another day - maybe for a train journey!

This was our only outing, unless you count a trip to the Laundrette and Rowan Tree Crafts where I went to pay for next weekend's workshop with Jenny Marples and Elizabeth Robinson - I am getting quite excited as it is something different, making a journal, along with some demos!

The rest of our time we sat on the decking enjoying a little breeze!
It really was too hot to walk far, so a late afternoon walk along the sea front was as much as we wanted to do!

The poor garden is drying up and with a request that we use less water in our area we only watered the pot plants and the hydrangeas that were looking very thirsty!

We did get some lovely sunsets..

..and some lovely clouds!

I also spotted this just after midnight - we had had a clear sky all evening and then these gorgeous colours appeared one night - not a very good photo I'm afraid - I think they may be what is known as Noctilucent cloud - does anyone know?

Finally, before we came home we moved our pot plants off the decking into the shade - the warden is going to water them for us!

Thanks for looking, Chrisx


Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Another wonderful page, Chris. I don't drink tea either, so I think I'll ask my tea drinking friends to save bags for me.

Sorry to hear you have water restrictions. I wish I could send you some of our rain. We're having a great rainy season. Good for our lake and our gardens.

Wonderful photos. I think you're far north enough to see the Aurora Borealis. But I guess that lighted cloud was something different. I saw the Aurora Borealis many times growing up in Wisconsin. Absolutely amazing.

Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

Sharon Madson said...

Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos! Great project too. You know I also love teabag art. I have stamped on them before. Happy T Day. Rest up for next week's big blow out! ;)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I was in awe of your tea bag art today. It is fabulous. I really need to brew some tea with the express purpose of making tea bag art. It is a beautiful page in your journal and perfect for your theme this month at Art Journal Journey.

You made me laugh at your photos of you two drinking your cappuccinos and moving seats to get a better view outside.

I feel for you and this heat. I asked Helen if she put her feet up in the AC after she got home from Kew and she just laughed and told most people don't have AC because it seldom gets that hot in England. I also feel for you and your water situation. It's been very dry here, too, and the only thing getting water are my herbs on the back patio.

Thanks for sharing photos of your art, your deck, your cappuccinos, and your cake with us for T this Tuesday. I hope you enjoy the workshop next week.

Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful journal page. Glad you managed to squeeze in a weekend away, thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

Helen said...

Your garden is still green despite the heat. I never water anything here - the couple of flower beds I have are very well established (i.e. neglected) and get what they need from rain... when it comes!
Hope you enjoy your workshop - I saw it being publicised on FB . The sunsets have been gorgeous in all this heat - but your views are so much prettier than mine!!

Meggymay said...

A fabulous page Chris, I love the stamps you are using, I have some on my wish list. Great art with the tea bags, I realy must save some of mine and use them.
The photos look lovely and so does that delicious cake.
Happy T day wishes.
Yvonne xx

froebelsternchen said...

Your teabag art page is absolutely GORGEOUS! Completely to my liking! I simply love it and I also love that you took me with you to Morecambe ( this cake and cappucchino looks divine) and to your lovely garden. Sorry about your water restrictions. That's bad for gardeners , I feel with you!
I am happy to hear your sugar levels are good! That sounds perfect!
Have a great week and I wish you a happy T-Day and a very happy AJJ hosting! Big hugs, Susi

kathyinozarks said...

Beautiful post Chris, I enjoyed all of the photos.
So happy to read you are back in your craft room-and I love how you used your tea bag-I am going to try something with mine this coming week I have saved a fed bags.
We are getting very dry here too and the heat will be close to actual temp. of 100 degrees f end of week.
Happy t Day Hugs Kathy

Let's Art Journal said...

Beautiful page! Your teabag art with all the stamps is wonderful 😁. Your caravan looks so idyllic and it's so nice to visit the Rotunda with you too - Happy T Day! J 😊 x

johanna said...

your teabag art is awesome and i´m looking for your report of the next weekend´s workshops! sounds like real fun! wavings to your hubby, who is always so patient to make the model for your coffee shootings:)) xox

CJ Kennedy said...

Cool page. Awesome sunset photos. I’m with your Hubby, I’d rather eat the cake. Enjoy your workshop. Happy T Day!

jinxxxygirl said...

Looks like everywhere is hot hot hot!! Same here .. hot and humid... uuughh.. and we could certainly use some rain... If only it would come without a bad storm.. I love your adventure with your tea bags...So pretty.. Fun to try something new isn't it?? I'll be trying out my gelli plate for the first time Your cake and coffee looks fabulous!! Hubs and i usually get iced tea ... We try to remember what restaurants have good tea or not.. If its not good we get a Coke.. :) Happy T day dear Chris! Hugs! deb

jan spencer said...

You certainly have gorgeous views and the Hot Chocolates look delicious although I must say I prefer tea! I've never used them for crafting I must say.

Divers and Sundry said...

Chocolate, Coffee and Walnut cake sounds delicious, and that setting looks delightful. What a treat!

Water conservation is important, I know, but it's hard to see plantings suffer. Native plants help in the yard, but potted plants are just going to need watering, aren't they. Your view there is wonderful!

Happy T Tuesday!

Kate Yetter said...

Your journal page is lovely! Anything that features an aspect of tea makes me happy. That was wonderful of your hubby to donate the bags to your art stash.
Your view is so beautiful but I can see that your lawn is looking a bit dry. We have lived in areas with water restrictions in the past so I understand. Hopefully you will get some much needed rain.
Happy Tea Day,