Thursday, 2 July 2015

Second look on the 2nd...

...with Elizabeth and Bleubeard who invite you to take a second look at something you made and blogged in the past!

This was from 27th May 2013(if you want to see the original it's here 

Squawk meets the tattered floral monster!

Feeling a bit low I thought I'd cheer myself up by just playing with inks and stencils to make some papers to use in my journals. Of course there were a few mop up papers! After cutting out some tattered flowers with the garland die there was a piece of paper that I just had to use along with Lindsay Mason's 'Squawk' from her Doo Lally Pip range.I stamped over the kitchen roll with a Lavinia stamps thistle head and added eyes.'Squawk' was stamped onto a piece of the paper I'd made. Hope it makes you smile....
 The background had been started a while ago so I just added a few dots through stencil some with ink and some with ferro gold. Couldn't resist doodling in some spiky flowers!

I have lots of mop up paper so maybe it's time for another monster!!
I certainly have some lined up for flowers!

My France photos are here and here if you would like to see them 

Thanks for looking, Chris

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Outdoors in Paris

As promised, some more photos of Paris parks and gardens. We had lovely warm weather while we were there but as we left on Eurostar the rain started. I don't think I would like Paris as much this week as the temperatures have gone up again! 
I showed you the Promenade Plantee in a previous post but Paris has so many beautiful outdoor spaces we will continue to find them next visit!
So…starting with
a square in St Germain where we sat to cool off having visited CityPharma for bargain skin care products(it was like the biggest sale crush you could imagine - we went back for some bite cream another day and it was just as bad but Oh! the bargains!!!)
This church garden was also in St Germain
On the Sunday we went to the Park(s)
First, Parc Montsouris, which had been recommended by our hotel receptionist! I had seen this park mentioned before but never been near it! Our hotel was near a bus route so off we went! Oh Wow!! This was a real treat! Parakeets in the trees, black swans on the lake and a beautiful place to be on a Sunday morning - the joggers thought so too!!

Guessing that these veggies are used in the park's very expensive restaurant!

From here we caught a tram - intending to go to Parc Andre Citreon but saw this on the way - another disused railway line.

Andre Citreon Park is a modern park - lots of concrete but still beautiful although some of the water features weren't working!

The balloon takes visitors up for a view of the park(at a cost!!)

After this visit we wanted lunch - just as my Paris Visite card decided it had had enough - so we had to find someone to give us another, which took us somewhere we hadn't intended to visit - I know this is not fair to you, but I will show you another time!
We went past the flower market though - an unexpected treat too!

Monday morning came - our last day but nearby we had saved Le garden Atlantique especially as we knew we could walk there. The garden is built above the platforms at Montparnasse - you can even see the train on a platform at one point! Office buildings surround the garden and it also includes 3 tennis courts and 2 table tennis tables!
Yes that is a train down there - it pulled out about 5 minutes later - we heard it!!!

If you ever go to Montparnasse station it's worth a trip up the stairs by platform 1! 

So..hope you are still here, I will post some more photos of our trip soon!

Thanks for looking, Chrisx

WOYWW 317 with French goodies !

Wasn't sure whether to join in this week, things have been bit hectic - I have started to attend a course intended to help me control my blood sugar but there is an awful lot of recording to be done in the first two weeks! That, along with school run duties and the garden fete we had here at the weekend have taken some of my time too! Still, best keep busy eh!!I will try my best to visit as many of you that I can but bear with me please!!!

Julia does all the work linking us up each Wednesday at her blog The Stamping Ground and I really am looking forward to catching up! 

France was wonderful but I won't take up desk parading time with those - they will be on the post after this and the previous one here!

So, what's on my desk? As promised in my header... some of my French craft goodies!
 Some of these were from a lovely art supply shop in Tours - 'Dalbe' if you are heading that way - they have quite a large craft department too! (They are part of a chain so are probably all over France)
Most of the goodies came from 'Cultura' in Poitiers - although it is on a small retail site out of town it has a really good selection! I think they are a chain too!They sell books, mags, toys, childrens crafting, cake decoration stuff, fabrics,etc My SIL has just started crafting so we came out with rather a large bag each! 

So that's it….hoping things calm down a bit…!
Thanks for looking, Chris

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

T stands for some Summery photos!!

I hope this isn't too late for tea - Hubby is wasjust preparing our evening meal while I do did this!!!Elizabeth and Bleubeard invite you to share your tea(or any other drink at The Altered Booklover blog every Tuesday!

As promised I am sharing some photos of our holiday in France

I will start with some of Troyes where we began our holiday….
First, this lovely spot where we stopped for a rest and an Iced coffee - it was by a canal….
where we saw these…

and a little further along….

There had to one silly photo!
Troyes is such a lovely city

I think we will try to go back one day!
Now for some of the parks an outdoor spaces we visited on our trip through Troyes, Orleans, Tours, Poitiers and Paris

Paris has so many beautiful garden and parks
These next photos are at the Promenade Plantee above the Viaduct des Artes, somewhere we had visited in Winter and wanted to see in full bloom - it didn't disappoint!!
I loved this cafe furniture made from pallets- you can just see some of the trees from the Promenade Plantee hanging over the top of the viaduct

You might miss these at ground level!
I fear this is going to take some time so I will come back with part 2 of Paris outdoor spaces tomorrow!

Thanks for looking - I am linking to Elizabeth's before it becomes Wednesday! 

Thanks for looking, Chris