Tuesday, 27 October 2020

T Stands For.......taking coffee in the garden

Hi everyone,it's school half term this week and we are staying at home,  even though with the amount of rain we are having I doubt that will be as many out as we thought!

Last week before our grocery pick up (we are having it delivered this week) we went to Styall and before going into the gardens decided to have a quick walk around Chapel Wood.

I think I may have overdone the number of photos this time! Feel free to go and grab a drink  

A lot of photos were taken while waiting for dog walkers to pass

A group of children were having a great time in the wood - here they were running up the banks and back - their mothers were in a little group at a picnic table chatting.

We had walked back on the other side and back over the bridge
It was here that I had to retreat down this path - I had been heading up the path to the right when a group of six young adults were across the path chatting, totally unaware of my presence, as not one of them acknowledged the fact that I had retraced my steps to avoid them. Are we still wondering how this virus has spread so easily?
Storm clouds loomed, but came to nothing, even so, I had taken an umbrella, the afternoon was a different tale!

We reached the gardens

and picked a coffee up the cafe...

...and took it into the garden
We removed the safety lids and I remembered to take a photo before taking my cup to warm my hands.

The sun shone intermittently and it  was a good cup!

Okay - so that's my ticket to Bleubeard and Elizabeth's The Altered Book Lover link to T Stands For Tuesday.

Back to the garden

Most plants are dying down but the Delphinium is still a riot of blue
I didn't expect to see strawberries still ripening
This is the seat we were on
The path to the steps is still shut


We still can't go down these steps either( and blogger is deciding where my photos go!!)

The Gunnera had died down totally
Our favourite seat but we didn't stop...

Great to see the Hydrangeas are keeping their colour, there were some new blooms!

We have never seen this sign before!
You will be pleased to know we are nearly back at the car park

A final look at where we went in earlier - the visitor centre is now open.

I hope you aren't flagging by now!

Next week I will be showing you some of the local walks we have taken over the month.

Thanks for looking, Chris