Thursday, 15 November 2018

A little bit Vintage

Hi Everyone! I have been having a busy time of it lately! 

Yesterday was my third 'Messy Day' in our retirement complex (just a series of apartment blocks really on the edge of a village!!)
I had decided to use a crackle technique to make some Christmas Decorations - I was worried that I wouldn't have enough crackle glaze and it was too late to send for more on the internet - I was forced to buy another brand and after about 12 'goes' and a lot of muttering I decided to just hope that I still had enough in the pot for the class! 
On the day two folk couldn't attend and I decided to demo on the tag belonging to a lady who can't see so well (she managed the undercoat and top layer and finished off what I had started! I am pleased to say all results were very good and lots of excitement as cracks appeared (Thank you Paper Artsy!)
Sad to say though I didn't take any photos - we had to re-locate and space was tight and it put it right out of my head!

I have made a journal page for Erika's Vintage or Modern theme at Art Journal Journey 
I had an ugly page which I covered with gesso and pressed in one of my cake decorating patterns, I added some scraps, some of my handmade washi tape and stamped an old CI clock stamp(no longer available but I love it)The little girl looks so confident I added the small talk sticker to match her look!

I often find that my journals give me a wake up when I start off in my craft room and while I am busy with my new DT projects at Crafty Individuals (when we are home, that is!)I have been playing in a junk journal too

Some of the scraps have personal connections - don't want to part with some of them!

Thanks for looking, Chris

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Family and Friends at TIOT

Hi everyone! We seem to be on a fast slide towards Christmas - a time to think about Friends and Family which just happens to be our new theme at Try It On Tuesday!
The DT have so many ways that they have been thinking of them - please take a look here!

I have made a journal page.
I started by trying to recreate a sunny Autumn day with the sun shining through the trees by using Wild Honey and Broken China Distress inks, added randomly across the page and then lightly spritzed.
I added some random stamping with a Crafty Individuals script stamp and then addd more CI stamps for the trees and the grasses. The 'ground' was made by using some hessian dipped into ink on my mat and I added some water to make some blobs. The words were found on the internet and I used a variety of stamps. I cut some circles for the other three words to sit on.

I do hope you will join us this time and I look forward to seeing your Friends and Family art.

Thank for looking, Chris 

T Stands for........the walk, the ballet and the shops

I do hope you are enjoying some nice weather - we are home again from our caravan, where on Friday night the caravan didn't just shake, it rocked with one big gust of wind! Thankfully it soon settled down and we had a peaceful night!

I did try to keep up last week but sadly most of my visits were after T day!! 

We so enjoyed the Hunderwasser Museum that we stayed for a late lunch.
The courtyard where we ate was just as lovely as the inside(there is  seating inside too)
I am of course going to join Bluebeard and Elizabeth for T Stands For Tuesday! 

Hubby being silly with one of his Sweet potato fries!I really can't remember what we had with the fries and this is the only photo I took..apart from this one....
....where you can see the inside of the restaurant and what we had to drink!

We crossed the road to have look in the park beside the canal.

 We saw this building on the way back to the bus stop
Once back to near the Museum Quarter we decided we would like to visit this church, which alas was shut.

 We saw more of these birds which I know know are called Hooded Crows
We walked as far as the Opera House and remembered that Giselle was being performed. People were queuing for tickets and we joined the queue only to be told that there were not going to be enough but that we could go to join the standing room queue! You may remember we did this for an opera last time we visited Vienna!
It was then I remembered....we could see it for free - I had seen it advertised ...we walked around the corner and sure enough seats had been set out for a live relay of the ballet on a screen outside!!
We found seats easily and I went off to buy something we could eat easily before the performance! 
 We had quite a good view of the screen - the photo was taken during the interval where they showed snippets of what we had already seen.

 I don't know why there is pink hare here but isn't it fabulous?
 We were in a strolling mood so stopped to look in some shop windows

 The gateway to the Museum Quarter meant we were almost back at our hotel

It was a truly wonderful day and will stay in my mind for a long time!
Next time is our last day in Vienna, another lovely day!!

Thanks for looking, Chris

Sunday, 11 November 2018


This year marks 100 years since the end of World War 1 and there will be lots of commemorative events taking place.

My tag is simple but I hope it will suffice to remind us what this day is about!
I am linking to Tag Tuesday - Poppies

Thanks for looking, Chris

Friday, 9 November 2018

Old or new?

Hi everyone, What a dilemma! I wanted to make a journal page for Art Journal Journey. Erika is hosting this month with the theme 'Vintage or Modern' I just didn't know what to do do.....but then I started to clear out some scraps and it became Vintage!!
I found an some papers held together with split rings - I added some more pages (old designer papers, gelli prints, different papers--you know what I mean)and used some of the many scraps I have to make a junk journal - I have another one using an old sketchbook! Even after a sort out I still have small bags and fairly big boxes with magazine pages that I have saved for either inspiration or scraps that I have thought might come in handy! As I must have saved them for 'something' I am on a mission to get some into some collages.
The main image is from an advert in a craft magazine I think.

At the moment the wind is howling outside as we sit in our caravan...but...we have a wi-fi! It was only installed on the site the other week and after a few teething problems it seems to be OK!

Thanks for looking, Chris

Monday, 5 November 2018

T stands for ........the most amazing....and taking it seriously and the cinema!!

Hi everyone!I hope the weather is being kind to you!

I am going in reverse order - as in any good build up!!We went off to the cinema today to see a film about the Peterloo Massacre - Mike Leigh did a good job of portraying the story (and some of it was shot in my home city of Lincoln, which I instantly recognised)My only criticism is that the story was not followed up by a note about the reform that came about in English politics as a result of the massacre.

I have had some time to play and make a journal page for Erika's theme at Art Journal Journey -Vintage or Modern.
As you know I love visiting Galleries - so do Oscar and Eric.

I love overhearing snippets of conversations which prompted this page and gave me some ideas for more pages.
Here I attempted to create the style of Mark Rothko!
I love this Elena Zinski characters!!

A few years ago I saw a picture of a Ronald McDonald House in Germany - I can't remember anything else about the programme (or film...I don't know what it was)I have looked it up recently and it is in Essen.
It was built by Friedensreich Hundertwasser.
We didn't have time on our last visit to Vienna so I was determined to get to see the Hundertwasser Haus this time.
I think mostly these photos will speak for themselves, they are of the buildings in the area too.
 My first view of the haus!
Oh! I can join Bluebeard and Elizabeth here with our coffees, water and a shared Kaiserschmarm (Susi, if I lived in Vienna I would be as big as this haus because I love this dish of pancake and plums!)
As you can see hubby was as fascinated with this place as much as I and I will use some of his photos if they are better shots than mine!(I have permission!!)
 We ate outside but the inside was interesting
Moving on....

 I was a little over excited!

We just had to go into the shopping area

We walked along to the Museum

 No photos allowed in the exhibition area but we both took photos in the loos!!! I did make some sketches in the exhibition space.

 The floors throughout were uneven throughout the building and in fact I walked around the exhibition area twice to experience it!
 The shop was interesting and we bought a couple of books and some smaller items

We left by the back gate and I will continue from here next week!

I have been showing photos of our outings in our own beautiful country if you would like to see them - here and here

Thanks for looking, Chrisx