Tuesday, 30 May 2017

T Stands for…..taking you to our caravan

Last Thursday we set out to go to our caravan. The weather forecast was HOT so we expected to be roasting if we didn't get there before lunch time to open it up and get some air in. Well, OK that was the plan, we decided that we needed a larger fan so that was a detour - two of the three places we tried had sold out - should have stuck to plan A as this was where we first thought of! Then of course it was getting close to lunch time and we still had a way to go so called somewhere for a quick sandwich! It was by this time early afternoon so we arrived and opened all of the windows put the fan on and cooled down. 

 This part of the garden makes me happy - it looks after itself pretty well - the old tree stump is rotting though, and we think a fox may have made a hole in the wall beside it.
Last time we were there we(well, hubby mainly)stripped part of the decking and repainted it. 
Here he is with his new toy - a jet washer!
We got more done this time.
I have collected these over the years so here they are on our now shabby chic decking.
We also had a trip to Bayview Garden Centre.Here is where I join Bluebeard and Elizabeth for T Stands For Tuesday!
A few weeks ago we had been there to pick up some soil and plants and had an Afternoon Tea using a 2 for 1 voucher.
The food arrived in two crates! 
We had a wander round - so did the hens
 There are beautiful views of Morecambe Bay - looking across to Grange Over Sands and the Lake District

I waited with the plants etc. while hubby fetched the car.

I'll save showing you the mug until another time!
Now … a mystery….
The frost attacked one of the Rhododendrons in April and the forming flowers fell off.
Here it is this time last year
It now looks like this…
…a lovely shade of lilac instead of pale pink!!
Just to finish - yet another mystery - on our last night there I was bemoaning the fact that the sky was so grey(we had two rainy/cloudy days) and that it would have been nice to have a clear sky when slowly the sky went through a series of changes from grey through this…
….and back to grey again!

We had a little outing while we were there too…but that's for another time!

I am running a bit late here so may not get around to visit until tomorrow! 
Thanks for visiting, Chris


Valerie-Jael said...

Sounds like you had another fun time out at the caravan and saw lots of lovely places. Love the wandering chickens, and the evening sky, o pretty. Happy T Day, hug, Valerie

Crafty She said...

What absolutely fabulous photos Chris..xx

Helen said...

Your caravan garden is just beautiful, Chris! the photos are fabulous, especially that surprise sunset!!

Linda Kunsman said...

You and hubby have so much fun on your outings it makes me want a caravan too! You do get to so many lovely spots that's for sure. I bet your flowers had a color change because of the changes in the nutrients and ph in the soil. At least that what happens to hydrangeas. Gorgeous looking sky-what a nice surprise! Happy T day!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I simply adore your caravan garden. I am in awe of the first photo, which shows the manicured part of the garden that transitions to a more relaxed area. I especially like the area around the rotting tree. I think you and T have a knack for gardening at this spot.

I have one of those power washers. They are well worth the money you invested. So much quicker than sanding because the power of the water removes everything quickly, and practically effortlessly, too.

What a fun photo of T with his tea and your coffee. The food looked quite good, too. You are definitely making me hungry.

So are those new rose bushes you purchased? And of course, I tried to rotate my head to see it, but it didn't work (grin). Thanks for taking us with you on this shopping trip.

Amazing how the frost changed the color of the rhododendrons. That IS a mystery. Love the photos, though, including the one from last year of the countryside.

Thanks for sharing your awesome caravan garden, your trip to the garden center, your lovely sky shot, and your tea and coffee with us for T this Tuesday.

Let's Art Journal said...

Your garden is so pretty and I enjoyed discovering its treasures 😀. Your afternoon tea look delicious, I'm especially drawn to the pot of strawberries and as they should be coming into season I'll now be looking for some on my next food shop 😉. I love the bikes with the yellow windmill wheels too, I'm off to see if I can find them on line. Thank you for the inspiration and wishing you a Happy T Day! J 😊

chrissie said...

Wonderful post and I could almost feel the heat of the caravan when you arrived and the great feeling of the cooling fan.

What an amazing garden..we have a lot of those plants in our garden and they grow and multiply every year. So beautiful to see yours.

Have a very happy rest of TDay love Chrissie xx

Meggymay said...

I have had a super catch up tonight Chris reading your posts I missed.
I can imagine the heat in the caravan after being away in ours..
This was a great post and super photos from the garden and garden center. The food looked yummy and a novel idea for it to be served in crates..
Happy T day.
Yvonne xx

kathyinozarks said...

Thank you for posting all these beautiful photos-gorgeous gardens-I always enjoy garden shopping-lol the hen was sweet too.
Happy T Day Hugs Kathy

My name is Erika. said...

Your caravan garden is so gorgeous. I love it every time you show it Chris. I know my husband would love a sprayer too. What is it about men and these gadgets? (Though mine might say the same thing about art supplies.) Happy T day. Hugs-erika

CJ Kennedy said...

Such a beautiful garden. I wonder if the change of color of the rhododendron was due to the acidity of the soil? I have blue hydrangeas because our soil is so acidic, but I can change the color of the plant by decreasing the acid in the soil. I love the garden center and the bicycle spinners. I'm thinking my Zensical garden needs a pinwheel or something. Happy T Day

jinxxxygirl said...

Love going to the garden center with you Chris... I'm a little late getting to visit.. i hadn't realized anyone else had posted! Such gorgeous photos you take. That food looks yummy.. My crepe myrtles are having a tough time this year..not sure why... We had a gloriously cool day today.. good thing because we were mowing grass... we even got lightly rained on and i did't mind at all! lol Happy T day hugs! deb

johanna said...

i loved strolling through your gardens... and i´m loving the part where the garden cares for himself;) i have also planted flowers and shrubs which can be left alone for a while as i love gardening, but not every day:) i love to go to garden Centers also... never coming home with empty Hands;)
have a great summery week and belated t-day wishes!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Wonderful photos Chris! Amazing!

Carol said...

Sounds like a great time and I love your flower garden!!!!! That sky is gorgeous too ♥ Love the photos from your outing too.

Sandy said...

Oh Chris _ I love it when you go to your caravan - your gardens are lovely. That Garden Shope looks divine! As did your lunch!!
Your home away from home shows all the work and loving care you both put into it. Love the way the deck looks!!
Sandy xx

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Wonderful photos, Chris, especially that beautiful sky that you requested ;-) Your shabby chic deck floor looks terrific. I'd love to have a garden that practically takes care of itself and manages to look so pretty. Your garden centre looks like a very fun place: lovely views, surrounded by beautiful healthy plants and even a restaurant.

Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

Dianne said...

I always so enjoy your photos, and that pink sky is really gorgeous! A lovely caravan harden too. Wonder if the rhododendron somehow got more nitrogen from the soil? Apply any fertilizer recently? A pleasant mystery! Happy belated T day!

Dianne said...

I always so enjoy your photos, and that pink sky is really gorgeous! A lovely caravan harden too. Wonder if the rhododendron somehow got more nitrogen from the soil? Apply any fertilizer recently? A pleasant mystery! Happy belated T day!

Dianne said...

I always so enjoy your photos, and that pink sky is really gorgeous! A lovely caravan garden too. Wonder if the rhododendron somehow got more nitrogen from the soil? Apply any fertilizer recently? A pleasant mystery! Happy belated T day!