Tuesday, 8 August 2017

T Stands for…two or three things!

First a big Thank You
The other week I received a fabulous ATC from Deb but as I knew that one was on it's way from Elizabeth I thought I would show both in the same post
Here is Deb's
 It arrived with a beautiful card and some lovely bits and pieces that Deb said she hoped I could use! 
Thank you so much Deb! It will be a case of 'Watch this space!" as I have something in mind!
Elizabeth's packet arrived last week not long before we left for our caravan with some definitely usable stamps! 
The ATC - you may have already seen the ones Elizabeth sent - was a very clever idea! I wouldn't play cards with Elizabeth if you drop by her house one day though!
Along with them came THE most beautiful handmade papers - as I was sitting beside hubby on our sofa he would tell you that I was making the loudest Oohs!and Aahs! anyone ever made - it may be time before I can bear to use them but I can tell you that I definitely will be - maybe a little piece at a time!!! Every single one is beautiful! Not only that, Elizabeth was pestered into sending me some deli paper so I am making plans for using that too!
See what I mean!
Thank You so much Elizabeth!

I have seen Elizabeth's post about my ATC package and have already confessed to her in an e-mail that she would not have got those dies if I hadn't spotted them in a box at Paperchase a few weeks ago with a massive 85% off them! My halo is definitely slipping now!! 

Last week we went up to our caravan - on Friday we had an outing to Furness Abbey - somewhere we have tried to visit before but found it closed.
We stopped on the way for a picnic by the sea!
 We stayed in the car but some folk were out walking - maybe next time…
We did get the binoculars out though - we could see Heysham quite well, but to the right of it we could see Blackpool quite well with the 'bins'! 
We arrived at Furness Abbey and it was looking very much like rain so we knew we would have to get a move on!
We hadn't got far when it started to rain - Furness Abbey is in ruins but fortunately round by the cloisters there was some shelter - it was a short shower and we were able to see the rest of the abbey without getting wet!
I loved seeing these flowers that were growing out of crevices in the walls!

Of course I did take some shots of the abbey but I had to use some of hubby's too

 We did take a lot of photos and I will show some more later in the week
As it is Tuesday I am joining Bluebeard and Elizabeth for T Stands For Tuesday!

We had intended visiting the cafe near the abbey - they sell the most delicious scones EVER, but they wren just shutting up - I suppose with it being a dull day not many folk were going down there!
We drove back to Ulverstone and called in to Booths for some shopping and shared a chocolate tiffin cake with our drinks - Tea for him and Americano for me!
Hubby was in his acting up mode so I thought this one...
…or maybe this one….
…would give you an idea of what I have to put up with!!!
You do know I'm only joking…..or am I??

Oh! and before I go I am linking my Thankyou tag to Tag Tuesday where the theme is Use Your Scraps

My next post is a reminder about Try It On Tuesday where the Postcard/Mailart theme still has week to go!

Thanks for looking, Chris


Let's Art Journal said...

What a lovely thank you tag! Your ATCs are amazing and how lovely to receive those crafting goodies too 😁. I loved sitting by the sea and walking round the abbey too! The abbey ruins are so beautiful, but it's the chocolate tiffin that caught my eye ... lol ... perfect with a cup of tea, yum 😉. Wishing you a very Happy T Day! J 😊

chrissie said...

Just love the thank you tag and THANK YOU for joining us at Tag Tuesday.

The Furness Abbey pics took me back a lot of years as we did used to go there quite often when we lived in Cumbria. Nice walks roundabout too.

Your hubby is like mine he loves eating and also being in the photographs I think.Does he pretend to protest--Vic does :)

Love Chrissie xx

chrissie said...

Happy T Day--I almost for got in the excitement


Helen said...

I would love to come out with you two, you go to the most amazing places! I love old ruins and would have so enjoyed this trip. Great package you received from Elizabeth, no wonder you ooh'd and aah'd!

Valerie-Jael said...

Gorgeous tAG, thanks so much for linking to us at TT. LOVE the photos of Furness Abbey, it's been a long time since I was there! Nice things in your packet from Deb, enjoy! And as always, lovely photos of your long suffering hubby! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

johanna said...

another great trip! and i always love to see the pics of your hubby, he really seems to be in good mood:)
happy t-day!

Mrs.B said...

A lovely Thank you tag and what super gifts too.
Lovely photos of the Abbey, pleased the rain didn't spoil your visit.
Avril xx

Lynn Holland said...

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it..... you stopped off at Bardsea. Tell me you did. Did you have an ice cream ?
We are Booths and Ulverston addicts and its only eight miles from our caravan at Ayside near High Newton and Low Newton.
Lynn xxx

Divers and Sundry said...

I love the ATCs you got. I'm always impressed by the variety these show. Each one is different.

What a scenic place for a picnic, and the photos of the ruins are striking. I always have such mixed feelings when I see places like these. On the one hand, I impressed by the age and how much has survived. On the other hand, I'm a bit sad that they've fallen into ruin to begin with. I'd love to live somewhere that had outings like yours as a possibility :)

Your chocolate treat would be my choice, I'm sure! Yummmmm And isn't it fun to have a hubby with a sense of humor and fun! :)

Happy T Tuesday

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm simply THRILLED that you didn't think my paltry gift was too little. As for the paper, you can sure tell where the deckles started to break down and the ones where the deckles were still in good shape. Deb's ATC was wonderful and I look forward to seeing what you do with the goodies, too.

I truly enjoyed the photos you shared from Furness Abbey, but what struck me was the contrast between the ruins and the well kept and manicured lawn on which it stands.

What a fabulous looking tiffin cake, although I had to look it up since I'd never heard of it before. Loved the look your hubby had when he was hiding behind his tea.

Thanks for sharing your lovely tag, your trip to Furness Abbey, your gifts from far and wide, and your coffee and tea from Booths with us for T this Tuesday. Sorry I was late, but I was having mouse problems (not the creature kind, but the computer kind).

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Lovely "Thanks" tag for the scraps challenge.

"Don't play cards with Elizabeth." Very funny, Chris! I was just blown away by the package of goodies you sent Elizabeth. You are so talented and prolific!

I can't wait to see what you do with those gorgeous handmade papers and the deli sheets. I bought a box of deli sheets a long time ago and have no idea what to do with them. I know - I could Google "deli sheets" but there just always seem to be more pressing matters ;-)

Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

Meggymay said...

Its a great thank you tag Chris and I look forward to seeing what you will be making with your gifts.
Super photos of your visit to the Abbey, we visited there many many years ago when some relatives of ours lived close by.
Happy T day.
Yvonne xx

My name is Erika. said...

Wow, what an amazing place for sure. It looks like you have wonderful views from the ruined windows.I think it was good you went back to such a beautiful place. And nice package from Elizabeth too. happy T day. erika

Carol said...

Great cards and what beautiful photos of the castle ruins♥♥♥ I have looked at them over and over and will probably look at them again. Please do dhare more!
Happy T Day!!!!

kathyinozarks said...

I loved all the photos very much-and great happy mail for you-enjoy!!
that cake looks delish too Happy T Day Kathy

Krisha said...

Thanks for the lovely welcome back, seems like ages and I missed the anniversary party to boot!!
Wonderful ATC and tid bits from some of the T-gang. LOVED the photos of the Abby.
Belated T-day wishes.

Redanne said...

Your tag is beautiful and I just love those ATCs you received. Elizabeth's handmade papers are stunning, I can see why you would not want to use them up - I would be stoking them all the time - lol.

The Abbey looks incredible, your photos, as always are amazing, even on a dull day! Thanks so much for sharing them Chris. Hugs, Anne xx