Monday, 21 August 2017

T Stands For………the spend!!!!

Oh Yes!! I blame hubby of course!! The Derwent Pencil Museum in Keswick was flooded so badly in the storm of December 2015 that it has only recently opened after being refurbished. Hubby suggested we go and have a look - I had put him off once as I just knew I would want to buy new colouring pencils…at least. Having been sensible last month with my spending money I felt that Friday was the right time!!!
Unfortunately I was so excited to find so many bargains that I forgot to take any photo of the front but you can see it here with one of the old for comparison.
I can show what I bought though..
I already have tin of twelve Inktense blocks but whenever I have seen any tins containing more the price has been waaay too much - not here!!! I was able to test the Graphitint pencils and the metallic ones and just couldn't leave them there! The Graphik line painters are fabulous - I have coloured ones but these are neutrals and I have a plan for using them! Not sure why I fell for the blender pencils and I have still to try them!
I wasn't the only one to come out with goodies either - hubby bought us both fineliner pens and he also bought a practice book for his lettering and a small colouring book set! 
Of course this meant that when I visited Rowantree Crafts the next day I had to be  more frugal…
 ..but I was running out of my favourite glue….and I couldn't resist the Woodware Stamps.
While in Keswick we had our lunch at Lake Road Inn..and it's here that I will join Bluebeard and Elizabeth for Tea Stands For Tuesday.

…it was a bit wet and chilly and our choices were more on the comfort food side than healthy eating…
…Beer Battered fish and chips for me…and mushy peas of course!
Hubby had Chicken pie, mashed potato and roasted vegetables.
This was his 'can I start now' look…
…which changed to this once I said "OK, Done!"
While we were eating I spotted this across the road..
By the time we left the skies were changing- again!

We went home via St John In The Vale - we had seen big queues going the other way on our journey here and we knew we liked the scenery this way!

You may have noticed the Post Box by the giraffe in one of the photos above, which is a traditional British shape, but this one was built into a wall. There were only a few houses in this area so how great to have a post box nearby!

That's it from me this week, I don't think I quite got around to visiting everyone and I do apologise, the wet weather reduced me to using my phone for around an hour and a half for the whole weekend as the reception was virtually zero! Hopefully where are going tomorrow will have wi-fi!!!

Thanks for looking, Chris


Let's Art Journal said...

I bet the museum was fab and you found some fantastic bargains, I have the Graphik Markers and a set of the Inktense pencils and they are wonderful ... the price will make using them even more happier ... lol 😉. The food looks delicious and what big portions too, yummy! That giraffe is something special and oh that scenery is so beautiful 😀. The weather here's been unpredictable too, it is August isn't it ... lol 😀. Wishing you a very Happy T Day! J 😊
p.s. thanks so much for ALL the lovely comments on my blog, you are very kind! J x

Krisha said...

Your food and drink look and sound very inviting. Love all the cooler weather photos, as it is still very hot here.
Happy T-day

Linda Kunsman said...

Oh I DO understand your excitement over too good to pass up art supplies at bargain prices:):)What fun you're going to have playing! I'd have the fish and chips on a day like that too:) Very ominous looking skies but such lovely scenery. I'd have the fish and chips on a day like that too:) Good sport that hubby is-tell him I said so. Happy T day!

My name is Erika. said...

Now that Derwent Pencil Museum looks like a fabulous place to visit. I think I would want to go even if it just meant going to the store. :) I also love your photo of all the shadows on the hill. It gives it so much depth. Hope it's a happy T day. Hugs-erika

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I've heard so many good things about those pencils. I really wish they were not so expensive in the states, though. I was truly impressed by the bargains, and I loved seeing everything you got there.

I also went to the site you shared. Gosh, the floods brought in a LOT of mud, didn't they? I can't begin to imagine all that mud. That was so sad, but at least the new place looks all pretty and pristine.

Loved seeing the photos of T as he prepared to tear into his meal. For once, I like what you ordered better than his meal. However, for some reason, I don't "get" the mushy peas. Is it something symbolic, or what?

Loved the giraffe, but the mail box was fabulous. I wonder how often they have to paint them, even the one in the wall. They always look so new and glisteny. My word, of course.

Thanks for sharing your time away, your lovely photos of the trip home, the beautiful new Derwent Pencil Museum, your lunch, and water with us for T this Tuesday.

Helen said...

I didn't realise the museum was shut for so long, but glad it is re-opened and gave you such bargains! great views on the way home, how spectacular is that! Your fish and chips looks wonderful (but you can keep the mushy peas, I can't stand them; give me regular peas any day!) Enjoy your pencils.

Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely post and gorgeous photos. The museum sounds good, and I can understand you spending a lot, and on the next day, too - have fun with the new goodies. And your food looks out of this world, yummy! Love the fun giraffe, too! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

johanna said...

lucky you, Chris! so good you got the derwent stuff for cheaper. i wished for a box inktense pencils for my retirement and was so fascinated that i bought the blocks myself. should last for a lifetime;)
happy t-day:)

chrissie said...

A wonderful post that made me want to move back to the Lake District. That was until your mentioned the weather and that is one of the reason that we left there so maybe just a the visits to my daughter are enough for now.

Pleased that the pencil museum is up and running again it was always a favourite with school trips I remember.

Your poor hubby being put through this trauma each week. Hope it doesn't put him off taking you out on these wonderful trips.

Have a very happy T Day

Love Chrissie xx

Redanne said...

Oh, so pleased to hear that it has re-opened, we are up there in a few weeks and seeing your wonderful haul makes me want to visit. I LOVE Inktense pencils so thanks so much for sharing Chris!

As always, your photos are wonderful, even overcast the scenes look beautiful! Hugs, Anne xx

Darla said...

What fun to visit the pencil museum. I'm afraid I would have emptied my bank account if I were able to shop there. Your photo's of your trip through John in the Vale are spectacular.

jinxxxygirl said...

I may be in the same boat you were in with my reception for the computer here soon Chris.. Storms moving in .. Hope i make it all the way around to everyone.. I would have been in trouble to if i went to the Derwent place.. oh my!!! What a lucky girl you are! I have some new to me stencils coming in the mail this week... Woohoo!!! Thank you for sharing all your lovely pictures this week. Happy happy Tday! Hugs! deb

Meggymay said...

Great photos and what looks like typical Lakeland cloudy days. Enjoy using your bargains and I think I would have been very tempted to buy in the pencil shop as well.

It looks a good place to stop for a meal as well.
Happy T day Chris.
Yvonne xx

CJ Kennedy said...

How cool to visit the Derwent Museum. I have the Inktense pencils. Love them. While taking pictures of our anniversary breakfast, I said to Himself: Chris' husband is a good sport and even poses for the pictures. :-D Didn't work for me. Love the giraffe. Such lovely scenery and I love the changing skies.

Rita said...

Lots of goodies!! And what a beautiful area. Looks like you two had a yummy meal, too. I have wanted to try Intense blocks or pencils but they are expensive over here, too. One day maybe. :)

Cath Wilson said...

Beautiful scenery, as ever for the gorgeous Lakes!

Love what you bought, too - I have the Graphix and the Inktense pencils, but only a small set of the blocks... you did well!

I also use my blender pencils a lot with Prismacolor pencils - they're really helpful.

Have fun playing...!

Cath x

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Chris, you lucky girl - to find such great pencils at bargain prices! I love shopping for art supplies except you can really break the bank in short order!!

Very cute birdie stamp set and fun pictures of your poor long suffering hubby. He's such a good sport!

Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

Divers and Sundry said...

I love Beer Battered fish, and that looks sooo good. I got a kick out of the neighborhood giraffe. What a fun addition to the street :) You got great shots of that gorgeous scenery! Thx for sharing them.

Happy T Tuesday

Dianne said...

We will be expecting some art from your purchases! Love the beautiful views and dramatic skies...happy T day!

kathyinozarks said...

Oh Wow I really enjoyed this post! Loved the scenery photos very much-so pretty with breathtaking views. and how fun for you both-great finds to purchase-that is always so neat to be able to go right to the source-very happy for you to find these art supplies.
Happy t Day Kathy

Jeannette said...

Hmmm,yummy!Your foods looks delicous,and what a big portions :-)
your museum looks fabolous and glad you and your hubby has fun.
the scenery of the green mountains are wonderful,your new graphit pencils looks super :-)
have a nice day.

hugs jenny

Sandy said...

I love all of your pictures - especially the food!
sandy xx