Monday 1 July 2013

Pages from my travel journal

I've been putting finishing touches to my little journal - there are still a few pages to finish but here are just a few more!
We really enjoyed our visit here, time for lots of lovely long chats
We just loved the great idea of following the routes around the city,
 especially visiting such lovely places 
The poppies really were beautiful to see - sometimes what seemed like full fields of just poppies!
Not quite the highlight of the visit but I really was looking forward to seeing the hoopoe!

We had quite a busy weekend, on our way to the caravan we took a detour to see my lovely friend Gez doing her first ever demo! Needless to say she was doing such wonderful things with her Gelli Plate that even though she said she was nervous it certainly didn't show in her examples! I came away with some great ideas and wishing I'd brought my plate away with me!!
It was also great to see another lovely friend Joanne, although I only saw her as I was about to leave so only time for a very quick chat - hope we get more time soon!

I bought a few 'essentials' too!!

My son and grandchildren arrived in time for tea and on Sunday morning we set off around the Silverdale Art Trail - lots of open studios and houses, venues where there were workshops and demonstrations as well as lots of work for sale!

I signed up for a mixed media workshop for next Saturday and hubby and I both signed up to attend an encaustic art taster later in the week!

Now all I have to do is get some gardening done! I dug up some buttercups this afternoon, I know they are pretty but they were choking some of my plants, the ivy is going to get the same treatment if the weather lets me!

Thanks for looking, Chris


Lindsay Mason said...

Lovely journal pages and it sounds like your holiday was wonderful. Getting quite jealous of everyone going to France! Poor buttercups, but I know what you mean and sometimes you have to be a bit mean!
Lindsay x x x

Julie Lee said...

Your journal looks so pretty - I remember hoopoes on the lawn when I lived in Jordan: lovely little birds. Those classes sound like they're going to be such fun! Julie Ann x

Words and Pictures said...

Your journal pages look absolutely beautiful, Chris - lovely work and such a wonderful memento of your travels. The Art Trail sounds great, and I hope you have loads of fun at the classes.
Alison xx

Monique said...

What lovely journal pages. Love your travel journal, so full of memories.

Unknown said...

Morning Chris, your journal pages are beautiful. Know what you mean about the buttercups, I was going to spray all the dock leaves today, but it keeps drizzling, so will have to wait.

Joanne said...

What a lovely memory journal. Waiting for the pear impressions now. See you Monday.

Zue said...

These are wonderful pages to store your memories. How lovely to have a workshop in the offing!
Have fun!
Sue xx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pages Chris and what lovely memories you have through them. XXX