Wednesday, 17 July 2013


OK! I know I'm late and I'm even showing you a work desk that's not in use!If you visited last week prepare to be amazed! If you didn't I hope you enjoy this rare shot of a tidy desk 'chez moi'!
As you can see I've even put a clean piece of mop up paper under my mats(must sort that little problem out - two mats that is, not the clean paper)Not a lot of crafting going on, we are enjoying a few days away on our own before our grandchildren break up.
I have finished my France travel journal - one page here and I will post the others later if you would like to come back.
The sunsets were taken returning from a concert of the History of British music. 
The  other photos are of patterns made by stained glass windows in some of the churches we visited.
I'm late today with this link to Julia's Stamping Ground as I've been to see the Queen again! We had planned a visit to Kendal yesterday but when we found that the Queen was visiting with Princess Anne we decided to go today instead! Of course it was crowded and as we drove through the pavements were full and we feared we might not get a parking space but there was one waiting for us and in the shade too! The only trouble is, with me being on the short side I really had to strain to see them until their car drove past not far from where I was standing.
Of course the visit included a visit to The Kitten and the Goat to get some lovely supplies from Pandy - amongst them another Tando Creative set - should be fun to use with my granddaughter!
Hope to sit and visit some of you later!
Thanks for looking, Chris 
 Link failed first time - bloomin' connection!


Julie Ann Lee said...

When I saw the Queen's picture on my Home page (BBC) little did I know one of my fellow deskers would have seen her today! I'm short too and it can be a problem! Often it spoils theatre visits, as I do have to strain to see sometimes. How lovely that you were able to make some purchases today too. I love the patterns made by the stained glass in your journal. Julie Ann x #45

okienurse said...

Great looking desk this week. I like the layout. Congrats on seeing the queen again to day! I have been to the UK a dozen times and never had the opportunity but did get to see Di an Charles! Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Vickie #121

Monique said...

Love your little light show, so much fun and I'm amazed at your clean desk, I wish mine would look like that once in a while..
Happy WOYWW and I wish you a lovely week.
Monique # 70

glitterandglue said...

Glad you got to see the Queen and princess royal. Hope you enjoyed all the day - did you get to Papermill at Burneside? Is it still open to visitors?? Used to be a great place to explore.
Have a great week.
Margaret #48

April Story said...

Wow - you saw the Queen? That is very impressive. April #107

Annie said...

You say you're late in blogging :-) Well, I'm only just getting round to doing a bit of blog hopping to check out what my friends have been up to this week....a 6am to 9pm day with my gorgeous grandchildren yesterday sort of got in the way of blogging....but I'm not complaining cos it was a wonderful day. :-)
How lovely for the Queen to drop in to see you. :-)
Hope you have a great week.
A x #55

Ria Gall said...

your desk is lovely and tidy and your page layout is fantastic and then you go off and visit the Queen, how the other half live, enjoy
Have a great day and enjoy the rest of your week with this lovely weather
Ria #75

Wendy AppleApricot said...

Now that's a desk waiting for some lovely projects. I'm sure he (she?) is thinking: "Where is she, who's more important than I am, her faithful desk? A Queen you said? Tss..." :) Lovely France travel journal with beautiful sunsets. Hugs and happy crafting, Wendy #121

Dianne said...

Hey Chris, thanks for dropping by, better late the never I say :O),I loooove your artwork, you use gorgeous colors, I love using off stamping backgrounds to begin with, sometimes the paper we use to catch everything becomes a piece of beautiful art, your journal pages are gorgeous, love your photo shots, the reflections from the stained glass are gorgeous,and look what your clean desk inspired you to do, loooove the little glass trays they were a fabulous find and you have decorated the soooo beautiful, your desk calendars are gorgeous, I love your work.. I'm glad you dropped by so I could have a peek into your artwork, I've been very inspired, thanks for sharing, from a pear shaped magpie, have a great weekend..

House of Bears said...

'Been to see the Queen again' made it sound like she's your good friend who you visit with often. :) we feel the need to curtsey but our furry knees are too creaky! Enjoy your mini break :)

butterfly said...

What a lovely tidy desk! And yes, I'll certainly be back to see the rest of your wonderful pages!
Alison x

Neet said...

The real Queen! Wow, how fortunate and what a good reason for being late in posting. Now I must follow your link for a craft shop I can go to - any more up there?
Lovely pages btw.
Hugs, Neet 14 xx

Danie May said...

Loving the look of your journal page and your desk is definitely tidy.....I bet though seeing all the wonderful supplies there on it it won't be for long. Sounds like your visit to see the Queen and day was wonderful and I hope you enjoy your time with the grandchildren. Happy WOYWW! Danie #34

Eliza said...

OH now that is a treat getting to see the Queen by grandmother met her once when she was here in Australia, she was always so proud of that. Lovely journal pages, but that desk being all tidy, wow, wow, wow, not go ahead and mess it up again.

Happy Belated WOYWW

Kelly said...

Nice space waiting for your creativity. Congrats on another royal viewing. One thing I'd love to be able to do. Enjoy your granddaughter! Creative Blessings! Kelly #105

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I always love a clean work desk. And this one is certainly a lot cleaner than mine this week.

I was named for the Queen, but since I live in the States, I fear I'll never see her. So glad for you, though.

Speaking of short, that's me. I can't see over anyone. School children are often taller than me. So I can empathize.

I’m not sure how late LATE is, but I’m here to wish you a beLATEd WOYWW from #2.


G'day Chris
Just popping in for WOYWW. Yes I am late again lol. Sorry i didnt get to return a comment to you for WOYWW a fortnight ago. Too many things were happening at once in my life!. Anyway here I am at your CLEAN desk...wish mine would stay clean LOL. Love the Paris journal you are making
Annette In oz #60