Sunday 7 July 2013

A few more journal pages

Wow! What a match that one was - at last we have a Wimbledon champion! That last game was a real edge of the seat one! Hurray for Andy Murray!
I've been playing with my little travel journal, not many more pages now - I've mainly been adding photos!

We've been sticking to our tasks of gardening and painting this week, helped by the lovely weather. Both garden and decking are looking a lot better! Unfortunately the weather has also produced a casualty - hubby was painting the other day and I was inside when a sudden crashing noise alerted us to a tree across the road that suddenly - no breeze - fell over!
 As you can see it very nearly hit a car that was parked in it's shade - fortunately the driver wasn't in the car but another car that was passing was given a fright! The tree was wrapped pretty well with ivy and I guess that's what caused it's demise!

Thanks for looking, Chris


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, your Journal is looking lovely. Hope you are ok, catch up properly soon! Love S xxx

Zue said...

Hi Chris
You craft such beautiful journal pages...
Ivy does increase the mass of a tree and would have hastened its demise. I have heard that this is a theory by some expert on a nature programme, it might have been Chris Packham or Alan Titchmarsh, not sure now:) Anyway, it was someone what knows a thing or two ;)
Sue xx

Words and Pictures said...

The photos look wonderful against your gorgeous backgrounds - I especially love that first spread, and the stained glass window one...
Poor tree, and lucky car!
Alison x