Monday, 22 July 2013

France travel journal - the last few pages

I been having fun with two of my grandchildren but I've also finally completed my journal, give or take a few things being tucked into pockets!

I was talking about this today and I really love having a little journal I can pick up and look at - when pictures are on the computer I rarely look at them. It also means I can write down my thoughts about things I've seen!
If you would like to see the rest of my pages they are here and here
Thanks for looking, Chris


Heather said...

Loving your French journal, Chris - specially like the "Menu" page, definitely a good choice to follow, and that sun stamp is great. Heather x

butterfly said...

Beautiful... I just love how your backgrounds bring the photos to life - it's so much more glorious than a regular photo album, so much personality and colour and beauty.
Alison x

patcrafts said...

Love your journal pages a wonderful keepsake for you to look back on. I always intend to do this but never do infact I don't have time to blog or blog hop these days, I must stop whatever else it is I am doing lol. Pat xx