Monday, 15 July 2013

Just journaling!

I've abandoned my little travel journal for a while - wanted to work on something bigger. Both of these pages started out as mop up pages and sat around for some time - some of the stamping also came about because I had stamps out and just added them randomly - not such a good idea! 
This one has some of the tape I bought in France along with the 'NOZ' bargain almanac page stamp(it's December so hopefully will appear on a few Christmas cards too) I used a Paper Artsy quote and added my own thoughts underneath. 
This page was one I'd doodled on to the corner of then hated it so I stencilled over it so it doesn't show up so much. My other 'NOZ' bargain stamp - a steampunk style map forms part of the background and then some Creative Expressions stamps on the paper "circles" and label. The travelling guy at the bottom is (I think) a Paper Bag Studio one. 
Time now for finishing off my travel journal - it is nearly finished - just as well as there won't be much time for anything once my grandchildren break up!! We're looking forward to spending time with them!

Thanks for looking, Chris


Zue said...

I like your pages, Chris. Mopping up is a good activity.
I do it all the time, waste not want not, ehhh!
Soft lilac colours are very soothing.
Sue x

butterfly said...

Mopping up and experimenting with new stamps is exactly what art journalling is all about, isn't it?! Love these...
Alison x