Friday, 20 May 2011


I love messing about with inks, paint, glue, cutting bits and pieces out for my journals, but the other day I went off to Sale and was persuaded by Nichola to make something using recycled materials. Looking at the array of selection of materials I began to get worriedLOL! (wish I'd taken a piccie). We looked at a few photographs of landscapes then Nichola told us to get on with it. Well...a roof tile, thick gloopy PVA, Polyfilla,sandpaper, slate, tissue paper, broken pots, stones, string, crushed china, an old road atlas and a lot of mess and I came up with this.
took this by laying it on the floor and standing over it
and this on my table
I am sort of pleased with myself for persevering, but know that this just isn't my thing! I can sit with ink on my hands happily, but kept going to wash my hands - what a wuss!! The others made really great pictures, especially Tina. It was an experience, but not one I'll be repeating soon!!(no offence Nichola)

I should have been away for a couple of days, but number 1 son rang on Thursday morning to say he was still poorly. This left me with time to look for something to cheer me up(any excuse)and a little package arrived today, so I'm looking forward to playing! 
Have a great weekend,


Joanne said...

What a brave lady, I would still be running away!
Hugs Joanne xx

Susan Allan said...

I think you have done a fantastic job; you ought to do more. My passion is for recycling in art. Thanks for your sweet ccomment; I left the dtiftwood collage as a present to the people I stayed with.
I do hope you get away soon Chris, it really does lift the spirits!
Pleae do some more recycling collages; I do love this one!!!!
Sue xxx

Sarah Anderson said...

This is STuNNiNG Chris :)

Gez said...

OOoh Chris this is just gorgeous :)

Well Done.xx