Thursday, 5 May 2011


While on one of our trips away we went into Morecambe, having walked around in the wind for a while we were on our way back to the car when hubby suggested I might like to go the little craft shop just off the front. Having a little look around I found a Rubber Stampede pear stamp which I just had to have, then I found it had been reduced - great!!
So, while waiting for the garage to ring on Monday(btw car still not been fixed -boohoo!)I set to and made 6 cards no less!
Plain and simple - Martha Stewart 'lace', 
Kaisercraft text and 'the pear'

Plain and simple - twine, ricrac, Kaisercraft text, birthday sentiment that I've had for ages and 'the pear'

An experiment,LOL, I had been cleaning off stamp in between using it and liked the look of the wipe so after it had dried I stamped on it, so - Martha Stewart lace,kraft paper, Craftwork cards sentiment and 'the pear'
Another experiment - a background using a pear napkin, 'the pear' stamped and embossed onto kraft paper with just a hint of 
bundled sage on the paper
Another plain and simple - 'the pear', stamped and masked, Kaisercraft text stamp,ribbon and a sentiment from my box
Finally, another experiment,'the pear' stamped and masked onto baby wipe, Kaisercraft text stamp, mounted onto card stamped with Kaisercraft music stamp and edged with Martha Stewart 'lace'.

I also carried on with a little notebook I am making, here is the cover
I hope to be back soon with it finished.
Off now to get my head around how to get all the shopping without a car - although my youngest has offered to take me. It just goes to show how reliant I have become on having our own transport, my mum used to do the shopping for the family without one, so how come I feel so darned grumpy about this!!
 Thanks for looking, please feel free to make a comment, I need cheering up:(


Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hi Chris, what a beautiful stamp and beautiful cards ;-) I've been wanting to use a pear in some work or other for some time, probably something fabriccy, I've decided I really like the shape - not for my body though! hehe
Love your colours for both April and May pages and really like the flowers you've used.
As for meeting up, as I'm not going to Purt Sunlight and you're not going to Aintree, looks like it may be the Manchester show in Sept ;-)
Anne xx

Artyjen said...

How fab is your bargain stamp! Got some super looks there. Sometimes you have to wonder what we did in the old days!!! LOL
Hope the car is soon on the mend.
xoxo Sioux

Joanne said...

I am told that what you have done with just one stamp is true crafting. So many different cards and every one a gem. You have come on in leaps and bounds and should be very proud of yourself. Well done Chris.
Hugs Joanne xx

Susan Allan said...

That stamp is fabulous and so are your creations.
So my differet styles with one stamp! Brilliant.
Of course I'll share my holiday location with you. You'd love it.
Email me if you want the address!
Thank you for your lovely comment!
Sue xx