Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Back to normal -never!

Hubby back to work, time to craft - noooo!!
We went out for a little jaunt at the weekend to Styal Mill, beautiful gardens,

Below is the handkerchief tree

met eldest son and my youngest grandson, had lunch - then went to leave, we were going to nip to Wilmslow to pick up some more salad stuff, as we left the car park our little car made little squealing noises which we thought must be from the dusty carpark, by the time we reached the supermarket(not far) the squealing hadn't stopped and there was a horrendous smell.
Two hours later and with the help of a friendly AA man and my youngest son's partner (son had been drinking) we got home and our poor little car had been abandoned for the night outside the garage we go to for repairs etc.. Had to notify police and council to explain why we had left our car on double yellow lines, although there was a note inside from said AA man which he assured us would be treated as 'official'.
So.....I am waiting for a call from garage with the news. I am hoping it is just a bag caught in the  engine,(it was a very windy day), as we have had a similar smell once before while we were away and the garage we went to found a plastic bag wrapped round everything!!
I have tried to concentrate on making some cards and tags but I am on pins waiting for the phonecall.

Will be back later(I hope) with piccies of 365journal.

Thanks for looking, and also for those who make comments, Thank You, they are much appreciated.

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