Friday, 27 May 2011

New Toy!

At last I found the time to nip up to Paddy's Stamping Place in Prestwich(btw she has a stock clearance sale on at the moment) Ages ago I asked her for a needle felting kit and although I knew she had got it I had no time to go up there. On Wednesday I thought I'd better go before she put it in the sale! Sooo yesterday, as well as being a good girl(stretching it there, he he!)and doing some housework(sorry guys had to do it!!)I had a play!
I actually started this at Paddy's way back in February as part of my Burnt Offerings but it didn't look good at all. I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out - if you squint it looks a bit like a stormy scene!
Then I had a go at a seascape - not sure about this either but until I look at it in a few weeks this is how its staying for now.
 The back looks interesting too!
It is so relaxing just sitting with the little brush and the needle!  I nipped into Manchester today and found myself in Abakan(don't know how - it's quite a tidy step from the bus terminus!!)
Bought a bag of felt bits for £2 and these-

I'm hoping I can blend a few colours together with the little teasle brush and I got  a tube of clear beads. I've made myself a little box up to take away so should be really chilled :)
Off to get myself a drink before bedtime!
Thanks for looking, have lovely weekend,


Artyjen said...

Love the stormy squinting needed! LOL
xoxo Sioux

Susan Allan said...

Fantastic work Chris. You have reminded me about mine, must get cracking.
The seascape is brillaint and the back looks good too!
Well done! Lots of fun awaits you and its portable, so when away for weekends, it can go too!
Sue xxx

Papillon said...

You seem to have had a lot of fun playing! Seascape looks great-love the colours.
i must try to get to Paddy's one day.

She said...

Oh these look fantastic Chris...naughty Mr Blogger hasn't been letting me comment I'm taking advantage now whilst I can!! Love S xxx

Gez said...

WOW! Just amazing Chris..xx