Tuesday, 6 October 2015

T stands for….lots of things!

Whoosh! Where did that week go?! It's time for T stands for Tuesday over at Bleubeard and Elizabeth's place and I've got bundle of things to show you! 
Hmmm….a card first I think, one I made for our nephew's little one, can't believe he is 2 now!!Thanks to Helen(H) for my bird!!
Next some photos of one of the walks we take when we are at home. We are lucky to live near the river and on a rainy day we can still walk on one side on tarmac. On a dry day we can go over this bridge and walk on the other side(that's a motorway behind it)
 Most of the photos are from last Friday and Sunday - with a few comparison pics from the end of July which I will point out.
In July we watched groups of children going down the weir

 There were more geese than we had ever seen on the island, now only two are left. They didn't seem bothered by the chattering children! As you can see with the dry weather more of the island is exposed. 

 The heron keeps a look out by the playground. Sometimes a real heron sits by the weir.
The same tree from a different angle taken on Sunday

I just like these two colours together
On the far bank we can see the extent of the new buildings built on the old "Camperland" site if you know the area - they sell camping equipment and found bigger premises. They pulled up 'OUR' blackberry bushes to build this!!!

Now for my drink (after all it is why we are here!)It's cappuccino from our supermarket - cardholders get a free cup - I had to call in to the docs for my flu jab so had a quick slurp before I went in.
It had reached just the right temperature for me - I can't drink very hot drinks (neither can my brother - although I only found this out about 8 years ago!)

 There's the building I showed you the other day and the lovely colours in the hedge in the carpark! 

I am looking forward to visiting so look out for me!
Thanks for looking, Chris


froebelsternchen Susi said...

What a lovely card for your little nephew! Wonderful place where you live Chris!
Happy T-Day!

Valerie-Jael said...

Love the card, and the photos are lovely. Love that metal Heron sculpture, really beautiful. You have nice places to go walking when you are at home. Those kids are brave to go down the weir! Have a good week, and a happy T day with cappuccino! Hugs, Valerie

Divers and Sundry said...

How scenic! And I especially like the heron sculture :) Happy T Day!

Viktoria Berg said...

The cutest card! And I would like to go down that weir, too, that´s a big enough rafting adventure for me! Happy T-Day!

Darla said...

Cute card, I think it is especially nice to make cards for specific people. Never gone down a weir, in fact I don't think I've ever seen a weir. Always interesting to see surroundings where other people live.


Helen said...

I do love the crazy birds still! May have to incorporate some into this year's Christmas cards!! Gorgeous photos, Chris too - just love the autumn colour.

Carol said...

Lovely photos and so lucky to live close to a river :0)

Carol said...

Lovely photos and so lucky to live close to a river :0)

Juliz Design Post said...

Super cute card.
Julie x

Redanne said...

I love the crazy bird card, it is so cute. Great photos too, the heron sculpture is amazing! Hugs, Anne xx

chrissie said...

Love to see your photographs and the card is wonderful

Love Chrissie xx

Linda Kunsman said...

what a sweet birthday card Chris. I have that bird set and I love them-so fun! Beautiful scenery too-love the buildings in the second and third photos. Happy T day!
PS -I'm getting my flu jab on Thursday...

catherine said...

Great card Chris and love the bird image. Fabulous photos too
x catherine

jinxxxygirl said...

Chris ! Thank you for all your lovely photos!! They pulled up blackberries to build?! How dare they??? ! I'd be upset too... Progress... you can't stop it... Just found out someone bought the property next to us and they have a 4 wheeler.... go figure.. i moved 12 miles out in the country just so i could listen to his 4 wheeler.... some people... thanks for sharing this tday! Hugs! deb

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your host is very, very late visiting today, and for that I apologize. I actually started this comment about three hours ago, but had to reboot. I hate this computer and my internet provider. Both cause me problems. It all started when I did an internet search to learn what a weir is, since I'd never heard the word before. But at least, now I know what a weir is!

Your card is SO clever. It also is very appropriate for a two year old, too.

The heron sculpture is gorgeous, and I like the various views of the tree and the bench that circles it.

Sounds like those buildings went up quickly, and the blackberry bushes are now history. Too bad you didn't get cuttings before they destroyed them. They are easy to plant and take care of, because mine are doing great, but outgrowing their space.

Gosh, I never get free cappuccinos Lucky you. So glad you shared it with us for T this Tuesday (yes, it's still Tuesday here). I also loved the photos of the weir and park you shared. Always fun to see the world from your lens.

BTW, now you see why I don't allow most people out back. It's not a nice area and only Scott and his friends were allowed out there because the dining room seemed too formal for him and his friends.

johanna said...

the Card for the Little one is just too cute - These birds are Darling.
and you obviously live in a wonderful Environment, great photos!

Barb said...

Hi Chris, don't know how I missed this post. Your photos are lovely. We went for a walk round the lake near us last week and hubby took lots of bird photos. He usually just takes photos of birds in the garden where he's now set up a hide.

I love your Crazy Bird card. I recently got the stamps and dies and have just arrived home from Loobi Crafts where I managed to get the accessories stamps. Off to play shortly. Barbxx

Krisha said...

Sorry I'm past fashionably late for Tea. You have such beautiful surroundings to photograph.......I'm quite envious!!

I have the crazy bird stamps and dies and have been having some fun with them.....your card is adorable.

Thanks for leaving me a comment, sorry I'm so late in returning your can really get in my blogging way....LOL

butterfly said...

I love the photo of your apparently giant coffee cup - great angles!! And how lovely to see the pictures charting the changing of the seasons along the river. Love your crazy bird too - altogether a treat of a post.
Alison xx

dawn said...

Hello and Happy T Day late, sorry. WOW, what a gorgeous photos of your town, lovely indeed for walks. So cool seeing the GIANT coffee cup!! Thanks for sharing and have a good week.